How To Conduct Social Media Optimization That Boosts Your Sales
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Social Media Optimization Process

How To Conduct Social Media Optimization That Boosts Your Sales

Does Social Media Optimization (SMO) work on your campaign for better traffic? Would you follow an optimization process that generates a better traffic stream? If ‘No’, then this is for you to set the definitive ways how to process your clear optimization on a daily SMM campaign.

There is a powerful set of social media marketing (SMM) platforms that contain huge visitors daily. Your targeted traffic is located here and there. But as a new marketer, you might do not know how to increase social share, likes, upvotes, retweets, and social signals. And you need to know how you’ll have to drive the traffic to your site. Your optimized marketing approaches will harness the scattered traffic on a systematic flow using strategy and tactics to meet the target sales.

What Is Social Media Optimization?

SMO or Social Media Optimization is a hybrid process to adopt the social media platforms with your defined SMM strategies, tactics, and regular campaigns that significantly increase business revenue. In fact, SMO is a continuous process to make Social media marketing most friendly to the audience that enables to connect more targeted audiences.

While you launch a new site, you’ll need to start new profiles on the major social media channels. Your biggest hurdle might be how you could fence a significant volume of traffic as soon as possible. Initially, it is a challenging journey to get accumulated potential buyers, have to wait up to good social profile health.

Here is how I’ll show you’ll have to start your optimization journey with significant tactics and action.

How To Conduct Social Media Optimization

A significant plan of well-optimized Social media marketing is a continuous process. It can help you to get enough profitable visitors to your website from the defined channels. Although campaign strategy works best on healthy profiles that exist a maximum number of active followers. But the process needs to be continued with a set of strategies to start SMO from low followers.

Here the SMO processes would go through four core phases to build a best practice SMM that uncover traffic flood-gates to your site:

  • Phase-1: Social Media Optimization (SMO) Plan
  • Phase-2: Implementation of the SMO Plan
  • Phase-3: Monthly Evaluation for Better SMO
  • Phase-4: Running The Campaign with Proven SMO

Social Media Optimization phases
Here are the details, how –

Phase-1: Social Media Optimization Plan

(A) Campaign goal and objectives at a glance:

To –
(1) Achieve friends and followers
(2) Create followers engagement
(3) Build personal and product brand
(4) Maintain increased relationship
(5) Take advantage of SEO growth
(6) Driving traffic to the website
(7) Generate subscribers

(B) SMO Tactics and Process Through 

(1) Profile Optimization

Complete profiles with appropriate cover images, text, and tags that attract the audience. To make a professional cover-image, banner, or so on, you can use Canva really an amazing toolset. Before starting profile optimization, you might check out-ins and out of the successful profiles across social media.

(2) Audience Target

Relevant to your deal on product or service, targeted demography, geography, and so on. It plays an important role to reach out to your staff to the right persona.

(3) Tolerance to irrelevant followers

The highest degree to the targeted audience, but zero to the irrelevant. Your every space of audience anchoring is precious whereas the negative followers might fall stuck.

(4) PPC Ads Policy

In case of potential viral posts, this sort of attempt could boost your sales. You’ll need to be ready for every better chance with pay or without.

(5) Priority Basics

Highest visual presence, such as short video clips. infographics, and textual content in a short length of sentence composing each para within 300 words, and so on.

(6) Consistency Basics

Anyhow to maintain consistency. It could play an important role to keep up the traffic stream to your site sustainable.

(7) Meet the audience questions

As soon as possible you’ll have to reply to the audience questions. Audience psychology might attract in favor of you while they find real-time-reply.

(8) Use Video clips

The video clips are a basic priority to emphasize hunt the better SMO result.

(9) Optimized Images according to Media

Make sure the image sizes according to the media rules.

(10) Rich Infographics

Evergreen infographics play a vital role to drive traffic from Pinterest to your blog.

(11) Most relevant Hashtags

Especially on Instagram and Twitter, search and collect all the relevant hashtags. Take them in a broad list and use all tags on Instagram. But not more than three in each of your tweets.

(12) Use target groups or users

Look for the target groups in every social media and make a list. And add or follow the most potential persona who really looking for you. You could come to know to search the tools and checking the profiles for quality users.

(13) Available Sharing CTA

Make sure each of the blog posts has available sharing buttons, add-ons, and tools. Click to tweet, Pin-it buttons, and so on – all these systems are essential to take advantage of SMO.

(14) The optimal size of characters

Use the content characters according to the valid range allows the platforms. Through some of the media might provide a more textual chance, but in the case of link share, the small size of texts are attractive while it covers significant keywords and whole meaning at a glance.

(15) Use the optimal time to post according to Schedule

While you use a comprehensive toolset for sharing, you might schedule posts for 7 days maximum. It will help to maintain your optimal time.

(16) Daily post allocation on different media

Research on the different social media platforms and make a list where you wanna post your stuff for achieving audience engagement.

(17) Optimizable automation Tools

Use only the automation tools that enable you to tailor the textual content for organic posts.

(C) Campaign Preparation:

(1) Pick The Prime SMM Channels

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, YouTube, Quora, Medium, Slideshare, and so on

(2) Site Blogging

If your site is blog oriented structure – that is great. If not, then create a blog as a group of some important categories that strongly represent your site product or services.

(3) Create blog content

Let your blog content be generated with a powerful title that fascinates the audience for log engagement.

(4) Create Image and infographics

Try to insert a significant number of relevant images including single infographics that strengthen your both SEO and SMM marketing.

(5) Get ready for the tags

Get ready for dozens of classified tags for the Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube for SMM campaign after releasing your brand new blog post.

(6) Additional images

Never use the same image in several times of SMM campaigns. Get ready some images that represent the best campaign content value for focusing your goal.

(7) Time and times of social share

Make a schedule of time when you will post and how many times of a day should be released a post. You might deliver twice for Facebook timeline, once for Facebook groups, once for Facebook page impressions. You can tweet three or four times with different images, once on Pinterest with infographics, once on Instagram, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

How Often to Post on Social Media

Facebook: 1 – 2 times per day. The best time is 12 pm to 3 pm
Twitter: 3- 20 times per day. The best time is before 9 am, at noon, and after 5 pm
Pinterest: 3- 20 times per day. The best time is before 9 am, noon, and after 5 pm
LinkedIn: 2-4 times per week. The best time is before 9 am
Google+: 3-7 times per week. The best time is before 9 am
Instagram: 1- 2 times per week, the Best time is 12 pm to 1 pm
Medium: 1 time per post, Best to post after 5 days, Anytime.
YouTube: 1- 5 post per week, Best Time is before 9 am
Slideshare: 1 slideshow per post. Anytime.
Quora: 1 – 3 epic replies per post. Best time is 5:30pm to 10:00pm

Social Media Time Optimization

(8) Get ready for the Sharing Tools

Determine the tools that work best, such as Buffer, Canva, social add-ons, plugins, and so on.

(9) Readiness to Quora and Medium

I’ll show you finally you’ll able to get enough outreach using these tools. No, Medium marketing will rather boost your traffic to your site without duplication worry. Get the help of the latest questions from Quora to promote your site.

(10) Build plan researching Competitors

Your plan is ready, and you already started posting your engaging blog articles.

Phase-2: Implementation of the Social Media Optimization Plan

Follow the social media marketing key techniques under the SMO scales and skeleton:

Viral marketing 

Start your campaign based on preplanning. You’ll have to try each of your posts goes viral. How? Keep in mind the viral marketing key points. It will enhance your campaign spirit to reach the goal. Try to manage your co-bloggers as well as best relationship followers to get leverage of you sharing and resharing the brand new post URL while you start the campaign.

Relationship marketing

Follow the appropriate tips and techniques on how this way works best. Nowadays, it works best to get a conversion as well. But all you need to keep up with patients in each approach while you experience obstacles.

Messenger Marketing

The most effective way to approach your social media marketing is using a chat line. Here is the way how you can approach that results amazing.

It helps to build a better relationship, better understanding, and better prospects for sales. You might use all the social media marketing platforms that include messenger.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a top platform that includes some branches that are the most potential to generate traffic to your site. The below definitive ways can leverage to optimize your Facebook Marketing that generates traffic flood-gates to your site:

(a) Facebook Business Page Approach: Centralize your Facebook Marketing here with the definitive approaches.

(b) Messenger Marketing Approach: Your best way to build relations following the ways as here.

(c) Facebook Relationship Marketing: Use every specific way of building a relationship, such as a messenger, personal profile, event page, business page, and so on. Determine your set of actions how to create the best relationship with prospects.

(d) Group Marketing in FB Groups: Another traffic mine is Group marketing or community approach. How to conduct this all you need to pre-plan the approaches with clear tactics.

(e) Typical FB marketing Approaches: This type of strategy includes a set of classified tactics on every branch of Facebook users that stay available.

(f) Definitive FB Marketing Quick tips: You have alternatives to use Facebook marketing more adequately following a long set of 100 quick tips.

LinkedIn Marketing

Make a mini post for the article side, and publish after/before sharing the main post in the timeline of LinkedIn. Try to create an article on the reverse title of your original blog post that will result best.

Or address an article title looking controversial but readers need to wait for the fact eventually. This sort of topic generates reader engagement. You might learn more tactics here on how to approach your LinkedIn Marketing to drive a prospect to your sales funnel.

Medium Marketing

Your secret traffic door is located in Medium to your blog, you might do not know the way or ignoring. All you need to use this smart tool if your site is on the WordPress platform.

It’ll work for you to post the exact blog post in the Medium without a single bit of worry. This WP plugin works a lot for many social sharing, all you need to customize your posts and schedule.

Using this amazing tool many bloggers taking extra traffic benefits from the Medium solving duplicate issue with significant canonical tags. In addition, this wonderful tool will meet all sorts of scheduled sharing needs in social media leveraging text editing as well. Today the time is to tie up your efforts with better intelligence.

Pinterest Marketing

If your article is list-post or informative – you have a chance to make a rich infographic using Canva Tools.

At least an average standard of infographics could help you to get a traffic stream for a long. Here is how you can take the core points to approach Pinterest promotion. make sure your blog post has a pinning button. Never forget to optimize your every pin with engaging descriptions and key terms.

Twitter Marketing

Use not more than three tags in each of the tweets. You might follow the Twitter marketing tips that help to grow your solid followers. It is best to tweet an average of 10 times to tweet the scheduled posts every day.

Normally the range is 3- 20 times per day. The best time is before 9 am, midday and after 5 pm anytime. Always check the stats of your daily activities for better evaluation.

Instagram Approach

Instagram allows tags as much as possible. You can take advantage of using the best relevant ones. Check out your top competitors who are using the tags, and pick out the tags you’re not using. Insert a CTA in each post. You might use third-party tools to get a developed press.

Video Campaign 

In social media, 3o seconds to 1-minute video works best for Facebook. If you release regularly at least 2 minutes video can create a traffic stream to your blog.

You can optimize your video title by stealing the relevant popular posts in the channel. All you need to replace the best LSI keyword on a popular title. Use all the tags your competitors are using in the channel.

Product & Personal Branding

Product and personal branding – both of the core branding forces can play a vital role in driving social media traffic to your website. The personal blog always allows you to focus yourself on up to 20% content of the blog.

Personal branding is pre-designed which can help you how could boost your own brand in the social media marketing arena. Besides, product value works itself to build a brand value that works to generate traffic to the blog.

Slideshare presentation

This is another door you might open for your traffic flow to your site. How? All you need to make some slides using PowerPoint and following the bullet-points of your blog post. This effort might take time, but it will provide you a traffic stream for a long.

Phase-3: Monthly Evaluation for Better SMO (A Part Of Trial-and-Error Process)

You’ll need to take time for performance analysis checking through Google Analytics as well as related to all social media analytics for clear data. This optimization process can go through three sorts of ways.

Quick Return Optimization

Your whole evaluation needs to design based on your all post-campaign during the month. In the meantime, If you already worked out on at least 5 posts per site, you’ll have to analyze each of the channel’s data.

Make sure which doors of the channels are working best you need to keep them up in the high stream 80-cluster. And keep the weak flow traffic doors in the low voltage 20-Cluster.

For example, while you find that your video clip marketing with (or without) PPC ads work best, you might keep this campaign in quick return zone 80-cluster.

If you need a faster return from faster traffic inflow rather than social media channel development, you might choose to pay 80% time on 80-cluster traffic streams for continual campaigning. The clever marketers prefer this.

All Channel Optimization

If you want profound development on weak streams as well, then you’ll need to campaign reversely – have to pay 80% time on weak stream of traffic gates. This sort of SMM optimation takes a longer time to harvest significant sales on site.

Hybrid (+Potential) Optimization

Another process based on the power of potential. You might identify the traffic streams into three classes. Hybrid 80-cluster, Potential, and Low voltage 20-cluster. You can pick out your best fitted SMM channels or traffic streams that already rewarding you best as well as the most potential channels.

This sort of evaluation is a continuous process that goes with the growth of solid followers and Spits Tests of the adverts. You might omit the irrelevant followers who are indeed not even future prospects as well.

It’s crucial in Facebook in terms of business professionalism. You might need to avoid the channels or traffic-streams that are out of your performance range.

Phase-4: Running The Campaign with Proven SMO

The approaches of social media marketing would work effectively while you implement only your qualified tactics over quantified techniques. Your success rate of an SMM campaign depends on how much product your tactics are achieving. For example:

(a) You got an existing process of how Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn ads might earn the best cost-effective.
(b) Maybe you’ve found that your relationship tactics through messenger are working amazingly.
(c) You are finding an amazing response from your 2-minutes video clips on YouTube Channels focussing on your key points of blog posts.
(d) Perhaps your consistent hashtagging tweets are earning sizable traffic.
(e) Your infographics are wonderful pieces of making enough prospects from Pinterest. And so on.


A profitable traffic stream comes from your sustainable hybrid campaign. ASAP you’ll be able to get this intuitive practice on Social Media Marketing if you could following the above four phases.

Every change of SMM development would go through trial-and-error Social Media Optimization. A best practice campaign will come under your habitual adaption to sustain a better productive campaign.

All the free tools and resources are not always ROI-worthy – consume time, whereas time is the biggest investment. Because you couldn’t bring back a time into your business if you waste it on a cheap return than a bigger opportunity to multiply your revenue.

That is why a systematic Social Media Optimization process could thrive your social media marketing sales using significant scalability and measurability. The clever markers love this math.

So, your social media marketing deserves to use every opportunity using social media optimization for maximizing the outcome. Then, how do you take the SMO opportunity in your SMM campaign? You might share.

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