How to Start A Blog That Makes Money: A Step By Step Guide
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How To Start A Blog That Makes Money: A Step by Step Guide

Are you on stuck how to start a blog that passively makes money? How to set the right things in the right order for a profitable blogging journey? Whether you are quite a newbie, or on your plan yet to start a money blog, then these questions might be bobbing up in your mind - seeking solutions.

Well, here's how you'll go with.

You might know, there is a strong difference between non-profit and money blog. Simply the gap is linked with the term - business. Money blog gets flourished based on a profound business mind - giving value and making money instead.

A blog can be non-profit while you go blog for serving your passion without monetizing the stuff with selling product, meeting a social goal only.

But, you're strongly intended to start a money blog. That means you know why you should start a blog that creates a significant outcome for your good living. Before starting your blog, you need to create a solid launching plan that includes clear actions.

Also, getting in mind the most potential obstacles as well, so you can mitigate them on the blogging challenge.

There are many types of blogging around the web. But here's the topic you will get covered about all sort of personal blogging for affiliate money targeting a narrow or broad niche.

 Alternatively, you might curious to go with a serious blogging plan for selling your own info-product (aka digital product) instead of product from affiliating vendors. And which you already designed for making money through unique blogging and delivering specific strong solutions.

But this is not the effort for a business to business (B2B) blog to promote your own imported goods.

That is why, before starting your blog-plan, you need to determine the specific type of blog whether it will sell vendors' product or own info product for a high revenue stream.

Keep in mind, your aim is to create a blog that will sell. That means you're going to start blogging like an efficient passive shop owner whereas your content influence is main power.

You'll have to be a good driver of the good content vehicle. Here in this post, you'll learn step by step how to start a blog that follows an actionable and profitable blogging model.

Let's dive into the actionable things that match your passionate hustle to build a good focus through your product for a revenue stream.

How to Start A Blog That Sells 

Here is how the step by step ways for a profitable blog below:  

Step#1: Research for A Blogging Niche

You'll start a money blog, but where from the starting point you need to ready-set-go?

Yes, your blogging journey starts with selecting an appropriate market niche. You are going to prepare a blog to sell a specific product passively. What is the specific area of your product you'll need to focus on content marketing that people are ready to pay?

Niche means a defined area of demand for a specific service or product. What's a great affiliate niche that might depend on its profitability according to your writability of the topics around the specific demand area.

How to define your affiliate niche that people desired to pay money that meets their demand. Which can produce a high margin of affiliate commission is your ultimate target.

 Also, you have to create content regularly so that it can able to reach a significant conversion rate from potential buyers. It has a cost too need to pay if you do not have the highness of copywriting quality.

Since the niche is a metaphoric name of a demand area, you need to select it primarily based on some replies to the questions ; as whether your affiliate niche is -

(1) A product or service?
(2) For a physical or digital product?
(3) Macro or micro?
(4) High or low paying?
(5) High or low competitive?
(6) Own or hired skill-friendly?
(7) Local, continental, or international?
(8) Seasonal or evergreen?

However, following those shaping and reshaping determiners through your research, you could uncover your targeted niche from the millions. What are the rest of the steps you need to follow are here for your successful blogging with the right affiliate niche: 

affiliate niche

In fact, the niche is not literally existed, but you'll need to create based on people's needs, wanting, problems, and strength requirements.

For example, supposed to be determined that child security or fire safety is a crucial requirement in the increasingly concerned demography.

But all you need to define the particular type of security and safety in children or home fire issues which might have more specified potential in the affiliate marketing industry.

In all chances, you might split out the safety and security niche into some sub-niches. Such as, the range of child security niche might include: children cyber safety, children bike riding safety, children outdoor security, children school security and so on.

 Accordingly, home fire safety also might be one of the powerful niches is researchable to be determined.

start blogging

These narrow-niches are the split parts - all you need to take the key phrase for checking the search power and product value in terms of profitable niche selection.

So, check out each of the narrow niches using Google Keyword Planner tools for your choosing an appropriate one.

In that regard, drive a searching tour in the market places (such as Amazon, CJ, Rakuten, or so on) you targeted. And look for the potential niche value putting down the key term into the Google Keywords Planner.

 Also apply your own experience, expertise, and intelligence (or get an experts advice) that how many people are potentially ready to pay for the product located the niche.

Thus, determine the specific niche area that carries a crazy need or acute problem that is targetable to sell the solution at a rich price. You'll need to focus the product through the subset of the security you decided for best performance.

Remarkably, there are tons of niche opportunity to pick out your profitable one. Such as Recipes, Parenthood, Politics, Family, Global warming, Educational, Overcoming illness, Life experiences, and Beginner’s guides to anything, Review Product or services, Charity, and Personal Stories.

Also remarkable niches are, Music, History, Jokes and Humor, Celebrities, Travel experiences, Sports, Gaming, Writing, Marketing, Design, Books, WordPress Plugins, Software & Tools, Magazines, Selling Hosting, Selling domain, Coaching or Mentoring, Language lessons, Career consultation, Diet plan, Meditation, and so on.

Here are some ways how to approach for niche selection:

(a) Be Careful To Choose A Niche, Why?

Whether you decided on the wrong niche! Until you find a green signal from your inner ability of curious passion, you shouldn't stop searching your right niche.

An adequate niche selection deserves your time and intuitive decision as well. Because of your inadequate hurry or emotional mismatching, your decision might result in a wrong selection. A wrong niche might produce a huge struggle in your startup success.

(b) Use Google Trends for Niche Selection, How?

Anyhow avoiding further mistake, take enough time on adequate research on niches. Inputting the most potential several product keywords into the Google Trends search bar you could find the graphical status of trends in results to compare the strength of the product.

As I got below graph based on the comparison among keywords child safety, home fire safety, and home safety.

niche selection

Better to get the help of Google Trends for subscribing with these alternative keywords associated with the main key terms.

And, after a time you'll get stopped while you could conclude on the trending posts for your best popular key phrases from Google Trends. This will produce a good determination on your niche selection.

(c) Get Help Of Buzzsumo Content Analyzer, How?

While you put the raw keywords of the potential niches into Buzzsumo, you'll find top 10 competitors result in the page.

The analyzer shows the rank based on the colonial power that got the engagement and share from the users. Using this tool you could find out the power of these key terms that shows the niche potential as well.

(d) Find A Niche Considering 7-Key Factors, How?

Analyzing the selection process of some top affiliates around the web, got a set of 7-key determining factors you might follow for choosing your niche how to start a blog with:

Key factor#1: Evergreen feature

The niche which has the power to influence people through your offer, and has products that have all-season demand.

Key factor#2: Profitable Niche

Make sure the area is highly potential to harvest profit. And Google Keyword Planner shows significant search volume with multiple key terms.

Key factor#3: Big concern or emotion

Discover the product niche that associated with life, problem, and concern so payers get an emotion always. This sort of feature will help prospects to take a quick decision on their buy.

Key factor#4: Ongoing increased demand

The product niche is already running in the market with increased demand. And you have data-driven proof on the product that lives in the niche industry.

Key factor#5: High-priced products 

The value of high paying products that leads to a high profit. Determine this factor checking through the Amazon in real practice of the present deals.

Key factor#6: Low competitive but not too low

Make sure that the area of the product is being engaged by a small number of competitors due to technical limitation or lack of knowledge. But not too low of competitors is involved that doesn't show market sustainability.

Key factor#7: Skillset gets embraced

Make sure that you and your product both have natural ability to grasp the passionate potential of the niche with high curiosity and skill set.

So, let your niche is final based on your apex choice accordingly. Then, the succession plan should be aligned with your outstanding niche and product that users always search for. 

Step#2: Get Ready Basic Content for Launching

After finally choosing your blogging niche, get ready some essential launching content.

At least single post per category (5-10 posts), privacy policy, disclaimer, about page (your influencing profile), contact us, cookie notice and other essential administrative contents. 

While you're going to get ready for 1 post per category, make sure that your niche categories are already well planned or defined well that will represent the future posts.

start blogging

Create a post plan based on each category that includes powerful meta within 160 characters including at least one focus keywords each.

The focus key terms or main keywords better to be decided long tail keywords (why?) whereas niche is narrow enough that includes a definitive class of target audience.

In case, you might get the help of professional writers from Fiverr (or elsewhere) who'll give you the solid content that helps your site gets initially rich readability and engagement.

Here the powerful free SEO tools you can take help for processing your article plan including powerful keywords and LSI terms. And can create unique content for all sort of administrative system content, so your site gets a set of fresh stuff that search engines consider.

Step#3: Create Your Blog Site

Look at the overview of the 7 Tech-Steps to create site that gets living appearance for starting your blogging. Let's know the steps below:

start a blog

Tech-step (1): Determine A Domain With Pretty Blog-name 

The site value hugely depends on the domain name as well as blog-name. The domain name is the foundation of the blog name.

A wrong selection of both domain name and blog-name might give your blogging journey much slower to success. So, take a note on the determining points for your better domain name and blog-name as below

Things to consider for a right domain name:

  • Take a term, single word or two-words is best. 
  • Make sure the domain name is easy to spell out.
  • The domain name is brandable and fabulously worthy enough
  • Make sure it doesn't contain hyphens
  • Consider the domain is memorable and remarkable
  • Avoid to a major misspelling in the domain name
  • Consider the term strongly focuses on the niche
  • Better to pick the domain that fastens an emotion or concern 
  • Make sure the domain name is not exact-matching with keywords
  • Consider the domain attribute goes with logo, blog-name, and slogan
  •  Check through the Namecheap domain searching tools the slot is available.
  • Try best to secure .com first, or any of the TLD

And, the things to consider for an appropriate blog-name:

  • Make sure the blog- name represents the domain and product-niche
  • Set your site-look based on your customers' eyes how they wanna see your blog-name
  • Try to keep the seed keyword in the blog-name
  •  Pick a blog-name which has high potential to brand.
  • Make sure your blog-name has the power to create a significant authority to users.
  • Pick fabulous name bears significant emotion or need for the users.
  • Consider the social value which goes with the user's culture and practice.

In those regards, take your ideal mind-map for a powerful blog based on some successful blog and key terms. Decide your best ones checking through the web tools as well as based on your pretty experience ever.

Tech-step (2): Choose and Setup A Suitable Hosting

Setup your blog and web hosting in just single click. Ok, this is a common slogan of about all hosting companies.

But the big considering factors huge matter on choosing a hosting company are: Server speed, security, price, and tech support.

Based on blogging advantage, you might love to go with the hosting plan that covers the three factors efficiently affordable. You best to pick out your convenient one checking through the offers what they promise to provide that matches your range of requirement.

We recommend the bellow hosting services to start blogging for skyrocketing your web presence.


Why GreenGeeks? If you'd like to get an intuitive latest server technology that goes with renewable 300% green energy, then GreenGeeks is your right choice. The company provides groundbreaking top service with a proud site identification tag "Green Website".

The tag symbolizes your site's respect, trust, responsibility, and awareness of the organic earth in terms of sustainable eco-friendly future computing now. 

start blogging

Future Blogging Host Today!

Their plan Ecosite Starter includes SSD disk space, bandwidth, E-mail Accounts and domain(s) hosted all are unlimited. A free domain, free SSL, free site builder and many more. Price is $2.95/mo* now (was $9.95/mo), no hidden cost at all. Visit for Plan


Why NameCheap? Because Namecheap is world's cheapest hosting provider with significant speed, security, and real-time service. Namecheap uses Dell server technology that ensured a 100% uptime service.

They provide unlimited bandwidth, 3 websites in Staller package, 1 free domain, free Whoisguard, positive SSL Certificate, free website builder, and many more. Price $1.29/mo* now (50% Off, yearly bill) Visit for Plan


Why BlueHost? That is not they powering 2 million sites worldwide, rather they are successful to keep them up on their service.

WordPress officially recommend them as the top one, now enables to install the platform by 1-click. They offer free domain and SSL, and the price at $2.95/mo* now (normally $7.99/mo). Visit for Plan

Not forgettable that you noting the need to worry regarding hosting set-up, it is quite service providers headache, not yours.

In this regard, now each of the top hosting providers building their reputation on loyal helping culture including guarantee as well.

They competitively marinating world-class support for you to get your site prompt live. Let it they do it for you and you just go with the spirit of your business plan.

Tech-step (3): Select And Install Your Blogging Platform

Why people use WP? 
Just now 27% of the world's websites are powered by WordPress. People love it has many reasons:

WordPress Platform
  • It is best for the content management system ( Best UX & UI )
  • It is an open source product, open to use.
  • It has a pretty long history of successful presence as the trustiest platform
  • It is easy to use, flexible, and fast WP installation.
  • It is mobile friendly, affordable and taste of the time for web journey
  • It Includes 5000 beautiful themes.
  • It has tons of functional plugin to reveal the site outstanding

Most importantly, WordPress is not only for Bloggers, Designers or Developers only, But E-commerce and any small businesses are also the best fit as well.

How To Install WordPress in GreenGeeks Hosting:

World's topnotch green web hosting provider GreenGeeks starts hosting procedure with your free domain registration that includes 6-options for domain extension, such as .com, .net, .org, .us, .info, and .biz.

After including domain you'll go through the site hosting for WordPress platform inclusion. It is beyond a couple of clicks to get your site installed on the WordPress platform for starting your next efforts.

Softaculous apps

Installing WordPress, access to your cPanel, then go to Softaculous Apps Installer and click on "WordPress". Then install WordPress from the Softaculous script window. Finally, you will get ready installed WordPress after inputting all necessary information in the settings. 

Any sort of tech support including domain registration, hosting and WordPress installation all you can get done by GreenGeeks technical support team. Visit GreenGeeks

How To Install WordPress in NameCheap Hosting:

In case of WP installation in NameCheap hosting, just put this term "how-to-install-WordPress-using-Softaculous" into the search tool of Namecheap. Then you'll find the link will show you the simple ways how to install WordPress just a couple of clicks. 


Go log into your cPanel, then select the apps installer icon "Softaculous Apps Installer". Then, click the WordPress Logo, then click the install tab and fill up the form with necessary info, and eventually hit the Install Button when you get ready.

softaculous for wordpress

After completion, you'll find links to your site as well as the WordPress admin area. When you'll log in on the appeared admin site, you'll find your dashboard to start necessary works on the site. Visit Namecheap

How To Install WordPress in Bluehost Hosting:

Go through here and choose a plan you afford to start a blog with Follow signup now with the existing domain or taking a new domain BlueHost they provide you free.

Even you have a chance to choose domain later that wouldn't draw you back for starting host. Input the domain name and get appeared a form to create your account


Then, input the account information with the required option all you need basically.

Make sure you are well decided on the options such as account plan whether 12 months, domain privacy protection, SEO, site-lock security - all are within your defined budget.

After filling up the info slots, you'll get signed up and find the way to create a password. This password is your manager hosting account login.

In Bluehost, installing the WordPress platform is rather easy just only 1-click effort. You'll select a theme you like or skip. Then automatically the installation process will start setting up WordPress for you.

While all is done within moments, you could start building your site customizing the theme. Visit BlueHost

Tech-step (4): Choose A Theme is Pretty Professional

Better to avoid using a free theme, because of hidden codes that can drawbacks your site to slower sucking juice. Get your best UX and UI. It matters in users engagement time, bounce rate, conversion rate, and SEO benefits.

If you really need using free theme temporarily because of a limited budget, you might check through using Theme Check plugin make sure that you free theme is workable that ultimately goes with the WP Standard.

While going to install the premium theme as your professional blogging, we recommend MyThemeShop for your SEO friendly better user experience including the professional interface. Alternatively, if you'd need to pick out a theme according to your small business you might take a look into here for ThemeForest themes.

Tech-step (5): Launch Your Site Customizing Worthy Design

How to start a blog that gets the rich design for audience attraction and trust? All you need to customize the creative look of your blog and get a feeling that inspires you on the blogging journey. More details below:

(a) Site Structure: 

A fluent site structure with a simple format is essential to create a better user experience. It matters in SEO performance can follow an ideal form of site structure.

how to start a blog

A Comprehensive Site-structure Increases UX and SEO Value!

In this regard, you might follow standard sites from the web you visited ever got excellent site structure.

(b) Site Color, Logo: 

Getting more user exposure, your site needs to look like a professional engaging platform. Create an excellent logo that defines the blog identity for the better brand among the users. You might hire a professional WordPress developer while the theme has room to enrich.

Alternatively, you might follow some standard sites for following the color placing in the logo, header side, and others area. Right customization can add essence on your site such as UI with Emotional Intelligence (EI) that attracts to engage more audience repeatedly.

(c) Site Chemistry: 

Content is all to generate site chemistry that gives the power to site being live. It is awesome to post the articles you got ready. At least one blog post for one category will give the site an amazing starting to able creating site chemistry.

Obviously, before posting the initial articles in each category, all you need to fix the social media sharing buttons, contact, images for the site since, video clips for better juice in the site presence.

start blogging

At A Glance Site Overview!

Tech-step (6): Configure the Site with Essential System Plugins 

Visit here for the WordPress system tools you need to install the essential plugins.

The most essential plugins, such as Google Analytics, Yoast SEO (for SEO and SiteMap As well), Contact Form, WordPress Related Posts, Broken Link Checker, LiteSpeed, Cookie Notice, Leads, Pretty Links, Rel Nofollow, Smush, and some other essential plugins. 

All you can do going through your "New Plugin" from your WP Sidebar. But better to consider the review records in terms of quality.

Tech-step (7): Make Sure A Sure-fire Site Security 

Security is the most important element to keep up your precious hard work safe and sound. Google also pay attention to this point ( Google E-A-T Algorithm, their T stands for trustworthiness that includes site security as well).

So, make sure security is uncompromised with all it's system tools and resources. Use the essential plugins only such as WPS Hide Login, Wordfence Security, WP SpamShield, Jetpack by WP, JGC Google reCaptcha and some others including device security software as well. 

Step#4: Start Blogging with Regular Blog Post

After deciding your niche and blog-name you might have gotten ready at least 5 blog post including other administrative contents.

At this stage, you need to get finished the publishing ready posts and pages such as Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, GDPR Cookie Policy, About Page and others.

What Type OF Post You"ll Write?

What Type Of Blog Post You'll Write that depends on your niche. There are many types of posts, such as how-to posts, case studies, news posts, problem & solution posts, resource posts, curated posts, controversial posts, comparison posts, research posts, Survey and polls posts, and controversial or debate posts.

And also important types of posts are check-List posts, FAQ posts, Quote posts, ebooks posts, inspiring posts, reviews posts, cheat sheets posts, interview posts, infographics posts, video post, podcast posts, software-tools-plugins-themes-services, webinars post and so on.

You'll define your post-types based on your products that competitors deal you'll follow not for Xerox but innovative content that can champion your journey.

How To Write Affiliate Article?

Shortly, follow the simple steps:

  (1) Decide the Type of Post: Pick out a type of topic ( as shown the way above) for creating your topic. accordingly.

  (2) Select Article Topic: You can follow competitors content using Feedly or BuzzSumo or tools here.

  (3) Determine Keywords: Use keyword planner, Google Trends, Google Search, LSIGraph and so on, for keywords.

  (4) Layout Article Structure: Create intro, body, conclusion including body layout whether with bullet points or not.

  (5) Complete Copywriting: On your own or hiring someone from Fiverr, you can own your fist.

  (6) Arrange SEO and Readability: Using the Yoast SEO plugin, you could find the ultimate guide on how to arrange SEO and readability as well. But never forget to optimize your every image that search engines can index.

  (7) Monetize & Publish: After getting everything finished, finally you'll publish your content.

In case of writing regular posts, you need to simplify your copywriting following some rules. Would you like to know how to create a quick-post? Here is the SCOPE formula that can guide you're copywriting that saves precious time.

While you get better blogging to stand habitually and able to create more quality content for building paradise, probably best for you to use a professional content marketing and SEO tools SEMrush that enables your unbeatable promotion around the web. 

Step#5: Drive Quality Traffic

This is challenging either for the new bloggers, but quite possible to keep you ahead attracting and driving adequate traffic to your blog. You can follow the SEO rules for your search traffic here for 18 Steps How to Generate Useful SEO-Friendly Content.

And for your social or referral traffic follow how to optimize and conduct your social media marketing that drives well. Obviously, your master plan on SMM, SMO, Event, Slides, YouTubing, Forum and Blog Comment, Ads, Guest Posting, and SEO might give you enough traffic.

Finally, in traffic regards, let you know: How To Become A Successful Blogger: 16 Best Practice Habits. That is why, you need to build a plan with solid blogging strategy, tactics, and goal for meeting the target of adequate traffic to your blog that happens higher conversion rates and sales.

Step#6: Monetize Your Blog

This is a very careful approach to make money blogging. As usual, you need to start monetizing your site while you'll have found enough regular stream of traffic from search engines, social media, and other sources. It depends.

As usually you can start monetizing while got your site posted at least 25 posts, or 6 months after launching your blog, or even later.

Remarkably, you need to know what should be your content post ratio between the informational post and money post. You could uncover this ration based on your content type and product feature.

There is no fast and hard rule though, I usually follow over 70% money post for emphasizing monetization.

However, let you know the potential affiliate program market places where you have a chance to asign vendors product to monetize for your affiliate marketing revenue.

Here some of the prominent marketplaces you can decide your program according to your blogging type and feature:

      (1) AmazonAssociates: For your physical and digital products.
      (2) ClickBank: For your digital products.
      (3) Rakuten: For your digital and physical products.
      (4) CJ Affiliate: For digital and physical products.
      (5) Impact: For your digital products.
      (6) eBay Partner Network: Digital and physical products.
      (7) ShareASalePhysical and digital products. And so on.

All you'll pick out the affiliate links, banners, logos and so on from your vendors located from affiliate program market places. You'll stitch the links and banners in the places where readers get an actionable move to click-through the link for further conversion.

You can place the banners in few numbers on the sidebars ( but not on footer). As usually money-articles get monetized with affiliate links while content created researching appropriate money keywords.

However, you can take a dive into here if you'd like to learn the specific things how to write a blog post monetizing the affiliate products. 

Step#7: Make Your Blog A Money-machine

While your blogging goal is to make money online from your hard work, here are the ways how to make your site money-machine:

(a) Create a Smart Action Plan

Build an action plan is quite actionable based on your adequate web research. Set your campaign road-map, marketing strategy and tactics, most usable techniques, and achievable goals.

Their types of the plan can create separately: First, for Search Traffic and conversion process. Second, for Lead generation and email marketing automation.

And finally, social media marketing and optimization process. All you need to build dedicated plans through your proper research and learning the experiences around the web.

(b) Get Leverages of Google Analytics and Tag Manager 

You can get amazing improvement in your blogging results using both of these tools - Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

Google's most powerful hand to your site is Google Analytics, can help you learning site insights. It will help you to learn bounce rate, potential opportunities, audience behavior, creating fresh content, the source of traffic, best-converting pages, actionable keywords, and so many things.

On the other hand, Google Tag Manager (GTM) tool is free as well, and you can get help for your site to manage marketing deeply monitoring the tags you use in your site for better traffic and conversion. It allows you can operate on your any devices ( desktop or mobile) without modifying the codes.

(c) Automate Your marketing

Once ASAP while you could uncover your blogging journey that needs to automate the marketing system, then this is for you how to go with. What is Marketing Automation?

Briefly, Marketing Automation is a mechanism refers to the usage of efficient software and technology in the online business and marketing platform (or system) to automate the process and track the efforts for amplifying revenue.

How To Automate Blog Marketing? 

How to start a blog with marketing automation is the ultimate plan for conscious bloggers. In your blog, the automation process could take place in the social media marketing, SEO and most importantly email marketing.

Each of the marketing track has professional automated marketing service providers. Usually, the automated email marketing process includes the features as below:

  1) Email Capture: MA Platform helps the businesses to grow email list using email capture form.

  2) Lead Nurturing: Sending personalized email sequentially so that individuals get trust in the system.

  3) Email List Management: Segment and tag individuals for specific communication and interaction with them.

  4) Site Analytics: Helps to diagnosis users movement on the site and defining their potential for next actions.

  5) Lead Scoring: Auto software helps to score the users potential 0-100 so that you can concentrate your action to the higher scored potentials.

  6) Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Auto software can help to grow direct interactions with a new audience to sales customer. This is a popular tool. 

Very best to visit Drip or GetResponse for tons of info regarding email marketing automation can make you sound enough to get started while you're ready.

Furthermore, the other marketing automation tools and software you could use for your blogging success, such as:

  • Using Social Sharing Tools: Blog2Social, Hootsuite, buffer, and so on.
  • Social Analytics Tools: Buzzsumo pro plan.
  • Content marketing automation platform: IFTTT
  • Using Google Tools: Google Analytics and Tag Manager
Google Analytics

Hopefully, blogging success is quite at your end while all you need to know how to use the advanced tools today that results in more than tomorrows.

 Automation tools are a precious gift of the time for changing the game that depends on your clever determination.


Most perhaps, you already got a clear outline on how to start a blog that can sell. Literally, a profitable blogging model leads a bloggers creative mind in the spirit of their higher pro blogging value.

Let your first blog go and grow with best practice blogging habits accordingly. And start blogging Connecting your profound passion with actionable strategy, tactics, and goal for skyrocketing outcome.

The high revenue stream only happens while blogging gets a highly profitable niche, and good deliverability of worthy content focusing the high paying products from a well organized and pretty monetized blog.

So, needn't waste time learning tons of content without plan how to start a blog. Let you plan one to decide your blogging model first.

Then, better to skillify your ability learning the accurate things your plan allows that will make you a successful blogger.

Let me know what's plan for your first blog!  


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