45 Best Free Blogging Platforms to Start a Blog Now
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45 Best Free Blogging Platforms to Start a Blog Now

Are you not keen to start a blog or copywriting practice on one of the best free blogging platforms? Maybe yes, or maybe not - as a beginner!

But, your will-power maybe not yet got enough fueled to determine your building of communicative power around the web for your exciting new career opportunities that trending in the industry. Ok.

From our career, we all need fresh bread for safety living with good butter. You might think about this way that blogging can give you a better living too.

The blogging reasons are immensely getting stronger day by day. You might get understood your need by learning the top reasons why you should run a blog.

Whether you're an employee or unemployed, student or teacher, job seeker or trainer -like everyone on the web you also need to write content around your communicative interest.

More fact data might appear to you while you check through the freelance marketplaces online, like Fiverr, Freelancer, or Indeed.

The marketplaces reveal the evidence on trending demand being increased around the content work including copywriting profession.

 So, tons of reasons remain you should start writing online today. That's why here I'm going to show you the places with quick-features where you can start blogging for free. It might encourage you to break the initial ice for starting your writing habit online that really matters.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended. Read more about Affiliate disclosure here.

45 Best Free Blogging Platforms to Start a Blog 2021


Free blogging platform for beginners, students, and enthusiasts.

WordPress.com is one of the best free blogging platforms dominating in the web 2.0 universe. The main feature of this famous platform contains are: it has an all-in-one hosting CMS, optimized for proper growth, modern design for success, experts helping hand, significant stats, and most importantly mobile-ready hyper-secure platform.

But standard free WordPress.com account limitations are located in the 3GB of storage space, limited plugins, short theme options, limited design scope, branded domain, and ads.

 If you want to remove the limitations, all you need to upgrade your site with any of the 4 paid ways, at least the nearest "Personal" package, best for personal use at $4 per month.


Growing with $4/mo will allow you to get a free domain for the first year, ads-free, monetizable for affiliate marketing, payment collection, unlimited email support, and so on.

Cleverly, you have a chance to overcome this tiny personal charge as well, just using a referral offer to your F&F and blog audiences.

You could find this option in the left bar's tools section and under the 'earn' tab being mentioned with multiple ways of your earning opportunities including "Refer a friend, you’ll both earn credits".

Yes, whoever takes you refer she also could find the same affiliate money us$25 from each paying user.


Professionals love this free blogging platform for long-form content.

This platform is a readers and writers planet, famous not only for original article publishing but syndicated content as well. A loyal idea and knowledge promoting place by the thought leaders from the various area around the globe.

You have a chance to start streaming your blog content too which might comprise your amazing idea, free voice, world-standard style, and so on.

Very the best if you go Partner Program and create your space to tell your story from your blogging profile, grow your audience, keep conducting responses, keep update with emails, develop your content with stats, and keep making money.

Your published content better to polish as standard as possible as it bears from other creative publishers. It usually helps the marketers get traffic to their original funnels as well. But you have no scope to get a site from Medium rather than a single profile.

Yes, based on single-profile blogging is a style that has an amazing taste of copywriting experience with good income.

3. Quora (Space)


Free QA blogging platform to create content asset.

Quora is now the largest unique and one of the best free blogging platforms. It's lucrative for both, promoting blog content as well as making money from your created space. You may be familiar with the Q & A in Quora, but not about space blogging.

They will pay you for your quality content in the created space. You'll create a space for generating your relevant QA content based on your space topic. As much you grow your space's relationship around the top gear trending questions you'll create more money.

Quora Space

Out of this space-blogging, Quora profile will leverage you to grow your own QA content as an asset that rewards you a great traffic stream to your sales funnel. Here's that how you can drive Quora traffic to your money blog. So, you may get started to open a Quora account and build your content asset in the space-blog.


One of the best free blogging place for starters.

Weebly is a site builder and host which can give your blogging journey a professional look. It doesn't only allow you to blog, you have a chance to sell digital products as well. Also, you can design and showcase your professional portfolio.

It's a simple but smart drag-and-drop builder including a WYSIWYG editor that enables you to create a high-quality site.

Every element such as certain buttons, photo galleries, slideshows, multimedia elements, sidebars, media boxes, forms, ad spaces, social media icons, newsletter subscriptions, and so on, all are easy to use on your site.

In their free offer, you enjoy five custom pages in a Weebly subdomain, 500MB storage space, free SSL security, third party embed code, shopping cart, quick shop, inventory management, in-store-pickup, coupons, Square gift cards, SEO, lead capture, Instagram feed, community forum, and chat and email support.

Considerably, they offer the best than any other free plans for starting a blog for commercial purposes as well.


Most familiar best free oldest blogging platform.

Although recent years this platform gets thinner popularity due to available alternative free platforms around the web. But recently it gets developed in user interfaces with more quality templates.

As the oldest and one of the best blogging platforms, it's still worthy in terms of make-money blogging as well. Because it allows users to monetize the content with Adsense for running PPC ads by Google.

This platform can be used for your blogging rather than professional usage. Because it has competitively lower resources to get whole advantages in the competitive internet business. But it supports how to write SEO friendly article on the web.

Blogger allows you a domain with blogspote.com, though you have a chance to add a registered domain too. Starting your blog, you need to log in with your Google account and get started to create your first blog on the web.


A free mixt blogging multi sharing platform.

Tumblr is a community blogging platform that allows you to put down your short stories including photos, quotes, links, music, videos, chats, and so on.

It's a customizable social networking tool to spread the words people love. You can link and share entertainment stuff from other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and so on.

It looks like a semi-blogging platform, but it has the power to connect like-minded audiences in the community. Getting start is easy, simple to customize temples, no difficulties in operation.

You can start your blog, though it's not like WordPress. But you can use from your mobile for creating interesting content and can stream your thought around the community.

7. Wix


Best free professional look blogging platform.

Wix is a simple to build, easy to use, a fascinating platform for beginners. Its design and services go about similar to Weebly. The stars can create your usable platform using a drag-and-drop site builder.

Wix features

Its feature allows creating a stunning whether for personal blog or store building or portfolio generation. Over 500 themes and templates are categorically kept for your optional usage. They allow multilingual stores including Google Analytics to scale the performance of your site journey.

Wix in their free plan provides you free hosting with storage up to 500MB, bandwidth up to 500MB including available customer support.

While your worthy blogging grows up well, you could have a chance to upgrade the plan that helps you use your domain. But their upgrade plan is higher than Weebly since both of them offer about the same design changes.


The best free place for single page fast blog

Strikingly allows you to start a stunning blog with the free plan forever. Their plan allows unlimited free sites, 5 GB bandwidth per month, simple store, one product only per site. Its single page loads fast because it runs on high-performance cloud hosting.


 As a member of the best free blogging platforms, Strikingly is a secure site hosting as well as smart builder provider, Strikingly is reputed for online storefront service including blogging for content marketing.

That's why it has top-notch modern and eye-catching eCommerce site templates, content tools, about all sorts of systematic content leverage.

Strikingly is endorsed by Seth Godin, author of single dozen best seller books. If you have a plan to go far with your store-marketing blog, you grow your free plan or try the 25-day free plan for testing the range of quality whether you can start with zero budget to upgrowing.

Great numbers of pros, such as easy to create drag and drop editor, everything mobile-friendly, a smart option included with blog & eCommerce, and so on.

But cons are located in the single page that matters in competitive SEO usage. But can start with your portfolio design or if you have only a single product for impactful promotion.


Free blogging place with a scope of earning from unique writing.

HubPages is a talented writing network that offers you the free space to discover your content-asset with your original, useful, in-depth, and Medea-standard articles. It helps you to connect your work with numerous writers or vast enthusiast readers community in the HubPages.

Its platform network that loves you write regarding arts, autos, books, business, education, entertainment, a family that these areas include numerous sub-area of your matching topics or experience to tell the stories stunningly.

Here's that they explained their mission with your brilliant write-up could make money as well based on your single profile rather than owning a site either. But the major pros that you can start blogging easily and quickly without investing time in site design.

Also, you needn't pay time for SEO, it'll do automatically, and it has a ready community with a large number of readers who could get engaged in your story. So, you have a chance to build your authority as a writer here through a loyal earning process.


Best Free Edu-blogging platform for teachers and students.

Edublogs is an incredible communicative blogging tool designed for educators and students. It allows you to create a student-friendly personalized blog with necessary class management, student entry, and content management.

As one of the best free blogging platform, it allows you to have a chance design an amazing look in your blog changing theme, unique logo, significant backgrounds, and so on.

Also, you can publish posts or pages as much as you need. Their service runs based on WordPress which has various improved features created on their long mission since 2005 to help to the teaching with blogging to the learner's community.

The free offer includes 1 GB storage space, over 250 premium themes, all sorts of plugins, advanced features, and complete privacy options. Their mobile-friendly service also allows you to upload necessary files, photos, video clips, and podcasts in the free plan.

Importantly, this easy blogging platform provides ad-free and quite safe service for the students and teacher. Their support line is well-known for the quick response via email regarding any issues.

But the free plan doesn't allow your students' blogging and your content cant get indexed by search engines either.


Free blogging platform with unique CMS for the latest generations.

is a unique type of content management system platform called headless CMS. The main leverage grows through unification, structure, and integrity.

It allows designing your content hub first using hundreds of tools, then go used in the different channels as much as you need from the stored design box.

Since content is all in all between your business and digital world to connect your brand with potential customers saving time and effort. Then they feel to bring excellence with these new ways for blogs and apps as well.

Contentful free blog

The forever free plan COMMUNITY includes 2 million API calls, 50MB asset size, 5 users maximum, and so on. It's usually best for static site building such as hackathons, personal sites by individual developers, and philanthropic effort by a tiny team.

It's also one of the best free blogging platform which helps generate structured content that is simple, easy, and fast for smart users.

Even in the case of handling complex data structure, it makes simpler than traditional CMS. But some beginners might need time to overcome the first frigidity for reaching out at a comfort practice zone.


The free and easiest platform to blog with Evernote.

Blogging is too easy - it couldn't understand if you don't go with the Postach.io platform. The simplest effort you need to start Postach.io blogging within three steps only - creating a site, connecting notebook, and posting.

As one of the best free blogging place, it provides the easiest way for daily blogging that goes with the Evernote users to publish content regularly.

Over 225 million users start their daily thoughts writing on Evernote. Postach.io has been created for the Evernote users leveraging their content management in this loyal way of simplicity.

As a newbie potential free blogger, you also can start with the basic offer but free plan of Evernote.com to start magnifying your content stream with high satisfaction.

Also, you have a chance to start a beautiful blog site without linking to Evernote as well. But that Postach-blogging with Evernote has allowed you to count and manage every ideal thought as great content in your blog for making your life more worthy.


One of the best free blogging space but limited pages.

Sitelio.com is an intelligent site builder and allows up to 5 pages free in their forever free hosting plan. But the site is not ads-free in the Free plan.

As a member of the best free blogging platforms, it also allows you to start a blogging address using only three steps: choosing a theme, editing the site, and publish the site on the web.

If you upgrade your free plan with a unique domain, then your site could get indexed and ranked with all prime search engines.

Everything will happen with their powerful SEO tools. But their customer care and billing service reputation couldn't reach as high as a client expect either.


A free socio-professional space for growing personal brand for career.

LinkedIn is an apex Social Media for entrepreneurs and professionals to extend their personal, company or product brand equity.

Whether students, unemployed, or employees, all they need and seek to hack a better chance for jobs, career, or professional skill development. LinkedIn works as a professional hub for them including millions of B2B or B2C partners to fulfill their interest.

LinkedIn blog

Luckily, article writing potential in the LinkedIn platform can double your opportunity to hack a better job or career with your professional profile performance.

Because you have a chance to share and re-share the worthy article from your profile's timeline. Unfortunately, very few people take the free blogging or article writing chance on the LinkedIn Pulse platform.

If you're one of them still ignoring the LinkedIn article writing, immediately you could uncover the truth.

The free platform can lift your skill plus brand to share and connect with the expected future employers without fail. Get started and familiar with the LinkedIn Article, signup, and log in.

Then, let you find the WRITE ARTICLE the last tab in the row below the "Start a post" promotional space. Click or touch the "Write article" tab and find the clear slots for writing your article or blog post.

Notable that the 'Start a post' space shows you the way to promote your text, link, image, video, or any event news - it is not the space for article writing or blog post.


 Free easy and beautiful website but no choice on subdomain name.

Over 1M users around the world are using SITE123 to create their web presence beautifully.

Site123 deserves a great acceptance in the club of best free blogging platforms. It helps you generously build all kinds of sites, including professional look business sites, personal blogs, web stores, and so on. It provides leverage that enables you tons of possibilities to get success online!

Free blogging platform

 Site123 has a free plan for starting a blog with a subdomain that includes 250 MB storage space, 250 MB bandwidth, and free builder.

Altogether, it helps the users with SEO tools, a mobile-friendly eco-system, you have a chance to upgrade with a custom domain, creating an online store, and completely free hosting like other.

They have a responsive web design that appears on all devices fabulously. As a free user, you also have the chance to edit and use their ready-made styles and layout to publish a stunning website within half an hour.

Although the site's user interface is eye-catching, they don't allow you to have their source code. And, their free offer allows only a narrow space without providing user access area. Also, there's no scope to either create a full-phase eCommerce store.

16. Jimdo


Best free blogging with a professional look website.

Jimdo also offers a free plan for creating a blogging site. It has a long experience to provide an outstanding platform for various businesses including a starter's free blogging effort.

free blog

 In terms of best free blogging platforms, it contains all features to provide leverage for the free starters so that they can stand and get started from zero to apex.

They offer easy to create site builders avoiding any hassle to launch a site within a short time. Over 25 million websites in 189 countries have been built with Jimdo platform design since 2007.

Jimdo's free plan is great for simple and secure projects. But no own domain name included either. The free offer allows all basic features including 2GB bandwidth, 500MB storage space, and 5 pages maximum.

Although it enables to create professional look website, having ads with subdomain and limited storage space.

17. Penzu


 Free private journaling space best for beginners.

Penzu is a crystal clear notebook online like real paper. It's a fabulous space for private journaling for self-development. In your content, no entry by search engines helps to write secret things of your life.

If you're hesitating to start a blog in the Google-friendly open blog whether people wouldn't appreciate; or feeling you shouldn't let people learn your stuff now - you can choose Penzu space for putting down your thoughts and feelings.

Practicing private writing here, you might uncover your "new-self" as a great writer if you don't stop writing through trial and error. While you fall into stress, anxiety, or depression, you can keep touching your writing buttons for painting your pains or thought.

It might help you heal yourself, improve your mental health, grow your thought-quality, and develop your overall writing skill for great content.

Penzu is a perfectly safe online journal, highly secure because it has 256-bit AES encryption. It's a mobile-friendly journal, and writing-friendly fascinating design by default helps focus on writing only like a diary.

But the cloud-based Penzu does enhance its leverage by providing image upload and get shared the content to selected someone.

So, pick in mind that it's not a real professional blog either, but precious for beginners to practice copywriting and more.

18. Webs


One of the best top-notch companies offer for free.

Webs.com is another top-notch brand that offer's you life-time free space, though as usual sub-domain.

As one of the best free blogging platforms, they provide free website builder and host - which allows you to start a customized and good looking site so you can take advantage best in the future while you go through their pro offers.

Webs free blog

You have the scope to build your site following the simple drag and drop method which simply enables you to build a beautiful but free website within a short time.

Fortunately, their platform allows you to create a mobile-optimized SEO-friendly site so you can get rank with significant keywords in the blog-posts.

Also, you have the opportunity to connect your blog using their various tools with social networks for better audience engagement.


As usually one of the best free blogging platform for starters.

Ease of Use, the builder is quite flexible but a beginner could find it somewhat complicated.

Its property includes as a suitable platform for blog-news-catalog-store usage, multi language-friendly, search engine friendly, themes availability, enough free templates, responsive design, sortable design by industry, and CSS code editable.

Mozello allows 0.5 GB storage space available for free, mobile-friendly and marketing features are in the free offer. They allow 5 items for the online store in a free package that includes the only subdomain.

Although their free offer is also easy to use, limited features compared to competitors' offers. It has no drag-and-drop functionality in the system. There's no way to add an extra element with their pre-styled layouts.

20. Facebook


A most familiar high-populated space for microblogging starters.

Facebook is a giant area that includes a multi-branch of blogging and micro-blogging opportunities. You may be familiar with the prime spaces of Facebook blogging, such as:

(a) Personal profile Timeline (b) Business page or personal fan page (c) Group blogging (d) Event Blogging (e) Messenger and (f) Story.

Facebook Blog

Facebook Group and Business Page both are the most prominent area to start your microblogging daily based on relevant topics.

All sort of businesses today running their page on Facebook with private group practice. It may help to boost their business connecting their core website with the PPC campaigns as well.


One of the best free beginner-friendly blogging platform.

SimpleSite is one of the great editable platforms through mobile. It offers a BASIC plan for a basic site-building that is forever free for beginners. You have a chance to create 15 pages with limited design options including 5 store products online.

You might consider this one of the top five free platforms like Wix or Weebly. It leverages you to create a complete professional site that provides a top-quality user experience and user interface.

SimpleSite is rated 4.35 by TrustPilot and safety secure by SSL encryption. If you build a site on their free option, it's flexible scope to reach your desired level of site quality according to your future business perspective.

Their immediate pro plan which includes free domain on your own choice could help you remove subdomain including ads annoyance.

It also will extend to grow your site with everything unlimited, such as pages, design options, images, video minutes, and premium support.

22. Diigo


A powerful free learning and knowledge-sharing platform.

Diigo is not an as usual blogging platforms like WordPress or Blogger. But it has got prominent dignity over micro-blogging cum bookmark platform.

It plays a powerful role as a research or learning tool to annotate valuable web-pages and share significant knowledge among community members.

Diigo helps learners and researchers to manage resourceful contents, organize, annotate and share what they might gather using Google or other community users' libraries. It leverages quick capture, tagging, annotating, highlighting text, and so on.

Although the Diigo platform is adds-free, it isn't enough moble-friendly. Their free offer allows only 500 cloud bookmarks, a single hundred webpage, and pdf highlights.

The Diigo alternative completely free remarkable platforms are namely Google bookmarks, Akonter Bookmarks, Contentle, Papaly, Tagpacker. And alternative freemium platforms are Pocket, Raindrop, Pearltrees, and xMarks.

23. HUGO


The world’s fastest framework is written in Go for creating websites.

HUGO is a completely free and open-source platform and developed by hundreds of generous contributors who make it a great place. So, you can treat this as the youngest member of the best free blogging platforms.

It's the most popular open-free and source static site builder. It can provide high-speed site-building that empowers the site top flexibility for the users.

Perhaps, it has been born for creating the apex user experience and user interface for the users.


 Most importantly, Hugo is the world's fastest framework written in Go (aka Golang) that enables you to build modern static websites.

Hugo has built-in templates, short codes, multilingual and i18n support, and custom outputs. It has 300+ robust themes and an amazing showcase. You have a chance to install it within seconds, and can host it on any of your favorite servers or your CDN you love best.


A Free social blogging platform for community share.

LiveJournal is a semi-blogging platform for self-expression. You can start a blog prompt and trouble-free to share your various short-stories, idea, or social advice. It provides a subdomain platform that can include powerful tags but there are no SEO settings included either.

Its community is small but strong in communication among millions of them for different interests and hobbies. If you check through the community, you could find A2Z various sorts of stories including gossip stuff to political content as well.

You can start a poll and visitors can comment and share their response openly, but obviously, need to be a LiveJournal community member.

Although it has limited design or templates, you have a chance to start raw blogging here before going a best practice money blogging.

If you're already on the blogging track, you can enlarge your community circles including this one therewith your main-stream blogging stuff.

25. Yola


One of the best free mobile-ready blogging space for beginners.

Yola is another fascinating site builder and free hosting allows a free plan that includes two websites, two pages, two languages, 1 GB storage with Yola subdomain.
It's a relatively affordable price for the paid plan that provides access to the top-notch quality of e-commerce stores online.

Building a site using Yola is easy-to-use with the drag-and-drop process. You have the scope to manage your domains, emails, stores, photo galleries, videos, and everything in a single space adequately.

 It avails you to choose your professional look template from hundreds of alternatives according to your business it deserves.

Its design difficulties including SEO limitations in the free plan while users are very beginner with these points of tech capabilities.

26. Ucraft


Best free platform to create SEO-friendly multifunctional site.

Ucraft is one of the best free blogging platform that provides you simply smart responsive website with their wider free scope of intuitive site-building.

Using their sophisticated drag-and-drop builder you could easily able to birth a hyper fresh fast and free site in their secure hosting on Google cloud.

Free blog place

Their free plan to create a multi-page website allows you to insert your domain, SSL security, and unlimited bandwidth.

It allows up to the 15-page site with password protection option, all basic elements usage, all sort of visibility settings, Google analytics, and support round the clock. It's enough as best free leverage?

Whether you're a small business owner or serial entrepreneur, small blogger or famous artist - craft is fit for all sorts of industries.

Even if you have a grand prospect of your business, it has all in place to fit your business with their 80 plus pre-design templates, more than 100 layouts to generate a unique site, and over 70 popular payment and shipping methods for your eCommerce solution.

Saving time, Ucraft has over 2 million high-quality ready-to-use vector icons and more than 1 million royalty-free fascinating images to give your content look enough eye-catchy and affable.

27. Ucoz


A free blogging platform with limited options.

Ucoz has a plan for free blogging that allows users upto 400MB of storage space with FTA accessibility. It allows a maximum file size of 15 MB for FTP uploading, mobile version PDA, and connectable with a custom domain.

But their social media publishing is limitedly aligned with only 10 posts per day for blog and site news. A big credit it might deserve in terms of providing domain connectivity, though it needs little technical efforts either.

uCoz creates a design that is user-friendly, clear, and mobile optimized. But its cons made the users unhappy with limited store space, ads, and notification spamming in the free plan.


One of the great free ways to build a modern web presence.

Yes, Webflow provides one of the best free blogging platforms with modern drag-and-drop builder and hosting space forever free. But it allows up to two websites in their platform. It's a hassle-free reliable platform, powered by Amazon Web Services, and no maintenance drawbacks either.


 Webflow allows you tons of resources like learning university, educating blog, and diversified showcase for enabling you to build a thriving site.

Using Webflow site you could enable SEO in the content. It has amazing leverage by Amazon's Cloudfront CDN that accelerates site loading speed in milliseconds.
But its remarkable cons are located in the limited number of add-on features and a building site that requires little expertise as well.


A great stylish site builder to start your blog free!

Webnode is long experienced Switzerland-based service that provides excellent point and clicks site builder starting from free. It has over 40 million users around the world who built the site using their platform on their own.

Although you couldn't find their "Free Plan" openly declared in their pricing set, but it's popularly known they offer a free plan without using any card either. All you need to input your email with a password, and then get started to create a free site in minutes.


Their free hosting is safe, encrypted, and quite reliable.

Also, each of their free service for your website comprises professional customer support, unlimited pages, no ads eco-system, easy to use editor, wide range of professional look templates, integration of Google Analytics, eCommerce features, SEO-friendly environment, and so on.

Although their free plan is for the basic blog and gets missed some key features, any starter can create a stunning blog without technical experience.


Best free high-speed smart blogging platform with live chat.

Webstarts is a great platform in terms of speed, security, and available feature leverage. It allows a free plan for your great site that includes unlimited pages within 1 GB of cloud storage and a monthly bandwidth of 1 GB.

Free blog place

 Most importantly, it's CDN supported and based on Amazon Web Service. So, whatever you create whether the site, blog, or store for free, it gets amazing speed and security.

It allows you live-chat with your audience as well as a notification center for your blogging leverage.

While your site deserves more sound delivery from the platform, it has everything in the features to keep your website continue thriving. You've tons of reasons to be satisfied with their device friendliness.

Because their easy-to-create drag-and-drop powerful builder enables you created a site mobile ready. And, surely responsive great looking on desktop as well.

Providing your highly convenient site that gets a clean and smooth intuitive interface, they do everything with their simple-to-create site creation tools and materials.

Blogging place

Rated on Capterra, a reliable third party review platform.

It includes every leverage you need in your every next level, such as content import and export tools, available high quality landing pages and web forms. 

Also allows, online booking tools, web store builder, ready to provide you available professional look templates, SEO management tools plus eco-system, survey builder and so on.

In the meantime, they've built and hosted over 3.8m Websites around the world.


A distraction-free best free-writing platform for new writers.

Write.as is an ultimately focus-generating writing platform for the new bloggers. It's a simple writing atmosphere that gives you an amazing feeling to push your deepest thoughts to write more and more.

This easy-and-clean platform enables you to publish your worthy content quickly. Their powerful API helps you create a headless CMS, get auto-saved, and generate precious content on their creative eco-system.

If you're looking for a free and focused area that allows you to write anonymously or using several pen names, most perhaps this is the best place for you.

Because, it goes very suitable for a range of users such as students, writers, newbie-bloggers, remote team members, developers, and enthusiast content creators.

Write.as a free plan allows basic editor, a single blog with their domain label, unlimited posts, limit-less traffic, monetization support, RSS feed, and so on. It doesn't provide ads on your content-space, though it allows you a subdomain.

32. Nouw


One of the best future-proof freemium blogging platform.

Nouw.com is open source and another fascinating best free niche-blogging platform free of cost. You have a chance to insert your domain with your SSL in the free blogging.

This has pros plans categorically, such as fashion, design, photography, parenting, fitness, health, personal sports, and so on.

It's operated by a Sweden-based company Nouw Media AB, a reliable blog portal where various community users can start their blogs. You needn't pay for using their platform that provides quality drag-and-drop builders.

Nouw blog's main features include best-of-the-classes design tools, collage creation tools, apps for Android and iPhone, old-blog-import tools, and visitor statistics.


A great free web hosting with Control Panel.

Hosting comes first when you seek a reliable nest to start a new blog. 000Webhost provides that dedicated atmosphere provides more numerous benefits.

It includes 300 MB disk space and 3GB bandwidth for a single site with a free Control Panel. Also, it allows your ads, free domain hosting, and WordPress hosting as well.

free blogging host

000webhost.com is proudly powered by Hostinger.com, a USA-based famous hosting provider nested websites over 21 million users worldwide. It offers very cost-worthy great offers in other forms of hosting plans.  

Their generous leverage link WordPress helps the newbie netizens get fundamental human rights to acquire technical knowledge.

Then, 000webhost is far better than any other place where you can start a small business, a personal blog, or your portfolio site.

Not only it completely free web hosting, but also allows all the tools you need for making your website presence successful.


Quality nomads' destination for unlimited bandwidth and storage.

Squarespace.com offers world-class beautiful and blogging platform with professional business site. Its not freemium though, but free for a custom domain, SSL security, and bonafide SEO features in terms of better visibility in the web.

 But all of these free amazing leverages are under a cost-worthy package price by Squarespace.

Squarespace blog

 I couldn't stop informing this though premium, because of considering the ROI performance of a platform that can meet your apex business goal.

Although it's not a freemium, huge convenience you might get convinced while you wanna grow your business blog with top-class quality content marketing presentation in the highest competitive arena.
That's why, in terms of your per-hour best return from your online business effort, you might get this address that goes thriving all time.

There's a free trial available, but after your trial period is ended, you'll have to pay a monthly fee of $8.95 as the lowest-paid plan.

Tired? Regret to take more time. But the rest of the major CMS and OLW best free blogging platforms might give you an extended option to host your dream site(s).

35. WordPress


Popular top of the tops open source CMS that Beginners love.

WordPress-Org is world's apex and one of the best free blogging platform in terms of quality CMS. It's open-source software and continuously evolving fair CMS written in PHP and coupled with a MySQL database.

 It comprises powerful features such as plugin architecture, template system, and so on - all are within the WordPress themes.

Using self-hosted WordPress-Org, you could able to create a beautiful blog, or website using their custom designs and template free. But you need a hosting server outside.

If you go with WordPress-Com, you might get the builder and host free. But WordPress-com wouldn't give you unlimited freedom of using designs and plugins as per your needs.

According to WordPress-Org, it shares 39% of worldwide all websites with great popularity among user types.

 It satisfies all shapes and sizes of business sites or blogs within its range of features, such as custom designs, SEO-friendliness, mobile-responsiveness, security, media management, and so on.

Also, it's the biggest pile of plugins (over 55 thousand) to meet your goal, and the largest community of users to get help in any issues. It inspires you might start a blog with this dominating CMS immediately.

36. Joomla


Best open source and free CMS for network sites and stores.

Joomla-org is considered to be the apex open-source CMS next to WordPress-Org in the market. It has a wider base of users around the world. It is very popular in eCommerce store builders and developers who love to build social network sites.

Using Joomla free platform, over 2 million websites are made for various businesses and blogs worldwide. It has more than 10 thousand extensions plus templates, and it making the builder more glorious by 1.5 thousand volunteers.

Although, Joomla isn't enough tech-savvy for beginners - need at least medium level tech-knowledge. But the gap with WordPress doesn't refer that Joomla gets enough less quality in any properties.

This UX-gap might be an initial obstacle that rushes you to come back later in its platform. And while you could a minimal code-skill, especially PHP, you have a chance to create a beautiful website for free.

37. Drupal


Great open source free CMS for high volume sites.

Drupal is proudly observing its 20th birthday claiming as the best DXP. It can make your digital presence brilliantly while you could able to use their performable CMS tools and API with their successful perspective of development track.

As a third largest CMS and  best free blogging platform, it provides everything you need to build a site with enough custom functionality and strong security. But, this platform doesn't deserve DIY users' entry, just like Joomla, needs code-ability to improve the site for real usage.

If you aim to be a professional developer, it has lots of curves to learn the things that can transform your DIY ability into an experienced Drupal user for a bright career. Because, based on increased security reasons, Drupal sites may deserve more market demand.

38. TYPO3


Excellent CMS for multi-lingual websites.

TYPO3 is also an open-source, free and non-profit CMS platform, founded in Switzerland in 2004. It doesn't apply any license fee - anyone can member and start a site following their guideline and tutorials.

It follows different discipline in back-end design that allows strict separation between design and content in terms of future design change advantage.

TYPO3 is a particular version for long term support. Easy usability in data integration, scalability, and a simple way to understand the content management system. Very best for multi-lingual websites.

But, TYPO3 is a little bit hard to install and not enough suitable as a blogging platform.


Free and easy to implement CMS for small sites.

Quick.Cms is operated by Opensolution.org and CMS Script is written in PHP. It's tiny, easy, and simple to start a beautiful site. In a quick sense, it's really fast, and sophisticated freeware.

It's very easy to set up and better for multilingual CMS. It stores data in flat files that take only a few minutes to finish the server-side configuration.

Using their CMS, more than 32 thousand websites are created - running on the web. As a free software within Quick.Cms package doesn't provide plugins, plugin manager, warranty, and so on. But their pro offers, by one-time payment, might give you all freedom of this CMS usage.


A versatile free and open-source CMS.

SilverStripe.Org is a thin familiar among the netizen as an all-rounder free and open-source CMS similar to WordPress.Org.

 It provides a framework that written in PHP that enables easily to create professional look beautiful websites including easy-to-maintain web applications.

SilverStripe as tons of functional features that include high-quality templates, an all-device friendly responsive design, a flexible web application interface, and a modified editing version of TinyMCE that leverages to conduct rich-text editing.

It also, includes fluid drag-and-drop navigation structure, the prompt embedding of video clips or Slideshare, management of work-flow, security configuration, and many more.

As it operates with a WYSIWYG website editor and having a range of supportive tools, so it provides the sites are awesome in professional-looks. But it lacks to get documentation and has a smaller range of modules than WordPress.


Claimed to be a powerful alternative to WordPress.

B2evolution.net is another member of best free blogging platforms and open-source self-hosted CMS that includes everything like WordPress.

That's why they claim it as a powerful alternative to WordPress.Org CMS which can integrate all sorts of features like blogs, community, forum, image galleries, email messaging, and so on.

Most importantly, if you filter about all reviewers, you could find that most of the users are satisfied with their achieved user experience and modern user interface.

Using their CMS, you needn't enough tech-knowledge to start and run a site successfully. They have an available support system that includes an adequate knowledge-base plus forum solution.

Although most of the users can create a complete site, it requires mid level technical knowledge to uncover the full functionality they deliver.


Developer-friendly free blogging platform.

Jekyll is simple, static, and quality blogware, but developers are beneficial from this platform rather than beginners. It allows advanced prototype users to transform their plain text into static quality sites for blogging.

You have a chance to build your free web pages hosting on GitHub, but its user interface (UI) is not comparative to the front-liner CMS platforms.

If you've minimal knowledge-base with HTML, CSS, Markdown, and Liquid template, then it's your place to start a blog promptly.

As a static-free site generator, Jekyll provides you all sorts of docs and precious resources to create a robust integrated website including themes, plugins, forms, editors, and so on.

If you are a complete beginner, I can't recommend you this platform. Because alternative best free platforms are available to find from this complete list.

Open Live Writer

The best free blogging editor to write your posts published.

OpenLivewriter.com is a blog editor or web writing platform. This powerful blogging tool enables you to generate blog posts inserting images plus videos for publishing on your blog site.

Using this platform, you can write blogposts offline, keep them draft, and can post them on your site whenever you feel convenient.

If your site is located in WordPress.com, TypePad, or Blogger, you have the best way to publish your predesigned post in the due platform without hassle.

Also, you have the scope to put tags, and categorize the post, even can customize the HTML code according to your need checking through the real-time preview.

While you become habituated with this free tool, you might find it much better than the block editors in WordPress.

44. Publii


A best static site creating CMS with GUI builder.

Publii is open source, and one of the best free blogging platforms of the new generations for site-building with GUI support.

It enables you to create your modern, smart, and beautiful web address for blogging or business.

No matter whether you are skilled or beginner, you can use Publii as a static site generator, and you'll find, as they claim, a safer website compares to other CMSs in the market.

Their modern site creation tool includes minimal JS with CSS3 and Semantic HTML5 that play together to provide you a smart design of your site for speed and good SEO as well.

Publii blog

The three alternative post-editors namely WYSIWYG, Block, and Markdown in the single platform provide you the best option to create content with freedom. It has numerous developing features that are required for a modern website to stay ahead.

Publii makes you keep your site updated with hyperactive support with single click synchronization associated with modern hosting options like GitHub Pages, Netlify, or GitLab.


Free for the users who love WP without Gutenberg.

ClassicPress.Net (CP), free and open-source, is the fork of WordPress.Org (WP) version 4.9.x and appeared on the web in 2018 just before the Gutenberg editor that integrated to the core.

Then, you might uncover CP as the WP but without Gutenberg editor.


Who had loved the WordPress which was a great CMS without Gutenberg Block Editor, and used to like have stable security including cool presence on the web, they used to join with this emerging CMS.

 It enables you to get started with the static, beautiful, and secure site.

Although, you have a chance to take CP-editorial taste using WP with TinyMCE editor plugin, CP emphasis on quality features including security first. Their tiny community with forum support is being grown larger and faster among the largest WP community users.

However, I don't recommend you a specific one, but if you have scope to create multi-project, you might try with their CMS, or you can take your talent eyes on both sources for future option.

Now, It's Your Turn to Choose One of The best Free Blogging Platforms

What is one of the best free blogging platforms you need to choose from dozens of the above options and get started a stunning blog immediately that all depends on some preferable aspects indeed.

Most of the platforms offer to start freemium and you have a chance to improve towards the highest edge of excellence in the future.

Some of the considerable aspects can be hinted you might optimize with your preference, such as future proof perspective, security proof feature, multipage high volume site desire, free affiliate sites expectation, stock of learning curves, and best DIY feature.

Also plays an important role with the status of low budget limitation, no-budget stuck, code-ability, curious passion to a specific form, a form of eCommerce store, and so on.

Here there is a profound scope to write for you sharing the idea of how to optimize your aspects for the highest ROI-site you can start following completely one of the best free blogging platforms. In the meantime, you might get in touch by subscribing here.

Last but not least

The best free blogging platforms are literally best doorsteps to start a beginners journey with worthy content to connect the world.  

As the new era of digital presence from anywhere has drastically been increased after COVID-19 appeared. And as many populations already got jobless in the nations. Then, these opportunity of blogging might give you new edge of hope for new businesses.

That's why acquiring multiple web experiences including writing skills become mainstream demand in the web market. Learning these skills using free blogging platforms can keep you ahead to start multiple businesses online.

Blog as an amazing web-tool is unavoidable in the business industries in terms of personal branding and product or service marketing from anywhere. Hence, personal branding using a blog becomes essential for starters as a learner for future jobs.

In terms of safety, security, and self-freedom, a passionate journey of blogging with one of the best free blogging platforms you can start help you grow a communicative skill in the web for a thriving profession.

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