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Privacy Policy

MKT Privacy Policy

The blog ‘Marketing Key Techniques (MKT)’ recognizes an extreme importance to carry out a transparent privacy policy for you respectfully.  We do receive and collect personal information within our blog site and non-personal information through system files during your visit. MKT Privacy Policy is  dedicated to make a protection of your valued information what you provide willingly using contact form or other forms that are working systematically like millions of other sites. Your information is used for administrative purpose; follow up purpose to provide you product or services and statistical means. But the information is never being used for selling out any circumstances to third parties.

Policy on Log File Recording:

System files collect information to log them and conduct purposive duties for the visitors like hundreds of other sites. The data in the record files include your IP (Internet Protocol) address, your ISP (Internet Service Provider), the browser ( such as Google Chrome or Firefox), visit time,  number of clicks, track your movement around the site, your visited pages of our site and gather demographic information that never linked with data that is linked personal identification.

Policy on Cookies and Web Beacons:

Although we haven’t yet entered in to the advertisement programs, will be declared when happen it, MKT Privacy Policy would like to be clarified the issue in advance for future effect. As a need of keeping up your personal preferences during your visit as well as third party advertisement, we are to use cookies to store information. In terms of usage advertisement on the blog, some of the advertisers may use their own technology like cookies and web beacons so that they could receive your personal information, such as your ISP, IP, browser etc. Example, Google for Adsense program use of the DART cookie that enables it to serve the advertisements to visitors based on their conduct to due blog.  So, these information they use for geo-targeting purpose to make sure the visitor what type of preference he bear to display the advertisement accordingly. To find more detailed idea that how Internet sites use cookies, visit

It is remarkable that content network privacy policy should be at the following Google’s Policy & Terms when visitors might opt out of the use of the DARK cookie by visiting and clicking on the Google advertisement.

Eventually, let it your kind note that we will bring the changes in Privacy Policy time to time as per technology changes. Until we launch out the third party advertisement, the following brief points are being stood out in the MKT Privacy Policy:

(1)  What information does MKT collect : Personal Information

(2)  How will be used Personal Information:  Admin, Follow up and Service

(3)  When will be met visitors enquiry: ASAP

(4)  How long will be kept personal information: Up to the fulfillment of your requirement

(5)  Are there any scope to share personal Information or third party link  website: No

(6)  Are there any chance to change in the Privacy Policy: Yes

Further more clarification,  Contact Us.