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If you are beginner in blogging, desired to make money blogging, or already on the journey, this is the place for you. Let you familiar with the core curricular of blogging actions before you launching or promoting your potential blog!

The mavens are often saying, perhaps you've heard out from the industry, over 90 percent bloggers are surviving with a poor inflow of revenue.

This is bitterly true. But why? Here in this "why" is a big source of billion dollar business for the mavens as well. This "why" used to happen due to lack of adequate blogging knowledge or power blogging as well as poor aligning of the right things in right order. And many more.

That is why, before launching your money blog for your successful blogging journey, all you need to make sure that you are enough prepared with the blogging basics and total curricular of blogging. Which shows you the paths to skillify you ASAP for standing out as an special you.

In this purpose, I'd like to recommend you to take a time for educating you with the below reads:

Start A Blog: A Special Read-sheet For Starters & Money Bloggers

The most essential FAQ & read of a blogging model that includes:

01. Why You Should Start A Blog

Read: Top 30 Reasons Why You Should Run a Blog

02. How To Start A Blog

Read: How to Start A Blog That Makes Money: A Step By Step Guide

03. Who'll Read Your Blog

Read: 21 Key Techniques How to Target Your Web Traffic
Read: How to Do Target Marketing that Increases Sales

04. How To Choose Blog Topic

Read: The Key Techniques How to Select A Blog Topic

05. How To Write A Blog Post

Read: How to Write a Quick Blog Post Drives Better Traffic
Read: The Key Techniques How to Write A Best Affiliate Article

06. How To Use SEO in Blog Post

Read: 18 Steps How to Generate Useful SEO-Friendly Content
Read: 25 On-site Technical SEO tips for Search Engine Ranking

07. What Are The Tools Generate Leads

Read: The 17 Free Lead Generation Tools Your Business Needs

08. How To Use Direct Marketing for Blog

Read: Top 12 Key Techniques How to Perform Effective Email Marketing

09. How To Fix Affiliate Marketing Challenges

Read: Top 35 Hurdles of The Affiliate Marketing Challenges for Starters

10. Who Are Maven in The Blogging Industry

Read: Top 30 Affiliate Marketing Blogs Every Starter Should Learn

11. How To Spiritize Your Blog Content

Read: How to Craft Emotional Marketing That Boosts Conversion

12. Where Are The Places to Learn High ROI

Read: Top 10 Places to Learn How to Increase ROI in Small Business

13. How To Inspire You On Blogging Journey

Read: Top 20 Famous Rules Inspire How to Win Your Business

14. Which Tools Are Impact Player in Blogging

Read: How to Start a Blog Using Blogging Resources & Tools

15. How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Read: The Definitive Techniques How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog
Read: 25 Steps How To Create Blog Posts Go Viral (Infographics)
Upcoming: 100+ Ways How To Increase Blog Traffic for Business Growth

16. How To Automate Your Blog

Upcoming: How To Make Your Blog Money Machine Automating Marketing

17. How To Be A Successful Blogger 

Read: How To Become A Successful Blogger: 16 Best Practice Habits


18. How To Conduct Internal Linking That Ranks

Read: How to Improve Keyword Rankings with Internal Linking
Read: The Most Common Internal Link Building Mistakes

Thanks that you're here, keen to be a power blogger! So, take your time on the journey to become a successful personal or business-blogger. And ask me any question on the blogging issues you might feel to get solution. Subscribe here for the newest posts into your mailbox. Stay in touch!

Think MKT be your success partner!

See you back here!

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