25 Steps How To Create Blog Posts Go Viral (Infographics)
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25 Steps How To Create Blog Posts Go Viral (Infographics)

What is viral marketing? Why is viral marketing needed you think? How to create blog posts that go on viral track? Do you deserve it? You might be looking for these answers as a beginner.

When a stuffing achieves millions or thousands of times sharing within a short time after publishing, then it might be defined as a viral post. Every blogger hopes his/her post goes viral and obtain a significant number of sales following the content.

But you deserve a viral post is not a magic science. We might strive it to get the chance how a post could be able to run on the viral track, given the major points below:

How To Create Blog Posts Go Viral 

Step -01: Generate Longer Post Content

Think a powerful blog and clean content idea in your mind. And let it be generated comprehensively longer post to take the SEO benefit of traffic. Because a post of more than 1500 words could enable to adapt more links, keywords, and hyperlinks which advance more chances to take place in the Google knowledge graph. So, let them go be naturally weighted power of tons itself, but never unnecessarily longer.

Step -02: Generate Strong Bullet Points

You might plan your whole content with some significant bullet points as like as my plan here in this post. It will help you generate content easily. Each of the points should be focused on significant information authentically. Because visitors always seek quick ways to grasp the whole content deliciously. So, You have to pay your content generation, according to the visitors’ attention which roles in viral facts.

Step -03: Start With “How To” in Depth Head Line

Make a post questioning HOW TO, might grab more attention to the beginners that they will not leave the reader until they find the finish line. There you could compose the whole content step by step following the sub-points. In the approach of “how to, on” there is a profound fascination to grasp the issue in solutions. This matter could rush the content to go viral. Suppose I’ve titled here starting with How to create blog posts. You might start like this to empower your content towards viral.

Step -04: Use SEO and Long Tail Keywords

SEO is a powerful silent way you could spread the content around the web if the techniques go with a right way of 10x content concept. Long tail keywords are factoring the SEO which could contribute better visibility in the search engines. So, carefully use these ‘marketing key techniques’ might generate and rush the stuff in to go viral pathway for your lucky goal of the content marketing.

Step -05: Create Keyword rich Short URL

Edit the URL SEO friendly and comprehensively short of the publication time. Use keywords, better long tail keywords which focus descriptive form of the content. Do not use more than one keywords and light weight of search volume as well. A good SEO in URL could help you stay one step ahead reach the searchers’ through search engines.

Step -06: Generate Introduction Short but Profound

Introduction matters the readers whether they should march on up to the end of the story or not. In a viral marketing theme, fascinating and grabbing the topic are issues. Readers are practically oriented and time-sensitive that they look for the solution to their own problem or issues. So, let them find a meaningful attraction from your attention-grabbing introduction.

Step -07: Use Emotional Intelligence Basics

It is a big part of the viral marketing key techniques. To achieve a content go viral, emotional intelligence (EI) is a powerhouse. Emotional intelligence has four parts of its own action that can be worked on your content generation. As every starter or entrepreneur is acute with their own dream to be succeeded, then you might discover their own emotional ambition and generate the content accordingly. A good craft of emotional appeal must rush the content towards viral sharing if everything touches the reader’s mind.

Step -08: Insert Featured Image

Featured Image has an in-depth role spreading the content of the social media. That is why you must insert an amazing but simple and relevant image there in the featured option during the final publishing. This type of the arrangement will leverage the motivated readers to share among their own circle. Thus, the content has Profound scope to run on a viral track.

Step -09: Generate an Infographics

Yes, infographics. Still, it’s king impact in the social shares and in the Search Engines as well. Especially in the Pinterest marketing, infographics have major role getting a huge share if the content gets a professional look and rich information. You might plan to compose your bullet points in the infographics with relevant supports of the information at each point. In this purpose, CANVA might help you to generate a standard infographic.

Step -10: Use Image To Be Simply Crazy but Relevant

A right image is multi-times greater than a page of texts. But image should be quite relevant, fascinating,info-rich, interesting and funny as well. That is why image intensive posts (such as photography, fashion, recipes, etc) used to get much appeal than the article-intensive posts. So, never miss the chances taking images of the posts if really it deserves it.

Step -11: Clearly Focus The Message in The Content

How to create blog posts that carry a profound message? According to bill gates, content is king. And according to Jay  Mayer, content is fire and social media is gasoline. Accordingly, you might have a clear measurability that you have to generate the content so it becomes fire or king to the readers. So that while it runs on the social media tracks, it becomes speedy among the interested circles. In this case, building up a clear message in the overall content is a bit of a challenge you have to win.

Step -12: Generate Content That Blows Audience Mind

During your content planning, reading audience’s mind is a major part of your psychology. Each shareable content always wins the audience’s mind which blows along with emotional, current and practical values. Think it simple and simply beautiful points in the adorning of your content composition. Let it go with a bit of emotion so that it touches the audience’s mind well.

Step -13: Strive To Generate a Motivative and Epic Story with Challenge

As a part of the viral marketing key techniques, Just think the work is to be dramatic, motivate and epic. You just love to offer a challenge which is ultimately new something that you already discovered in your master plan. Yes, you will be able to do it if you really will it dedicatedly. Make a final short-list for the points whose contribute in the building of an epic story with a proper motivational challenge. Thus, you might find the viral result in your content marketing.

Step -14: Write Content That Solves Problem

Why content? Necessity is the mother of content creation. If any content can’t meet the necessity of target audience that the results failure and frustration. So, ultimately comes to a question, what is the viral-friendly content? The content which is capable offering a pretty hot to the problems of large numbers of targeted audience is a viral-friendly content. So, following the marketing key techniques you might have the power to fight against competitors entering into the viral pipeline.

Step -15: Write Content That Drives Dream

A dream of a small business owner always pursues the emotional intelligence to succeed in the enterprise. The dream is alive mental state of human being. Your content must be embraced the dream of targeted audiences following the success model or emotional quotient. So, just the emphasis on the dream oriented content that runs on the right path of business success.  Then it will gain major shares from the dreamers.

Step -16: Generate Posts Offering a fresh Perspective

What is the specific product you offer and why (?) or how (?) and so on. Thus, create a clear focus on the specific offer that you’d like to approach for achieving a cash result. Eventually, you will have to resolve your article title or headline clarifying the points through a realistic perspective so that nothing doubt or hesitation could be found in the story. So, make a crystal clear path of the issue that teaches you going with fearless to belong the good result.

Step -17: Make it Easy and Useful

Enrich your blog post using useful information and make it as easy as simple so that mass people could discover the meaning instantly, and get a motivation to start sharing. Always try to remove any fallacy, prejudice, contradictions, paradox, and dilemma in the content. Fresh and pure content have an extra power which will influence the readers well.

Step -18: Ends The Write-up Asking A Shares

There is a slogan in the blogging universe,”Share is caring”. And this is the core action which comes upon the event like an action-rain is called viral marketing This share is the driving force in viral marketing. Like other experts, I’d like to recommend you never hesitate to ask a share at the end of the article. Then this voice might hack the audience’s mind compelled to play share ethically. So, let the share be deserved the content that goes viral.

Step -19: Proofread the whole Content Twice or Thrice

Viral marketing always refers fresh content. Any sort of error could harm the content marketing. The audience doesn’t allow any wrong content. If there is an error like grammatical, thematical or phonetic or strategical, you should check each error through your proofreading at least twice before your final post.

Step -20: Publish Your Post at a Hot Time

To get the top benefit from the hot publishing, you will have to select your targeted global time period when maximum visitors’ used to be crowded in the net. This is a prime strategic action how to drive maximum traffic from various media. As usual, the prime pick period of publishing is daytime 2 PM – 4 PM and evening time 8 PM – 1 AM. According to a research work by HubSpot, the topmost time is Saturday morning that you might schedule.

Step -21: Never Forget To Keep Share Buttons

It’s obvious, essential to keep the social media share buttons available so that instantly any visitor could share the stuff. You might use a buffer or buzzsumo in this regard. Some of the visitors might read the stuff later than they would like to keep the link in his one social center. So, to get benefits from quick sharing, the button is seriously needful to be kept available.

Step -22: Hold on Maximum Number of Friends or Followers

It is rather an incident as well because if you have only 5 thousand of friends or followers in your social media circle, might be chances are bigger than the only hundred friends in the circle. The within this limitation, how a post can strive to achieve huge sharing? The answer is quite simple, to increase chances to go viral, increase friends and followers in the social media circles before posting a potential blog post. Especially Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Google Plus followers, Pinterest followers (and so on) are you are a royal asset to exist your viral sharing significantly.

Step -23: Complete Sharing in all media within 24 Hours

Yes, well begun is half done. Let your post go quick spread, just cover the whole media sharing within 24 hours as the first campaign. But each share should be done following the proper rules carefully so that hashtags, maintaining and introduction text go finish in significant ways.

Step -24: Frequently Continue Sharing in The Major Social Media

In the campaign of media sharing, select prime media where you should spread the content frequently ( such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Vk, YouTube, SlideShare, Myspace, Flickr, Instagram, Piccsy, Instagram, Behance, Web2.0, Quora, Yahoo Answer, Inbound, Digg, Diigo, Delicious, Paperli, Networked blogs, TSU, Glogallshare, Alltop, Article directories, and so on ) following the schedule of specific interval. In case you might request or mention to the influencers to share your content. You might take advantages of conversation using the message side of Pinterest, Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook for spreading the stuff alternatively.

Step -25: Campaign All Sharing With Manual Way.

Obviously never use autopilot in sharing initially, rather try to spread the links using manually texting so that you could place hashtags, mention and other criteria properly. The recognized surveys say, manually sharing is more powerful and result oriented than the automatic sharing. Because, handy sharing has a scope to modify the text, tags, and mentions. So, be handy in sharing and caring the prospects with more values.Go viral

So, Conclusion:

You’ve got the reply against how to create blog posts that go viral. Those steps are the closed parts of the viral marketing key techniques. The post creation is a basic part of boosting a post go viral. The carefully sharing content with all prime social media is very important to run a post go viral. Keep generating brief and magnetic text therewith the links for posting on various social media. Emphasize on the first 24 hours is very important to circulate the link sharing among thousands. Play your core role accordingly and enjoy the viral game while it happens.

If there is any question never hesitate to ask me. If you’d enjoy it a bit, hope you’ll not forget to share this post as well.

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