15 Facebook Business Page Marketing Strategies that Boost Traffic
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Facebook business page marketing strategies

15 Facebook Business Page Marketing Strategies that Boost Traffic   

Are you bored with a poor level of traffic from the Facebook business fan page to your blog for long?  Are you ready to use the full ability of business fan page using Facebook business page marketing strategies that drive enough traffic to your blog?

If yes, then let you be known that Facebook offers the biggest platform for an amazing business manager including enough number of tools that are quite free of cost.

Although Advert is a Facebook PPC advertising platform, it is affordable enough in terms of its amazing power to provide you better ROI.

In fact, FB business fan page deserves a professional approach on the basis of relationship marketing, emotional marketing, and viral marketing around your niche. How you could accumulate your targeted fans and make them your ultimate buyer is not a plain job, you’ll need to be a bit of mastermind in each of your operations strategically.

As your primary aim of business fan page operation runs for generating maximum quality traffic to your site, then, obviously as much as possible you’ll have to bring perfection upon some dedicated key Facebook business page marketing strategies in operation.

Below the 15 ways, including Facebook business page tips for increasing fans,  just follow and take action accordingly, you’ll find the clear change in your as usual math for traffic amazingly.

Facebook Business Page Marketing Strategies

(1) Create a 10x quality business fan page (so far)

A Facebook business page is more powerful than a personal fan page. Make sure in your plan that you are going to make a Facebook business fan page, not a personal fan page. The Facebook business page is a much more secure Business Pro Area and advantaged with business manager whereas you find the opportunity to operate your tools or ways following some state of the art Facebook business page marketing strategies for your goal achievement.

On the contrary, the personal fan page is just for the sharing of your personal stuff, not the business. Remember that each website is a business center which deserves a Facebook business page, not any personal fan page.

Pick out a group type

Right type is a right way of small business order.

So, select an appropriate type of your fan page during creation. Then, optimize the Facebook business page in right order developing the essential issues for a business-friendly center which will smoothly help to deliver you enough traffic in the sales funnel you need. In order to secure the appropriate optimizations follow the ways below:

(i) Image Profile: During your page setup you’ll need to add a profile image. You should choose an image that attracts the audience providing message you deal. Your image should be synonymous with your product and services. You might use your blog/company logo or major product your offer.

(ii) Image Cover: Assemble an eye-catching professional image cover that focuses your product and services. It is a great display at a glance to the audience regarding the story you tell on the blog or website.

(iii) About Page Info: About page is fully slotted into 20 parts of info-shelf to display your page info regarding the business name, category, topic, company overview, long & short description, mission, blog or business site URL inclusion and various contact info. It is a very important info-page in terms of getting an advantage of Facebook Graph and Google Index.

So, this part of the page deserves your optimization using core keywords you use in the practice of content on your blog. So, let it be furnished with your magnificent information that your audience loves.

(iv) Fan Page Settings: There are 17 slots in the General section is a very essential you’ll need to check and edit each one according to your targeted form of action. In terms of getting a better result, you might fix the other sections as well, such as Preferred Page audience, Instant Articles, so on.

Setting up Preferred Page Audience could help you define your targeted audience according to their age, gender, and demography, so on. Instant Articles Publishing (details in separate subhead) will enable you to get maximum readers from the mobile users’ community.

Facebook business manager settings

Let it goes in right order.

(v) CTA Button: Set up this main switch according to your requirement of the action. You might take an appropriate one out of 11 CTA Button options, such as book now, call now, contact us, send a message, use an app, play game, shop now, signing up, watch a video, send an email and learn more.

This button, what you select, will be your core tunnel to drive your traffic to the destination. If you would like to drive the traffic to your specific landing page, then you might add the due URL in the slot for fixing the target button “Contact Us” or “Shop Now” button. But never miss a fix the right button for your targeted achievement.

This button, what you select, will be your core tunnel to drive your traffic to the destination. If you would like to drive the traffic to your specific landing page, then you might add the due URL in the slot for fixing the target button “Contact Us” or “Shop Now” button. But never miss a fix the right button for your targeted achievement.

Facebook business page CTA

A very important part of the efforts.

(2) Generate traffic increasing a wider range of fan circle

A wider fan circle means a solid traffic gathering around your niche on the business page. It is a continuous process to increase your fans volume using various techniques via personal profile as well. Fan circle is your potential customer community that who will comment, like and share your posts. To enable a larger outreach of your content or product, a larger fans community is ever required and essential.

How to increase solid fans?

You might determine your primary target to set up a Facebook business page for 10,000 plus fans. Because you’ll have to generate a branding sensation within popularity, trust and available fans that will finally really visit your website to meet your business goal. Then, follow the below 12 Facebook business page tips to get your primary wider base of quality fans:

(i) Keep up a business page link to the personal profile

Your personal profile is a first area where you should keep up your fan page link. While your friends visit your personal profile there is a chance they will visit your fan page as well. To keep inserted your fan page link, go to “Update Info” and save inserting your Facebook fan page in the “company” slot. In addition, keep up that who could see this info is public.

Facebook business page link

It is located in the company slot.

(ii) Invite your existing friends from your personal profile

It is a core activity to increase your friend list first, and then invite them from personal profile to take part in the fan page. You could invite the new friends in real time who has been added to the personal profile already. To invite, go to your blue button “Promote” in the upper right corner of the fan page and below “settings”. Click on the blue button. You could find appears “Invite Your Friends”.

Then click on the right side plus icon. You could find a list of friends who are already invited and who are not yet. You could invite the new friends. Alternatively, use “invite friends” option-clicking on the three-dot which is located adjacent right side of the ‘share’ button. If you find that the invited friends are not accepting your invitation to be a fan, then you might send them a personal message. Use the below slot given in the image below:

Inviting friends

Invite from personal Facebook friend profile to your FB business fan page.

(iii)  Increase friend list using handy approach

Yes, handy approach. In this approach, you’ll have to find out the potential friends from the friend list of groups, pages, events whereas you are already enlisted. Then, you just send them friend request regularly. Thus, you could enrich your friend list first, later they would become a fan through your invitation from the “promote” part of the fan page ultimately. You might take a habitual action to send 15 friend request maximum daily from the highly targeted groups.

FB business fan page marketing

Invitation technique to increase fans to the business fan page.

Besides, you could find out the targeted friends using a search tool. You suppose you need to have friends who are interested in “weight loss” products or services.  Then, search the friends using this search term. You’ll then find the page below since using the ‘all search’ option at the end of the drop-down. From this niche-wise search result page, you could see the “Top” result first. Get a look at the image below. You might add friends from the “People”, “Groups” and latest “Events” for your targeted potential friends or fans.

Facebook business page marketing strategies

Pick out targeted friends from events.

(iv) Promote your business page to the groups 

In this way, you will have to copy the fan page URL first, then paste the URL into the wall of own group and relevant groups around the Facebook. After pasting, you could find your fan page has ultimately displayed below the pasted URL. Just delete the hazy URL keeping up the displayed post. Before posting, write some fascinating text relevant to the issue you promote. If you have an own community group, you might keep it up on the top always pinning the post.

Facebook business page promotion

(v)  Campaign your business page in timeline

The timeline is the mainstream content flow of your all friends included in the Facebook. It is obvious you should conduct a weekly campaign on your fan page promotion. So, let it run regularly in your timeline sharing with all other social media. Suppose, you’re going to change your personal cover image, then you have a chance to insert your fan page link to promote. In each campaign, never forget to tag a post to the friends who have enough friends in the profile.

(vi)  Promote Facebook URL including with email signature

You might aware regarding the power of email marketing. Every 1 dollar investment in email campaign you could earn 38$ in return. So, you might take the chance of email power to achieve more likes. Including your Facebook page URL in the signature part of each email text or HTML template, you could increase fans to the Facebook page.

(vii) Tagging and mentioning influencers 

It is a big chance to reach out your share in the audience by ten times more if you use the influencers in tagging and mentioning. Keep up a special note of each influencer or celeb friend who has a bigger volume of followers and a tag their fan page so that you could find a presence of your fan page shared with their fan page wall. Thus, get the chance to mention (#) their name who has a public profile. It could leverage you gather enough likes to your fan page.

(viii)  Use sharing tools

It is a passive way; you have a chance to increase fans sharing the Fan page through Buffer. The Buffer can leverage your promotion if you insert the fan page link in the generated short link slot with scheduling various dates in the system.

Sometimes, you might generate wonderful images using Canva and then post the image to your Facebook, Twitter and other social media inserting fan page link with short text regarding the attempt. In fact, these are the great ways to promote your fan page if you could do every piece of attempt with significant content that grabs audience attention.

iPage Hosting

(ix)  Set up a Facebook ‘like box’

Like box is a sign or display box, bridges your blog with the fans of your Facebook fan page. You have a better chance to increase likes approaching this way that where is your social presence your support to the customers. In order to make present a fascinating like box, you might have to use a plugin from Jetpack for Wordpress platform. If your site is non-Wordpress, you could take the Page Plugin code from Facebook Developers docs.

(x) Use third-party tools

There are many third-party tools available around the webs, you might search for. But I suggest you might use “FB Target Audience Finder’ and Facebook ID Scraper tools to boost your targeted friends or fans volume. Using “Email Extractor” tools, you could gather enough emails that are being used for Facebook. Creating Excel CSV file of such email list, you could upload the file in the “Find Friends” system for sending invitation easily. Using this way, you could boost your friends as well as fans.

Furthermore, though I wouldn’t feel enough ethical, I suggest only if you as a blogger are being suffered from scanty of fans, you might use AddMeFast web tools for your big push on boosting fans volume at least up to one or two hundred. It is a bit of bitterly true that the audience who see your like volume is poor; they used to underestimate your blogging efforts and hesitate to click on the ‘like’ button.

Although this type of fans is not targeted enough, you could get advantages from this volume of fans to attract to the targeted audience to like the fan page at least thinking that it has a value-based of trustworthy among the audience.

Facebook business page likes

AddMeFast Dot Com

(xi) Go to giveaway to boost likes

Gets a chance to boost your fans running a Giveaway offering anyone of your products or eBook free in the contest! Kingsumo or Rafflecopter could leverage you to build a Giveaway within short steps easily. Then you’ll have to promote the giveaway in the social Medias and directories such as Facebook Groups, own fan page, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Google Plus Communities and Web2.0 sites. This is a “give and take” formula within a content, helps you increase likes or fans in your Facebook business fan page.

(xii) Embed Facebook fan page in the blog post

Yes, it is a magnificent way to promote your fan page and gather more likes. You’ll have to click on the right corner arrow to find out the embed option. Click on the embed option and get the code. Where you’ll have to use this code?

Go to your original post on your blog and edit the post inserting this embed code in the bottom space. Then, publish. You could see the Fan page post is being appeared at the end of your blog post. The audience who comes to visit this post through search engines or other ways, they would like the post after finishing their read, if the post goes like worthy.

Embed post FB business promotion

Embed post to gather more likes on the business fan page.

Get a look at the image above, and find the way to pick the embedding code from your Facebook Business Fan Page timeline post. Hope these 12 Facebook business page tips could help you build a better primary fan base for your next success.

(3) Post interesting content regularly

Facebook business page marketing strategies refer to generate an interesting post and publish regularly in the hot time.

You might define your update post as your customer awareness regarding your product and service. Keep posting useful and new content on your fan page timeline. Get your fans engaged in the stuff. For your every new content generation, conduct adequate topic research around the web. Especially use the hot tools, such as (1) Google Search Engine specifying latest timeframe Tools, (2) Google Trend, (3) Alltop, (4) Buzzsumo and so on.

After selecting a powerful topic using the above tools, you could mine your latest data from the webs for generating so far 10x content. It is obvious to mention that you’ll have to limit your blog content length at least 1500 words is best to achieve more like, share and comment upon.

(4) Increase engagement in the content

You’ll have to generate an ultimate engagement among the fans sharing the content regularly so that they might be inspired to visit your website and then become an ultimate customer. In this purpose, follow some rules are:

(i) Share the outstanding content they look for.

(ii) Provide regular posts that are updated on your website.

(iii) Share your own post only what you generated on your site.

(iv) Generate blog posts that are business page friendly.

(5) Share interesting image, slides, and videos

In order to achieve more likes and shares, you’ll need to create content from the Youtube, Slideshare, and Canva as well. These tools or platforms are powerful to attract the fans to share and like the content. You might generate a short video that is not more than 3 minutes could grab the audience attention to engaging in the stuff.

(6) Use the other social media to promote the content

It is one of the major as usual Facebook business page marketing strategies to spread the business address around the web.  If your content you generate for the Facebook Business Page is image, slides, and video, then you’ll need to share them on the popular Pinterest and Instagram as well. You could have another great social media ‘Twitter’ to spread content widely for more engagement and traffic.

You could insert the business page link to gather more likes in the profile part of other major social media or Q&A sites, such as Twitter, G plus, and Quora. There is a good chance to promote the link to your fan page including in the content pulsing on Linkedin. These sorts of efforts could enable you to get traffic to your site.

(7) Use message tools and get a badge

Facebook Business Page has a separate messaging system, whereas your fans could communicate you regarding any issues related to your stuff on the page. It is obvious to remember that if you might 100 percent responsive and real-time to reply your fans or customers, then you have a chance to gain a Facebook Business page prestigious messaging badge. Let it get in your page and become a good focus of your efforts. Because it will increase your business trust awareness which could easily enable your fans to be an ultimate customer as well.

Facebook messenger marketing

The best way to building a relationship for better business growth.

(8) Follow up your business page insight daily

Insights are a clear index, easy math and activities mirror of your business activities to the page you could find for evaluation. It enables you to know the results of your action on the basis of today, yesterday, last 7 days and last 28 days of timeframe. It shows actions on a page, page likes, page views outreach, videos, so on and including most recent posts at the bottom. The insight could help you what will your next action and where you should emphasis on the issues to increase your Facebook Business fans or customers.

(9) Post a review of a product or apps

Using Facebook publishing Tools, you could create a post on your product you offer to the fans or customers generating rich content with image and information. In this way, you have a bright chance to create a post including your referring or relevant link from your website for driving them to the target funnel and make them an ultimate customer.

(10) Instant Article marketing

Instant Articles marketing

A new way to gather mobile users.

Instant Article Publishing is a new opportunity in Facebook business page marketing strategies. It is a method publishing content promptly,  introduced by Facebook and already opened for all publishers to deliver content to the mobile (smartphone) users. It has a profound scope to reach out the created content to the huge number of smartphone users who could find easy access to the stuff. This type of scope could boost your Facebook business marketing outcome (especially targeted traffic) from the additional huge readers as well.

Facebook Instant Article Marketing

Ways to approach Instant Article publishing.

Who can sign up this program? Anyone who has a business page can sign up this program. How to learn the ways of your instant article publishing? You might dive into this path to learn in details for boosting your traffic taking this new advantage. You could use instant publishing using Instant Article API or an RSS Feed. There are available third-party tools, such as CMS plug-in, analytics services and publishing tools already integrated with this program.

(11) Create a public event

There is another wonderful way, Facebook leverages your business, you might use the Event Tools to promote Business page your likes and share the product you offer providing free learning how to use them. Perhaps it could be an online webinar or a meet-up outside of the web regarding training program. This type of event produces a good result if you could arrange an effective trainer at a cheap rate or free relevant to your offer you conduct over a business page.

(12) Using Facebook Advert

Facebook offers this powerful way to outreach your content or products to the targeted users around the Facebook universe. To meet your business goal, FB encourages every business page users. It is easy to set up and drive for achieving likes and prospects comparatively faster and earliest time.

Facebook Advert Marketing

The best way to boost likes.

I’d like to suggest, if you determine to gain enough fans faster, you might start a trial campaign initially budgeting 10$ for your experience. It is easy to configure and shows you the ways to set the campaign in right order.  It is really amazing to boost your fans volume whether it 10K or up. It enables faster to drive the targeted traffic to your site for a rich ROI.

(13) Write a featured Note

‘Note’ is another powerful tool in FB business page, you have an additional scope to promote your product or content. Using this tool you rather write valuable content reviewing products or services furnishing significant information and source.

Facebook business page marketing Note

Note marketing leverages your business to get more exposure.

The audience looks for data that is useful and authentic. They’ve no time to waste, would like to conclude on their decision hurry up. A note could initially help to the fans to take their decision on the basis of ‘at a glance’ information.  It will leverage you to get the prepared traffic on your sales funnels.

(14) Create a group and use other relevant groups

FB group marketing is a powerful tool to increase your traffic. Create a group on the niche that includes your product as well. It may be your open group or closed group – whereas open group marketing could help you creating authority for your product brand.  And, the closed group helps the sharing positive experiences of your existing customers to other potential customers or prospects.

In a case of other group marketing, it is wise to build an effectively workable (no spam) list on the other groups relevant to your product. In any group activities, decide to post content in the hot time. Deliver useful and valued content and take the chance to discuss regularly for building a brand and level playing field for a further approach to your content success.

While there is no response or care to your issues, you might ask a question and count their every reply with a real-time reply. Uncover your innovative ideas to convince group audience using a free offer as well. Thus, try to establish own expertise in an interactive community and take the uncovering efforts to drive the audience towards your sales funnel.

(15) Schedule an action plan to maintain the business manager regularly

Think Facebook Business Page is as like as your website. Take a strong control over the management to operate the Business Page adequately so that each of the section, such as fan page messages, Notifications, Insights, fan page timeline publishing, settings including further help and others, could run in best order.

Facebook business page marketing schedule

An ideal Facebook business page marketing schedule you might follow accordingly.

It is an impactful way to maintain a publishing schedule according to your website you publish on the blog, is an important part of the Facebook business page marketing strategies.

In the schedule, you’ll have to specify what will be the daily time for this business center and how you will allocate your time among the components of Facebook marketing strongly relating to the business page which could cover the total action plan very efficiently.  Using an experienced action plan you could attract more fans daily and could drive them to the website for your ultimate sales.

You might love to learn this book for your FB Business Page Marketing available in Amazon:

Last words

If you are very beginner, proceed on understanding the best practices of above Facebook business page marketing strategies on the basis of your continuous “Learning, experiencing and nurturing”. It must enable you to generate a big traffic stream towards your website operating the set of key techniques habitually.

There are available successful business fan pages around the Facebook you might look at each of the outstanding design, marketing plan, business approach and everything of strategic marketing you need to apply on your business page.

If there is any significant strategy I missed in the write-up, you might share in the comments; I’ll sure appreciate you with a reply. And, if you find the post useful, I’d hope to see a share on your social wall.

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