How to Craft Emotional Marketing That Boosts Conversion
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emotional marketing strategy

How to Craft Emotional Marketing That Boosts Conversion

Have you ever planned to use an emotional marketing strategy that boosts your sales?  Why it deserves special emphasis on online marketing? The clever reason is located in the area of emotional intelligence (EI) which rules over two-third of the overall marketing success in the online business.

You might be well-known to Intelligence Quotient (IQ), but didn’t yet count the importance of Emotional Quotient (EQ) in your conversion optimization model. If you’re still doing the same wrong, missing out on the intensive conversion stream.

In order to craft your emotional content marketing strategy, you have to understand and determine the driving forces of your content marketing that how the EQ and IQ mutually come into the best combination to drive the higher conversion rates.

Emotional behavior is a human being, and every human is a rational being as well. In fact, without intelligence an emotional campaign is aimless. And without emotional intelligence, a campaign is narrow-worthy and stagnated.

So, a campaign of content marketing essentially needed to be associated and formulated with the driving forces of emotional content marketing so that it thrives towards the apex of conversion rates.

What is Emotional Marketing  

Emotional Marketing is a comprehensive action and mindful approach of entrusting that creates your self-importance, brand, and sales. It transforms prospects’ decisions by dint of your own messaging with smarter feelings, bolder confidence, and sophisticated contending in content marketing.

Emotional Marketing is empowered with an emotional appeal or emotional intelligence, rational appeal or IQ, and personality. The emotional quotient (EQ) is derived from emotional intelligence which is the methodological metric of emotional appeal that contributes a major share in the success model of any marketing project.

Components of Emotional Marketing

The driving forces in emotional content marketing we might be determined through are:

  1. Emotional Quotient (EQ):  It is derived from Emotional Intelligence (EI) 
  2. Intelligence Quotient (IQ): It is derived from Technical Expertise or knowledge base and Information.
  3. Personality: The self-state of the human being or behavior.

Emotional Intelligence (EI): According to Goleman “ Emotional intelligence means managing feelings so that they are expressed appropriately and effectively enabling people to work together smoothly toward their common goals.” (Daniel Goleman, Working with Emotional Intelligence).

EI is the power to understand and recognize self-emotion as well as other’s emotions, including the capability to differentiate the feelings between self and others. It also refers to the usability to guide thinking and behavior through processing the emotional information to empower understanding.

So, the power of emotional intelligence depends upon the factors are:

  • Ability to understand self and others’ emotions.
  • Capability to differentiate the emotions between self and others.
  • Ability to reason the self-emotion to connect with other’s emotions.
  • Capability to guide the emotion of people’s minds and behavior.
  • Ability to manage the emotion

Emotional intelligence works out 67% of the emotional content marketing as a major key contributor to business success.

Intelligence Quotient (IQ): IQ is a human intelligence score, which is determined from the assessment of several test results. It shows a person’s ability or disability of intellectual or technical performance. Whereas EI is headed through emotional spirit, here IQ is quite rational, technical, and emotion-free.

An emotional Content Marketing strategy refers to play the approach for sales through an optimized model of EQ and IQ. It makes you inspired, smarter and sophisticated to conduct the marketing to the buyers that transform buyers’ decision with positive feelings over product and services decide an action to buy.

Personality: Personality is a state of the human being within a person which refers to individual differences in the characteristical pattern of thinking, perceiving, and conducting.

Emotional Marketing Strategy

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It is, obviously, a bit challenging, but possible to get a specific emotional content marketing model that generates more traffic, more engagement, and conversion. Emotions rule the maximum of our decisions and every customer moves their decision on the basis of various emotional habits, deeper needs, product quality, and power of salesmanship, etc.

The following issues, facts, and factories are the major influential ways emotional content marketing runs and roles for better conversion rates in online sales:

1. Build Your Self-Awareness

Self-awareness means the ability to recognize your own emotion over a particular job. Your own-self is an ideal customer as well, and there is a live need to buy our bread and comfort. On an ideal customer’s stand, read your own heart and listen to the points that drive your decisions.

Then, you could uncover your new and clear stand which represents millions of customers’ minds. Your perfect recognition of your emotion that drives the customer service is urgent to operate the right content for the audience.

2. Build a Strong Self-Management

Let your emotion over content marketing go under the right self-awareness. Your to-the-point right recognition over your own emotion that works for your audience must be defined with trustworthiness, conscientiousness, and adaptability for regular maintenance and management.

So, basic and holistic management of self-control could drive a rich emotional intelligence for motivational initiatives regularly.

3. Recognize Social Awareness 

Emotional content marketing heart and soul seeks to drive content that goes viral. The social awareness part of the emotional intelligence model could help you understand the strategies for how you could run your emotional content marketing for better conversion rates.

It helps to perceive every member of the team who operates the campaigns.

The right empathy is built upon the issues of the ability to understand each other in the team, whether operations are being set up goal-oriented, whether each member is quite aware of the organizational goal, vision, and values according to the right demand around the social environment.

4. Build Your Skillful Social Management

Your social skill for leadership is directly connected with emotional intelligence that indicates how much you could contribute to your social achievement.

A socially skilled and disciplined leadership could easily keep up sound communication and profound resolution in every step of difficulty.

A skilled leader is used to keep the team members inspired, motivated, and enlightened. Like this, you should teach the members with patience, live examples, and supports regarding team spirit, goal, mission, vision, and values for better relationship marketing.

On the aspect of the emotional intelligence (EI) model above your emotional marketing strategy could get a really amazing outcome following the ways below:

 5. Train Your Brain for Better Creativity

Hear out your voice from your own heart and train your brain to develop the self-recognition of yourself and others. There are two ways so far I recommend you might follow for your EQ development:  (a) The Emotions Game & (b) Meditation. (c) Inspiring Music and Song

         Meditation: There are two chambers in our brain. One is IQ major or rational part, and another is EQ dominant or emotional part (Shown in the infographics). A higher Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a comprehensive balance between emotional and rational parts of the brain. How do we develop a rich balance between rational and emotional parts?

By dint of Richard Davison, a brilliant neuroscientist of the University of Wisconsin, Daniel Goleman concluded a surprise:  Science reveals that the brain generates 10 thousand neuro-cells every day and each cell creates the same number of connections to other brain cells over the sequential four months. And the cells can move anywhere they need to reach.

The right form of meditation could empower mindfulness training to build large numbers of connectivity among the cells that boost the brain’s emotional productivity.

          Inspiring Music and Songs: It is today a proven fact that playing musical instruments and singing or hearing out some selective mind-blowing songs could help you developing brainwork that generates quality content. This method is a sort of meditation in a broad sense.

Experiences, such as musical efforts form brain plasticity that engages the brain in creating great things through emotion.

          The Emotions Game: The emotion game is a way that directs you to pick out (one from thrice) the best effective emotional appeal that of the result the highest quality. You’ll have to select at least three emotional issues that you think need a test to select the best one.

You just have to meditate your mind on the issues one by one taking a specific time of three minutes each. Through this intuitive way, not only self-development, but you could also find out the best emotionally effective topic or a good way from the alternative problem solutions.

6. Create Your Brand

A brand means trust for you or your product. Whether it is personal or company, branding is a continuous process to find its sustainable existence.

To build a brand, emotional content marketing, especially the emotional intelligence model could help you. Your attractive product name, slogan, logo, color, emotional words, images, epic story, and overall comprehensive presentation could help you grow your fabulous branding.

In this way, your own expertise with the art of emotion, optimized connectivity with others’ emotions, and social media marketing with skilled management obviously would shift the brand’s worth on the new horizon.  A personalized approach (like email, newsletter, etc.) would work better to build better branding.

A good brand is a cool desire in a hot summer for consumers. It is might your gentle goal to build it which could provide your audience trust in your product or service. For example, ‘Coca-Cola’, a world apex brand. It takes place in the mind of the highest number of people around the globe.

It is extremely an emotional being rather than a technical fact. Because ironically  Coca-Cola doesn’t deserve any worthy role in the well-being of human health.

7. User Interface and Experience (UI & UX)

To run an effective emotional marketing strategy successfully, rich UI and UX are the preconditions to get a profound role from your site for audience trust and reliance. Because, your site is your citizenship appearance, your brand, and your body-mind-soul.

So, make it full of welcoming using rich UI and UX. 

According to your niche industry, a professional-looking design with appropriate options of a user-friendly interface and a pretty sweet user experience must lift your emotional content marketing campaign to another height.

8. Master Your Words for EM

Create content that embraces your epic story. Fasten your content with emotional intelligence so that it gets an appeal to the audience for more engagement, share, and conversion.

Let your content get the heartiest words rather than intellectual or brain-born words, and make your content conversion worthy. Example: image.Emotional marketing

 9. Master Your Color for EM

 Color has its own profound power in content for melting the audience’s mind that directs them to go forward in viral sharing. The color is a prime factor in content marketing or branding which could stand out, your appearance within the millions.

It has its own promising psychology (science and science) to teach the audience really outstanding regarding your product or service if you could pick out the right colors within your content.

A perfect matching color works like an epic story that sends a magic message to the target buyers could easily fascinate them to be engaged in a call to action (CTA)  that generates higher conversion rates.

Here are some brief characters of the major colors you might get a hint for your action that influences your target audience:Emotional marketing strategy with color

Red:  A primary color that is most stimulating emotional power. It has the longest web length that grabs our attention first. Red connects us focusing energy, warmth, strength, power, desire, love, and so on.

Yellow:  A primary color that focuses on brightness, logic, sunshine, energy, self-esteem, confidence, warmth, happiness, and joy.

Blue: A primary favorite color that connects people with its creative smoothness and calming environment. It grows an appeal of freedom, peace, intelligence, efficiency, duty, creativity, and so on.

Green: Green is a secondary color that comes out of blue and yellow. It is a color of youth, life balance, and a sense of the environment as well. It shows safety, restfulness, fertility and progress, and so on.

Orange: Orange is a secondary color generated from red and yellow. It naturally creates an emotional appeal for joy, change, courage, confidence, success, and so on.

Purple: Purple or violet is the color, women, or young girls’ style and fashion. It also shows an emotion of art, beauty, drama, pride royalty, dignity, dream, and so on.

So, let your content goes with the appropriate craft of your emotion that could able to meet the audience’s hearts and souls.

10. Viral Marketing

To get lucky viral marketing (person-to-person re-sharing), emotional appeal is a vital issue and main fuel as well. It’s a bit challenging to get a top functional viral point that works full scale to make content viral.

An emotion game could help to select the best emotion that could rocket the re-share appeal in the audience. In this regard, let you plan a visual image, a neat and clean message that attracts the audience easily.

And add an emotional fascination, content must be mind-blowing to the audience and make sure the campaign is simple, and

In this regard, let you plan a visual image, a neat and clean message that attracts the audience easily. And,  spice up with emotional ingredients, content must be mind-blowing to the audience. But make sure the campaign is simple, and so on.

11. Emotional Quote-Marketing

Audiences love dreaming with their project(s) stay inspired. Motivational quote marketing is a powerful emotional approach in social media to generate branding and personal authority.

It gets very light efforts to pay time for a campaign that keeps the audience in hot touch reminding them their duties are in s great way. They are emotionally enthusiastic and psychologically desired to your relevant quotes that carry the actionable worth of their dream.

They are emotionally enthusiastic and psychologically desired to your relevant quotes that carry the actionable worth of their dream.

Here are some examples you might get inference regarding emotional scalability and measurability for your further guideline:Emotional Marketing with Quote

Nehru Spirit:  Jawaharlal Nehru, first prime minister of India, said “Play the game in the spirit of the game”, which delivers motivation that how much emotion you should craft and fasten in a specific action so that it brings the significant result.

Jay’s Inspiration: Likewise, you might find strong emotional inspiration from the quotes of Jay Baer. In the quote in the image below, Jay indicated your persistence to win the game regarding customer centrism and usefulness. 

Beth’s Emotion:  The precious and precise quote by Beth Comstock, clearly shows the power points (relevance, context, and connection) that are as usual being targeted by our emotional mind in all cases whether buyers are middlemen or an end-user.

You might get this emotional way of marketing that inspires your audience. In this regard, relevancy is important to add value to your branding sensation.  So, let your quote-marketing delivers messages through influencers’ quote that is emotional, dream-driven and relevant to inspire prospects.

12. Necessity Marketing

Follow the buyer’s deeper need and make sure the spectrum of their real demand over the product and service would be the main focal point of your emotional content marketing.

In this process, you should have to assess the wants of the audience, then make the content marketing emotional that provides powerful information to the prospective customer so that they become needy with their desire of curiosity gap in the product to belonging the product through the buy.

 13. Behavioral Marketing

It is a sort of special character marketing as well. In this way of approach, you need to assess the characters of prospective buyers following special behaviors like fear, empathy, sympathy, happiness, and other human emotions. Then there is a need to read the buyers’ minds more intensively before them reading and engaging your content.

 14. Seasonal and Occasional Emotion

The special ceremonies of the four seasons are the diversified event that each one might provide you drive sales if you could mindset to operate using emotional spirit. To keep up their birth dates, seasonal party datelines, and other dozens of main ceremonies to reach out the personalized offers using email, newsletters, and special discount outlets.

15. Re-Target Marketing

It is a cookie-based technique to bring back the bounced audiences in the conversion funnel. It is a psychological method to master the emotional mind of visitors to take action to buy. The text in the ads needs to be mastered with the spirit of a sense of belonging.

But subject to considering the annoying issue, so that prospects find the scope of action within the right interval. So, the best practice of retargeting might limit 12-15 ads per month for each user. It is an effective strategy of online marketing that boosts brand awareness.


In every step of any online marketing, you might take a deep craft of using these optimized spirits of emotional marketing strategy for conversion success. The job might be not easy to make sure that the highest conversion rate could be performed overnight at the primary stage.

It’s a pretty challenge, but it is sure you could enable you to reach on the highway of conversion road as soon as possible if you could generate art of emotional intelligence continually perceiving and using the strategies in each effective campaign.

Never forget that emotional marketing has a core conversion power and a bright future as well!

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