Top 30 Reasons Why You Should Run a Blog for Huge Benefits
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Why you should run a blog

Top 30 Reasons Why You Should Run a Blog

Thinking whether you should run a blog or not! Take a look at the time now. Comparing any time in the past, blogging is a very popular engagement now for digital citizens worldwide. And its popularity has already stepped upon the fastest-growing industry passing behind its seedling period. If you already own a blog, great, let me request you to

share your additional points for the well-being of potential co-bloggers. If you don’t own it yet, it’s for you this write-up.

The majority of you may enjoy microblogging on Facebook, Twitter, or GooglePlus, but why not try blogging with WordPress, Blogger, or Tumblr (soon) to learn your actual potential for spreading your distinctive image around the globe?

Top 30 Reasons Why You Should Run a Blog

Why you should get into the ‘two hundred million plus’ bloggers’ club and why should not miss your harvest from this industry? Most perhaps the following 30 Reasons will provide you the replies why you should run a blog’ and help your decision to join the blogging mission:

(1)  It’s the best-recognized address for web citizenship

An address on a piece of land is limited within various boundaries, although it covers our citizenship habitual needs, well. But it’s an incomplete state of your life today in the digital era if you don’t take opportunities to harvest the global better benefits.

A blog is a glorious individual landmark on the web space for you that doesn’t get boundaries, plays as a multitude center of your address, and communicates about real-time of your deeds.

(2) It’s a glorious way to cultivate your thought Intensively

Everyone is a ‘live book’ of oneself, bears self-stories and surrounding happenings with tonnes of thought, ideas, and styles.

In this circumstance, a blog is a great way to cultivate thought, adorning ideas, and nurture the contents to be grown up as a glorious creation. 

(3) It enables connecting new people from social media and communities

There are available apps and plug-ins, that make a blog socially very connectable that grow easily scope to share engaging content among millions or thousands of people in the Social Media, Communities, and Bookmarking sites to connect new people.

(4) It’s easy to use, needless to know programming code for handling

It’s smart but very easy to use and needless to learn markup languages or programming codes. On-site operating contents are usually furnished with user-friendly easy indications that provide enough pleasure to a new blogger.

(5) It enables your best scope to learn and practice web development issues

Although a blog operating system is simple and easy, if you intend to learn and practice various site development issues like SEO, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and WordPress soon, then it’s a nicer practical field of learning as well as best center for conducting freelance job also. So, you should run a blog.

(6) It provides scope to engage people in interaction

It enables people,’ blogger to the reader’ or ‘reader to reader’, to interact with any blog topic legitimately in the commentary system that makes a pleasing conversational environment.

The visitors’ engagement adds extra value to your blog to grow importance in Search Engine as well as provide valuable direct feedback for future works.

(7) It’s free and available to everyone anywhere

No charge to pay for blogging, without domain and hosting charge of the due provider. If you go through Blogger or WordPress or Tumblr, then Domain and hosting charges are also free of cost to run a blog site.

Besides, anyone can easily access the blog from anywhere in the world as per available power and internet existence.

(8) It authenticates your job fitness

It’s a real, exposing outlet of your ability where you could explicitly adorn your issuable content for the target, potential employers.

How much you could standardize your blog with the relevant issues is a self-authentication of your skill that ultimately fascinates potential Bosses. So, It’s a better resume for job seekers.

(9) It addresses a center of your potential entrepreneurship

A blog is not only a blog to blow up your ‘blogger’ image; rather it could be a spectrum of your creative entrepreneurship. Once your idea, concept, and implementations could be turning a nice dime through the value creation of products and services, that could be a big venture.

(10) It drives your haphazard ideas in the right direction

We do think and talk a lot of messy and fussy words in our daily jobs, study, and walk of life. But all these noises and voices do not grow sense until they go in a crafting frame to be readable.

You could count on those precious thoughts from your haphazard lots in your note. And once upon a time if you could adorn all those relevant points in a write-up, then you could find them a blazing worth of sense in that aspiring read work. Then this process ultimately urges you to go to the blog.

(11) It figures out your future implementation

Future implementation follows a plan; since the plan matures upon accumulated predictable data. How could these data or contents be arranged along with a valued perspective that reflects the perfect measurement of your future dos?

Yes, you could say the way through a survey or research. But these ways follow old-time data, whereas a blog runs with real-time data that provides minimum errors. So, a blog contains more predictable refined data that provides you with an ultimate measurement of your future better implementation.

(12) It makes you confident and satisfied

Confidence comes out from outcome and success. A blog always runs on a particular plan aiming for a rich goal. A blog, once upon a height, starts to provide its expected result and continues successively.

A business blogger knows where he should check the risk and where to be accelerating the performing factors for his best achievement. So, a blog could reward business success as well as provide clear predictions of his business future are causes for his confidence and satisfaction.

(13) It properly uses your spare time

There are many ways to spend your free time; such as reading, resting, sleeping, gardening, relaxing, gaming, exercising, watching TV, surfing the net, cooking or hanging out so on.

But, why blogging should share your spare time? Because you wouldn’t like to miss those experiences from spare time events without sharing among millions, instead of dozens. So, the blog doesn’t snatch your free time, rather multiplies your utility of time for future benefits and spices up your pleasure of life.

(14) It provides proper stamina to be an entrepreneur

A blogger pays intensive attention to the target write-up of the topic to be crafted imagining a standard that ultimately fastens him to be grown up with endurance.

In the pleasure of that creation, a blogger becomes habituated to going with more innovative works that transform superior engagement.

(15) It improves your writing skill

Writing skill, like any sort of skill, comes after intensive practice. Practice making someone perfect is slightly more true for a blogger also. Because a blog plays a practical field to exercise the blogger’s ability.

It compels you to strive for perfection, and once you could discover your betterment by judging your blog history. Isn’t it a fueling element that you should run a blog immediately?

Why you should run a blog(16) It makes you a creative thinker and writer

Content writing is now a great industry. A blog contains content created by a blogger, who writes up paying his best creative ability is a continuous process.

This successive process once reaches the apex of their writing skill enables them to be creative writer. Then its credit goes to the blog. That’s why you should run a blog.

(17) It dignifies you as a ‘producer’ instead of a ‘consumer’

A producer or creator is a more dignified personality than a consumer. Consumers are billions in number, but a producer is a little bit uncommon in size and deserves a celebration of well done in society. So, it matters to you to determine a blog.

(18) It represents your thought and opinion

Every intelligent, like you, desires a suitable outlet to accomplish his good job. A blog, then restlessly (even when you sleep) reflects your thought, attitude, personality, social responsibility, care, remarks, commitment, and promising issues to the readers. There are no good alternatives like this.

(19) It works as a center of recommendation and comments

It’s a small academic of individual idea cultivation, whereas suggestions, recommendations, and remarks automatically come out for people’s well-being. Because a blog grows up and once soon becomes a heart part of a writer’s knowledge stream.

(20) It promotes your product and services

Blogs are now a major role player in internet marketing around the globe. These types of marketing such as Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing Search Marketing so on, are growing surrounding the blog industry.

That’s why Blog Marketing is a very potential term of this decade to be flourishing as a mega industry promoting products and services.

(21) It earns money for you

To earn from a blog is like a tree that depends upon what type of tree (niche) you plant and nurture for harvesting fruits.

But it is sure if your selection and nurturing go in the right direction for the right affiliate, then you must earn money successively from the billion-dollar market. Fortunately, this job is growing faster day by day by dint of available guiding blogs.

(22) It provides real pleasure by helping others

The real pleasure comes out from other someone who is like you looking for help and you met the need of his lack what you know best, but he also knows a lot about his niche or sector and likewise helps with others.

Thus, you could be found help a lot like these helpers available on the net. This is the happiest phenomenon in the internet universe that we all are ours and quite ready to help others mutually is a gift of internet nature. So, why we should not pick the pleasure of blogging being a member of the world’s largest cyber club?

(23) It makes you an expert in a specific sector

While a blog runs on a specific niche or sector, then you compel to study in the due sector continuously following various ways of your research in terms of the creation of engaging unique content, unique message, and unique style on the blog. This blog surely makes you a sector specialist and is a happy transformation in your life.

(24) It makes you unique and socially valuable

While its riches are at your height of honorable apex improving your writing skill, specializing in a sector, making money, and being an entrepreneur, then you must discover your unique personality in society. Then your social image will be extended up to the sky-high of the worldwide network also.

(25) It transforms your positive ability into a healthy life

A blog always grows with the organic way of its blogging nature, whereas negative or black hat stuff is not permitted by the internet phenomenon in terms of better achievement.

If everything on your blog goes in disciplined order, then that’s called right blogging. Because everyone comes to blogging to provide good something following the right blogging that rewards the blogger with high achievement.

Thus, our health or body organ also doesn’t permit negative issues for our well-being. So, blogging always goes with a healthy life, because blogging wins for a better life.

(26) It focuses on the past to build a better future

A blog keeps up content from the beginning with a date that reflects the conclusions for your plan easily.

Although it varies on blog nature, many blog stuff need to be spiced up according to the future requirement, then the past blog contents help to go ahead with growing better new content. So, a blog is a serious predictor for successive betterment.

(27) It makes you optimistic in your mindset

Since a blogging aim goes through optimization standards that never should be out of the blogging rule so that its visitors don’t bounce during their entry in your blog.

Practicing this optimization sense for a long, once automatically you become optimistic in your every job of organic life. So, blogging has never permitted extremism or suppression.  

(28) It rewards the pleasure of individual journalism

Blogging is also called a sort of journalism that is shared by bloggers with interested visitors. The contents of the blog are covered with various messages and information that go with the demand of current times and happenings.

A journalist acquires pleasure along with his diversified creative job, thus a blogger also could obtain the same pleasure when he works on the topics crafting through a unique style for his regular publications. So, you should run a blog.

(29) It functions in a way that drives you to know the technology today

Blogging is not like journalism only; it’s the best part of technology also. Blogging technology and blog marketing techniques are a product or byproduct of the internet and computer technology.

In terms of proper usage of updated apps and techs in the blog, naturally, you require to keep up a contact with the respective sectors that compels you to know the technology trend of the day. So, you could find the pleasure of achieving and living with the latest technology also.

(30) It favors deserving freedom of life

I do find many bloggers around the globe who once started a blog as ‘spare time blogger’, then ‘part-time blogger’ and eventually become ‘full-time bloggers’. You might find them in their ‘about’ pages or in the relevant stories on the blogs. It is a fascinating issue that is why they come up in full-time blogging!

The cause is ‘freedom of life”. It happens when their earning from blogs replaces their fastening job under their serious bosses. It happens, not only reason of earning issues but rather due to entrepreneurship ambition as well as freedom of life also.


Every student, professional, and work-at-home mom who has significant spare time should run a blog. It brings countless benefits through social-emotional learning (SEL) for living a healthy, wealthy, and happy life.

Are you yet on your confusion to determine whether you should start a blog or not? If not, you might learn your best-fit blogging course HERE. Or, you might share your precious opinion either.

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