How to Do Facebook Message Marketing that Boost Your Business
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Facebook message marketing

How to Do Facebook Message Marketing that Boost Your Business

Are you determined to succeed in business based on Facebook? Are you using Facebook message marketing in that regard? More than 1.55 billion monthly active users are interacting and engaging on Facebook. There are many studies online that most of the Facebook users are from younger age groups. And they seek trustworthy, quick and quality customer service from the seller using FB messenger.

Now the days, a Facebook messenger is a big deal for customer service. It is a proven way to find entrepreneurial success messaging between businesses and consumers. You can incredibly increase your business sales force and sales ship using Facebook message marketing. Facebook messenger chat app hits an apex milestone in the social marketing arena. FB messenger is now being used by 900 million monthly active users in April, jump from 800 million in January 2016.

In terms of customer satisfaction, brand awareness, and business interest, there is no scope to ignore the Facebook messenger app usage.

Facebook messenger marketing

 A magnificent future of message marketing is being awaited for the Facebook marketers!

What is Facebook Message marketing, indeed?
Facebook message marketing refers to conduct messaging using Facebook tools or platform for creating brand awareness, trust, and relationship with the audience or customers as well as keeping up the relations as a passive power to convert the audience as your ultimate user of the product.Creating new customers and servicing them are the core activities of a company or individual. Then the activities including continuous support to the customers using Facebook messenger can be defined as Facebook message marketing or messaging or messenger marketing.

Why is Facebook message marketing the best of all other ways in Facebook business?
Because it enables directly to reach out your product or service CTA to the targeted audience that compels prospects to ties back towards the sales funnel while offer goes in favor. While a well-crafted message pointing the unique benefits of the service goes to the targeted audience, then they used to become fascinated to respond to the call to action (CTA).

In this article, Facebook message marketing will be conducted using FB business page messenger as a central platform. And Facebook personal profile messenger as a vital affiliate to the central business page messenger. If your sales funnel is located on your blog or website, then personal profile messenger could approach message with CTA direct to there. If you do have a messenger app on your mobile yet, you might let it fix for the benefits. Because 80 percent of the users come from cell phone who engage in the deal.

Since FB business page is combined with personal FB profile, both the messenger could play the significant role how to boost a number of fans or prospects size in the FB Business center. And transform them into the ultimate customer ASAP as much as possible.

So, the vital 4 phases’ stands to boost your business using Facebook message marketing are:

  • Phase 1:  Building a strong base of prospects
  • Phase 2:  Building trust and relationship
  • Phase 3: Maintaining real-time customer relationship
  • Phase 4: Approaching sales under the level of relationship you play


Facebook business page marketing strategies importantly evolve with Facebook messenger marketing. It is better to build a conversational relationship in the Facebook business page messenger rather than personal profile’s messenger. Be noted that Facebook only enables you to chat with the audience who already started the chat on the business page messenger. Therefore, there is no way to get any new prospect that s/he didn’t yet message you using ‘message’ button on the business page.

So, ultimately your target stands to increase participant in the Facebook business page messenger. Although you have an alternative option to use the personal profile messenger also for driving the prospect to the sales funnel.

Here all the Facebook message marketing ways have been pitched on the basis of both – personal and business messenger. But the aim is one to boost your business driving them in the sales funnel.

How to increase business page messenger participant?

There are two ways:
(1) Via personal profile friend list:
As only business page fans are enabled to participate in the messenger conversation, try to secure at least 10 thousand targeted fans in the business page. Increase personal profile friends; then invite them using “invite friends” option from the drop-down menu or “promote” button on the business page. After inviting all friends, you might find that most of them are not responding at all. Don’t worry; it is common phenomenon and matter of patience. Start approaching message to the invited friends reminding them the invitation showing reasons why s/he needs to be involved with your business page.

(2) A Direct approach like your Business page:
Invite targeted strangers approaching direct message including business page link as a CTA.                                 

How to Conduct Facebook Message Marketing

To boost your business that acquires significant revenue using Facebook message marketing is a bit of pretty challenge you might have to campaign with pleasure. It is not only messengers’ job to accumulate a primary base of ten thousand targeted audiences approaching message. You might follow email contact, direct adding, FB content marketing as well.

As Facebook refer only related strangers to bring them in the friend circle and you only able to gather a limited number of friends following your own way. In this circumstance, you have a huge ability to call an unlimited number of strangers on your business page using message approach.

Before starting your messaging campaign, let you make sure some precondition what you need to be followed in the approach:

How to make an appropriate relationship message before sending?                                        To succeed your mission through messaging, you’ll have to make sure the following points in the relationship message before you click on the send button:

1. Define your target audience who will be your ultimate buyer in future. 2. Make sure what you want to aware to the prospect about your product or services.3. Define your requirement for the targeted audience you want to hear out they say.4. Make sure of your goal what you finally want your prospect to do.5. Assure that your text language or content is simple, sophisticated and personal story-worthy.6. Make sure your content doesn’t offer spam.7. Assure that your message is practical, reliable; believable that includes evidence as well.8. Make sure that your content is your brand worth.9. Assure that your content focuses your organizational value, a status, and consistent service.10. Make sure that your every approach goes with emotional intelligence and respect to the audience.

Facebook messaging communicates with the prospects while focusing key points of your beneficial product and services. Then it ultimately ties back to your product in the sales funnel.

Phase 1:  Building a strong base of prospects

How could Facebook message marketing be approached adequate messaging? How to be generated enough quality prospects for building your future customers community? They all are through building a trust, maintaining a relationship, creating a loyal customers’ community and ending up with sales –  given below:

(1) Create new prospect for FB People 

Exploit your new targeted prospect from strangers using a key term (that refers your product or services you deal) in the Facebook search tool. Suppose, your product is apps or tools, or ‘training’ service. And, you are determined to be sold out your product to the target group “small business owners”. So, using search term “small business owners” as your targeted keywords, you’ll find first classified tab is “Top” posts. Then “Latest”, then “People” and so on.

facebook message request on messenger

Your typical chance to send Facebook message requests on messenger

Under these categorical tabs, you’ll have to find out the individuals from the activities they posted or appeared by posts, comments, and likes. Then, need to be sent the message as per availability of “message” option appears while you keep the mouse pointer on the name. In a case of “People”, you could see the message option shown in the image given above; and sample draft message with CTA is shown in the image given below. You might send Facebook message request on messenger using those paths.

FB messaging

Follow the way to approach FB messaging with CTA

(2) Create new prospect from FB Photos 

Facebook latest photo posts are one of the major sources to get prospect available. While I search using search keyword ‘small business owners’, the images appear under the tab is shown below in the screenshot. Following this way, while you’ll click on the number of like or comment volume showed in the arrow box, you could find the targeted strangers who are fond of image posts are a small business owner or future entrepreneurs as well. You might attempt to message them reviewing their every profile at a glance. And send a Facebook message request on messenger.

Facebook message marketing

Source of your loyal customer in the like and comment volume

(3) Create new prospect from Videos

Facebook video is becoming popular day by day. And becomes an important source to find the targeted prospect to approach Facebook message marketing as well. While you search the videos using ‘small business owners’ term, you could find the popular videos. You just will have to pick out the ones which are more popular according to demography zone and top relevancy of your deal. The image shown that the video has been picked out is regarding tax issue of national small business owners in Canada.

Most of the affiliates target Canada as their 2nd largest prospect area next to the USA. Then, this sort of selected video could provide you a valuable prospect, what you’ll need to do is pick out the top relevant targets clicking on the volume of share, like and comment marked in the screenshot image with the orange box.

Facebook message marketing

Facebook video stream contains your loyal customers you may be ignoring!

(4) Generate new prospect from Pages

Yes, your competitors’ pages, no matter, will appear while you search using the key term you look for the targeted audience. This is the same approach you’ll have to go through the “Likes” volume to each of your potential customers. It is a matter of big patience! But it works well. In the screenshot, blue boxes are your potential area to mine out the audience to approach message. You might send a message to each of the small business owners or individuals for Facebook message request on messenger. 

Facebook messenger marketing

Your competitors’ pages are the pure source of your prospects.

(5) Create new prospect using Group

The niche-specific groups are an available source of approaching message selecting the potential prospects. Before approaching Facebook Message Marketing, It is better to join the groups as well as making a friend to the strangers first before approaching PM to each target. But, no problem, you might send a message asking some desires whether they are interested in the issue.

Facebook message marketing from active groups.

Get your active prospects following up the group activities

Then you could clearly understand define the prospect before stuffing them in the friend list. Another way, you could follow the activities of individuals in the group and get a chance to fasten with your business page approaching message while you find the potential.

(6) Generate new prospect using Events

Facebook message marketing

Events are active source for facebook message marketing relationship

Events are more specific regarding deal they issue to be conducted for their (event organizer) particular arrangement. The participants, then, are divided into three parts – interested, went/going and invited. In this arrangement “went” (already passed event) or “going” (sure to be joined in the upcoming event) is more specific and a potential class of your future customers.

Facebook message marketing approach

The way you’ll have to choose the path to approach messaging

So, arrange to send message individually offering your magnificent text proposal for a future deal. Look at the image above whereas screenshot shows the events invite to the audience whether they interested in their event or not. If interested, then, you might pick out your option whether you are going or only interested according to your range of ability to take part.

In both case, upcoming or already passed, you have a high chance to get them as your potential customer. As like as shown in the 2nd image below, you might arrange a message accordingly.

Facebook message marketing

A sample text that you might take accordingly.

(7) Create prospect for your personal profile friends

Most of the friends in a personal profile are not your prospect at all. But, yes, I point out to your most of the personal profile friends. You have big chance to make about a significant part of them to be your potential customer as well. How? Approaching humble message introducing your business efforts could attract them. If your efforts really go through their interest. As your personal profile is the biggest affiliate of your Facebook business, then you should even accept or send friend request caring the target first.

So, you have always a chance to take a campaign regularly following a list of your friends. And message them for the next follow up to convert them into your business page for business page messenger discussion.

(8) Create prospect from your friends’ of friends

You should count the stranger also who are you friends of friends’ in the range of your contact using message. You see some of the friends in your personal profile might be your competitor as well. You then have a potentiality to get his profile friends your personal potential friends as well. Let them have your friend request or direct PM to make them your friends as well. Alternatively, you might compel them to be added to your FB business messenger as well.

(9) Keep enabled your business messenger code

In terms of getting prospect entry available in the business messenger, start sharing messenger codes and link for the prospects who are Facebook app users.  In the recent months, Facebook avails to the smartphone app users getting this opportunity to share messenger codes around the prospects for messaging one-to-one. While prospects could find the code, they will able to scan with their messenger app for attempting a message direct to your messenger regarding the business they feel interested.

So, secure your messenger code follow the steps that Kristi Hines showed in her article.  And spread out the code image in the target areas issuing note that they can easily get entry and start discussion messaging any time. 

(10) Create a Facebook like box on your website

You could find more messenger party in your message box while you create and keep up a Facebook fan page located on your site’s sidebar. While visitors come to the site using Google or Bing, they will able to connect your Facebook business page using like button, who will get a chance to engage in the message box following the message tab while they find the content relevant and useful.

To avail it, you might use a Jetpack plug-in that I use for my WP blog.  Or you could pick the page plugin code from Facebook Developers for your non-Wordpress site.

Phase 2: Building trust and relationship

(11) Brand Awareness

You can offer or introduce your product or services to the targeted prospects using private messaging (PM). As the message is private, friends or fans could find a huge freedom to ask you or respond to the offer to provide further more information. Then the prospect will visit your site while you provide a link (CTA) on the issue he seeks. Through this discussion, you could get the chance to create your brand awareness in the audience circle.

(12) Building Trust

Trust is the second prior issue in online marketing after awareness regarding a product or services. Trust will rush the audience towards the sales funnel. Using PM discussion in Facebook message marketing, you have the chance to generate profound trust among the prospect or old customer who will repeat his buy from your company or blog.

(13) Controlling Criticisms

It is not possible to control over any rumor if it happens regarding a product related to your niche in the Facebook, but you may be staying outside of the area. To control and protect your niche image, there is an intensive chance to invite the criticizers in the PM and clarify the false issues and rebuild the image removing any fallacy.

(14) Building relationship

The relationship is all in all for Facebook message marketing. You usually find that the job is not easy to draw a new friend or fan into the personal message box. In this regard, there is no better alternative than relationship building. In this purpose, you’ll have to take some actions regularly and habitually, so that you could increase more messenger party in the message box they really interact.

Private messaging helps to create a relationship with the potential parties. In this issue, you’ll have to select the party (friends or fan) list and will have to keep them in touch regularly. Relationship happens when you provide the information and support that works for the well-being of the prospects. This type of support could generate a sustainable customer as well.

Phase 3: Maintaining real-time customer service

(15) Real-time Response and customer service

Customers always love to get a real-time response or problem solution. A highly responsive (response within 15 minutes and a response rate of 90%) PM Service deserves an honor badge in Facebook Business Page; FB offers to build a quick response business practice.

If you could build a real-time response, you will achieve the badge, your fans could get enough expectation on your product because this badge will be publicly shown, and then your satisfactory response in the PM could able to drive enough traffic to the sales funnel as well.

(16) Offer EVENTs with higher knowledge sharing support

If the messaging using messenger is not enough to make sure the definite base of knowledge, requires practical meet-up. Then plan to provide knowledge share to the interesting prospects on the product. Or you might offer special training in an event on the basis of their strong response.

There are, maybe, remarkable buyers who wish to get specialized technical knowledge support on the product that requires teaching with the practical demonstration as well. Then, you might arrange a live event in your locality or online webinar. In the event page, you might have huge scope to promote your product or services using Facebook message marketing. 

Phase 4: Approaching sales under the level of strong relationship you play

(17) Direct outreach to enclosed customer on the business page

Using Direct PM you could bring the potential customers in a closer discussion from the mass located in a Facebook business funnel. Following the earlier phases, you’ll have to create dozens of loyal customers step by step following a few pre-scheduled prospect list. Facebook PM enables direct outreaching the offer to the loyal prospects that are targeted, updated and related to the business and live on the business page.

(18) Cook the prospects’ mind for action

Focus on the benefits and let it be shown compared with the competitive products or services others offer. Showing the discount and bonus offers as well as post-sale service guarantee could able to melt the minds of potential customers for the action on CTA.

If the product is digital, you might offer your expertise to the prospect of free training on the service related to this offer. These all are possible to offer, explain, clarify, and make engage by dint of adequate messaging.

(19)  Use emotional marketing approach to convince and compel

Today, on the day of higher competitive online offers, you’ll have to take a drive on the Emotional Marketing, which refers to manage buyers psychologically sharing compassion. While offer goes to the potential customers with clear math of benefits but didn’t yet you find any response from the prospect; the rest action it might be taken on to the efforts with emotional marketing.

Let the message text be created by reforming the thought on the basis of their personalized weak points that they seek to turn their buying decision. If your mastered words able to touch the audience’s desire on their strong necessity, then they will engage and take part in the conversion boosting.

The Facebook Messenger Rules Infographic by MobileMonkey:

FB Message Rules
Learn more from Complete Guide to Facebook Messenger Marketing Rules, Best Practices, Messenger Policy & How to Reduce Complaints [Infographic & 2020 Update]

At A Glance Facebook Message Marketing Points Again: 

Facebook message marketing infographics

Last words,

To build up an amazing relationship with the potential customers, continue conducting the regular activities of Facebook message marketing mentioned in the phases. Alternatively, I’d like to suggest, you could select a few definitive lists of the highly targeted prospects, who are the topmost potential customer. 

Then, start your conversation offering some useful help that the prospect looks relevant to your deal. Before starting each conversation, read the previous conversation carefully. So that you could provide discussion in the right order. Using the strategies you could uncover the party spirit of the requirement to move the prospect towards your sales funnel.

Is there any more alternative point on Facebook message marketing that deserves sales-worthiness for your business growth? You might share to enrich further.

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