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About MKT blog


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About Marketing Key Techniques (MKT)

Welcome to MarketingKeyTech.com – an Internet Marketing blog for online small business owners, bloggers, and marketers. It helps you to transform your blogging thought into business, and business skill into sales.


In spite of thousands of Internet Marketing blogs around the web, I got influenced to write this blog making the help distinguished to the bloggers and SME businesses. The reasons are located in an amazing atmosphere around three Q&A:

Q&A 1: How many sites just now on the web? Over 1.8 billion. [Source]

Q&A 2: How many sites increase daily? More than 0.1 million, 50 Thousand WordPress alone.

In fact, out of them altogether 200 million sites are active. Most of the sites are on their mission to make revenue passively or actively. They invest their valuable time, money and efforts on the sites. Most of the blogs are representing or playing a role in B2C, B2B, C2C, or P2P business arena.

The sites release mindful content is as a vehicle of their specific value, product or services that happens significant outreach, solves specific problems, and earns pennies instead.

Here is the matter. In that context, let me say you the third question:

Q&A 3: What is the biggest challenge to making money in the new sites? Achieving sufficient quality traffic.

Heh! Quick reply.

If your concern matches with this pain point, then this blog is for you. Thus millions of new blogs making room to guide them. They realize their helpless obstacles while they appear in real practice.

You might know, lack of significant sales many sites are being compelled to close their journey forever. In that context, You might realize at least how much traffic you need – how much prospects into your sales funnel can result expected CR and ROI.

That is why, MKT is on a content journey, dedicated to the newpreneurs, wantrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, SME owners, B2B professionals, B2C marketers, infopreneurs, solopreneurs, work-at-home-moms, affiliates, web students, spare time users, and various marketers.

The Strategic Methods on MKT

Most probably you earnestly feel the pain to find the definitive traffic flood-doors to your money site. On your discovery, MKT is with you works with a long set of Internet marketing key techniques. They are all about how to drive the prospects to your business from various corners around the web. The techniques are:

[table id=20 /]

MKT would like to suggest you the best practice marketing considering each of the whole set of marketing methods within your business strategies that achieves your goal. It would emphasize on various rules ( such as 80/20 rules), tactics, and practices that strengthen your application of marketing strategies for accelerating your revenue achievement.

How MKT can Help You in Traffic War

Your competitors are always ahead of you. Or chasing you on their moment of best striving. MKT aims to show you dozens of easy paths how to achieve your better track on the race than competitors. It will help you how to secure Internet marketing objectives and goals creating significant traffic and prospect.

Quality lead generation and conversion rate optimization could help you to enlarge your customer circles. All you need to always take a look at MKT that shows the hybrid ways to create your own ability for better revenue generation. But it never believes in showing you a big figure earning fallacy that doesn’t empower your inner ability.

You could find the reads on MKT how to open traffic flood-door to your blog site. A quick sketch might help you to brainstorm the MKT efforts:

(1) Search Traffic:
Using 20% efforts on adequate SEO, how can achieve more than 80% of your total traffic.

(2) SMM Traffic:
Through SMO strategies, help how can be meet your 2nd biggest volume of traffic.

(3) Direct Traffic:
Using loyal Email marketing, how can boost the big volume of conversion.

(4) Facebook/Twitter/Google PPC ads:
Using techniques how to drive targeted traffic that enriches SEO value as well.

(5) Forum Traffic:
Approaching strategies on how to drive traffic through your powerful presence on relevant threads.

(6) Quora Traffic:
How the powerful answers to relevant questions drive traffic to your site.

(7) Guest Posting Traffic:
How a best practice strategic method drives traffic from popular blogs.

(8) Lead Magnet Traffic:
How magnetic eBooks can reward you targeted leads for email marketing.

(9) Startup’s Traffic:
Using growth marketing, how content drives traffic on startups.

(10) Syndicated Traffic:
For example, how Feedly, AllTop, Bloglovin or Blogkeen can leverage you.

(11) SlideShare Traffic:
Sharing Slideshows on SlideShare how drives long-term traffic.

(12) Blog comment Traffic:
Still, the method works for traffic and search development, but how.

(13) Video Traffic:
Releasing attractive YouTube/Facebook video clips, how can double your traffic.

(14) Affiliate Traffic:
Using content through the above efforts, how to boost ROI that results in Revenue.

(15) B2B Traffic:
Biggest potential industry, but very few newbies know. MKT will help the b2b minds.

And many more.

Who is Behind the Mission

Swapan CS

I’m Swapan behind the brain of this blog, elaborately Swapan Chandra Sutradhar (aka Swapan CS in my B2B profession). I started learning Search Marketing in 2011 as a hobby. Since then, yet I’m on SEO including many other Internet marketing strategic methods getting direct leverage for my profession.

Academically, I’m an agro-business marketing grad from a technical university. I’m a GetResponse certified Email Marketing Expert as well, valid up to 2020.

I started this blog MKT in 2013 on the principle of teaching, learning and growing together. Now it’s my big part of the business, intended to boost with all sort of Content Marketing idea that generates more prospects and sales. “Small Business from Home” is my keen intention to promote among the spare time users.

If you find a value on MKT that works, that’s my great pleasure. I’ll continue my help that makes your blogging and small business journey easy, and actionable to meet your goal. Then, All you need to stay in touch subscribing to the blog.

You might use the contact form for sending me a detailed message re any offer, feedback, consultation or cooperation. And, feel free to ask me any business question in the Quora.

Thank you so much for taking your valued time with patience!

Kindest regards,

Marketing Key Techniques