31 Reasons You Should Start SEMrush Affiliate Marketing
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SEMrush Affiliate Program

31 Reasons You Should Start SEMrush Affiliate Marketing

Does the SEMrush affiliate program deserve your priority to choose for making money online rather than other relevant programs? This is perhaps a million-dollar question for you while you're on an affiliate marketing journey or intending to be started immediately.

If you're a newbie, it's important to know that affiliate marketing is a popular alternative of a 9-to-5 job today. It's an increasingly growing industry to reach $8.2 billion by 2022 in the USA. As a simple search term, "affiliate marketing" is used 1,650 times per day in the USA alone for learning the fact and opportunity.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a sort of performance-based online content marketing that promotes other companies (i,e. vendors' or advertisers') products or services to earn a commission on sales. The sales commission happens when someone buy following your affiliate link. 

Whether you have a blog or vlog (video channel), you have the chance to be an affiliate as a content publisher.  And following that way your earning process is to be called affiliate marketing.

What is SEMrush Affiliate Marketing?

While your affiliate marketing run's with the 'SEMrush affiliate program' that offered by their specialized partner platform BeRush is familiar to be called SEMrush affiliate marketing. Whereas SEMrush is a renowned digital marketing SaaS company that sells subscriptions for using their platform.

Remarkably, SEMrush is a platform for online search visibility management securing businesses get appreciable results from internet marketing. It has 6 million trusted users online around the globe.

Over 45 tools in the natural integration with Google including task management suites, SEMrush provides delicious solutions for SEO, PPC ads, content marketing, social media promotion, competitive market research, and so on.

Although numerous affiliate programs are available in the industry, in this article you could learn the specific reasons why the SEMrush affiliate program might be your best fit for making you a super affiliate as well.

31 Reasons Why You Should Start SEMrush Affiliate Marketing

The Reasons Around The SEMrush's Quality

1. SEMrush has Top Quality Products to Promote

SEMrush is the world's number one popular platform for digital marketing online. It doesn't keep a single space blank for any tools requirement that is absent in the platform for complete marketing.

It includes about four dozens of tools, suites and toolkits for SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing, social media marketing campaign, competitive market research, PR, regular brand monitoring, powerful data analyzing, revealing marketing insight, and appropriate campaign management.

All size and type of users or businesses have a strong requirement to own these tools in terms of beating their competitors. Every business needs SEMrush for sustaining their business in the highly competitive markets is a golden scope for your affiliate sales.

2. BeRush Pays 40% Life Time Recurring Commission

SemRush Affiliate marketing

BeRush offers a 40 percent recurring commission for the SEMrush affiliate marketing rewards. You'll be receiving commission till the user continue re-billing on the purchased subscription.

This sort of scope is a great opportunity for digital marketing bloggers to enhance affiliate earning from the top potential subscribers.

Correction: According to new rule, BeRush is now invite-only program for the new affiliates who you'd join later 1st October 2020 on ShareASale. And from each sale you'll earn $200.

 But if you're already an affiliate before 1st October, you can continue your log in through BeRush as usual. Visit for changed rules

SEMrush new Affiliate

New Interface of BeRush

3. SEMrush Has Tons Of Resources for You 

Your biggest challenge in affiliate marketing is acquiring enough visitors and conversion. While you become a SEMrush affiliate, all you need to build a pretty hub of your digital asset in your blog.

Since SEMrush has a wide range of  marketing content or resources, it'll be made you easy to build digital assets around your blog topics in the site.

The most probable content sources are:
(1) Education Hub - Located in the BeRush Platform. It enables you to meet all sorts of content needs.
(2) SEMrush Free Courses - located in the SEMrush Academy. It helps to enhance your SEMrush skills.
(3) Blog Post - In-depth analysis of SEO topics. It provides updated info and trending techniques.
(4) Vlog Post - Videos on SEMrush tools analysis, applications, and reviews.
(5) Tons of Reviews - around the web. Google and find huge resources on SEMrush.

4. No Other Top Competitors Offer Like BeRush

There is no single another topnotch digital marketing platform that offers 40% recurring commission or direct $200 commission per sale.

Because, Moz or Ahrefs, the top alternatives have no affiliate program for the publishers. Whereas quality is the core driving force of a toolkit itself then it can accumulate significant potential users for you around its demand.

5. SEMrush Has Reasonable Pricing Plan for All Businesses

SEMrush has Pro, Guru, and Business - 3 pricing plan affordable options that cover all sizes of businesses. Comparable plans are highly ROI-worthy and favorite in terms of providing competitive tools.

The plans can reward you while you get sales:

(1) Pro Plan (Monthly): Price at $99.95, and your commission $39.98
Pro Plan (Annual): Price at $999.40, and your commission $400.00

(2) Guru Plan (Monthly): Price at $199.95, and your commission $79.98
Guru Plan (Annual): Price at $1999.40, and your commission $800.00

(3) Business Plan (Monthly): Price at $399.95, and your commission $159.98
Business Plan (Annually): Price at $3999.40, and your commission $1600

6. BeRush Has Performance Incentives Program

Every month BeRush declares incentive campaign competition. It offers incentives to the existing affiliates for creating significant content or selling target plans that earn attractive money.
both monetary and non-monetary rewards

If you love writing digital marketing content in your blog, then you are the right one for taking the chances. It not only would able to earn exclusive and time-limited incentives, rather leverage both for better promotion of your content linking them for monetary and non-monetary benefits.

7. Easy Payment Method - Two Times Monthly

BeRush uses easy but smart payment method to their affiliates. They scheduled two payment dates via PayPal are on the 10th and 25th days of each month while your commission reaches $50 or above for the earlier month's earnings.

You have a chance to get commission by wire transfer as well, but the payout for a wire transfer is $1000 minimum.

8. Decade Long Exceptional Cookie Life

10 years of cookie life for all affiliate links perhaps the longest period ever you heard. The great worth appears while they also allowed the “Cookie Wins” attribution model.

That means when someone clicks on your affiliate link, but later purchase clicking on another SEMrush affiliate's link, you will get a commission yet based on their rule of first click attribution model.

Correction: In the new rule for the affiliates through ShareASale cookie life is 120 days and last click attribution. Learn more

9. You Have Chance To Promote Free Trial Offers

The free trial offers (starts with 7-day free trials) are a lucrative opportunity to secure your potential subscribers initially. Free trials are provided by SEMrush for everyone who’s started promoting SEMrush.

With the free account, you and your audience could use numerous tools, but your users will get limited in his ability to take the full data advantages. Whether it's a Pro or Guru, you could find the options of starting the tools for 7 days free trial.

10. Amazing Helping Hands to Affiliates 

SEMrush's affiliate partnership platform BeRush has amazing helping hands to every affiliate. After joining the program you'll get in touch by someone who might especially keep you in touch for any cooperation you need.

In need of support, you can ask any help following the email you find in touch or can contact directly here. SEMrush product subscribers must find world-class support from the professional team via phone call as well for any help they need.

11. SEMrush is Innovative and Futurist Tools 

SEMrush is an innovative and digital marketing futurist in the sense of its advanced features and regular updates. It goes with the real-time updates of Google algorithm and new data accumulation for the competitive future marketing today.

That's why you have a chance to make your confidence regarding the tools sustainability overs future usage by your potential customers.

12. The Promo Works To Sell in All Geo-locations

Promotional campaigns (with any content including banners, links, widgets, special offers) get worked with nine languages (EN, ES, FR, IT, GE, RU, JP, KP, PT) in all geo-locations around the world. It enhances chances to cover more traffic than any other conventional affiliate.

13. Your Super Affiliate Dream Can Come True 

Often you might have heard out the term - super affiliate. A super affiliate earns more than ten thousand dollars per day. Have you got a potential affiliate program that has a clear perspective to show you a workable way to be a Guru affiliate marketing? Perhaps, not yet.

Here's that SEMrush which has the potential to be like that, if you could emerge your ability step-by-step. At present SEMrush generates Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum Affiliates respectively who achieve 0-10, 11-25, 26-65, and 66-up sales. And it gives you a competitive perspective and day-by-day way of the environment in the brush to reach your goal.

You have a chance to be a high-level affiliate using SEMrush recurring commissions when your per day sales commission will be $3,000-10,000. Then, once you could uncover you to be a super affiliate or affiliate marketing Guru when you able to make over targeted $10,000/day. Is this impossible?

Not at all. All your achieving performance might be built by using an adequate knowledge-base of SEMrush tools, academy training courses, and creating a performance on outstanding content, content marketing with significant strategy. About everything you'll find to learn in the BeRush Education Hub as well while you signup for an affiliate.

14. BeRush Education Hub Shows You The Ways

Single hub, but tons of solid resourceful directions to you for marching through four specific doorsteps: SEMrush All-in-one, Content Marketing Toolkit, Competitive Research, and Affiliate Marketing.

SEMrush All-in-one 
Before approach marketing, product knowledge comes first to learn. Let you know about SEMrush it directs the easy way. Also allow you to keep your learning, stay up to date, and earning a certificate from SEMrush Academy proving your knowledge through the exam.

This fundamental base must help you fly in the earning sky. The sky's the limit. Here's that your beginning of the limit.

Content Marketing Toolkit 
It allows you to learn the content marketing toolkit to create significant content accordingly. It's the way you could able to generate influential content that sells this toolkit. All sorts of educational materials are gathered in this section such as free online courses, PDF resources, blog posts, case studies, and so on.

Competitive Research
This edu-section comprises educational materials of competitive research toolkit. So that you can learn it adequately and boost your toolkit subscription sales to potential customers.

It allows you to learn the rich resources generated by Webinar, blog post, and case study. Everything has been done for content marketing on the competitive market research, traffic analysis, and monitoring market trends so that they help you to prompt your subscription sales.

Affiliate marketing
It provides up-to-date tips, tricks, and strategies to improve your affiliate marketing efficiency so far. The specific resource types are blog posts and their partner's monetization recipes for your quick improvement in tools promotion.

Here's a full video BeRush shows you how to approach your SEMrush marketing: 

The Reasons Around Your Ability

15. You're Familiar With SEMrush 

BeRush's affiliate program is for you when you know the SEMrush's ins and out. Why is this toolset for a product, brand, or company promotion, how it works for promotion, and so on? Your SEMrush operability, knowledgebase, and passionately curious mind permit you to be a SEMrush Affiliate Marketer.

16. Operating A Digital Marketing Blog 

When you're a webmaster or you have a digital marketing site like my one, you deserve to be an affiliate for SEMrush promotion. Their promotional materials must go with your site's eco-system that your audience to get your site worthy enough.

17. Mastering Social Media Ads 

If your passion or profession is social media ads mastering and operating, you have a chance to be an affiliate as well. But SEMrush authority needs to check out the quality of your ads while you go through PPC ads for you.

But you have a chance to convince your client using SEMrush for their PPC ads application and social media posturing with powerful analytics.

18. You Have A Digital Review Site

Digital review sites are favorite to promote SEMrush while you can give a highly convincing strategic review on your site. Even you'll get available tools from SEMrush to reveal adequate data to inputting in your reviews for influencing content that sells.

19. If You're A SEO or PPC Blogger

Whether you're an SEO or PPC ads blogger, you're favorite potential to start the affiliate for win-win make-money-journey. SEMrush has been born for your audience who seek better promotion for their product, service, and brand using affordable technology. You have a chance to take the opportunity.

20. You Are A SEO Mentor, Coach or Trainer

Great SEO leaders or mavens are not only mentors, coaches, or trainers - they are pretty influencers as well. They deserve the best to promote SEMrush which can rather enhance their worthy role in the SEO industry for new users.

21. Familiar with Various Blogging Methods 

Well, you're not yet a blogger or a site owner, you've a chance to be an affiliate as well. While you know the various blogging methods, you can take part in the Q&A SEO questions or SEO forums with the SEMrush affiliate links.

And, a sole but free profile from "about .me" or Linktree can play a better role in your introduction in the promotional campaign. Then, social media approaches could work better for your reliable marketing operations. 

22. You Have Social Media Influence

Social media plays a great role to find actionable clicks for a subscription while you have significant influence around your trending but relevant kinds of stuff. You needn't wait any longer to be a SEMrush Affiliate if you have the opportunity.

23. Copywriting Service Site 

Every copywriters needs SEO. When you have a copywriting service site, that means you have a great chance to accumulate a SEMrush subscription as well.

There are two types of prospects: your copy clients as well as the site-stuff audience. All you need to emphasize on your blogging strategy in your regular post publishing. Time to re-think your opportunity.

24. Passionately Curious to Various Businesses 

Perhaps you have an evergreen business mind. You love to learn various businesses around the web regularly. This passion can be transformed your ability to run a high-profit SEMrush affiliate marketing.

Whether based on a business blog or business video marketing on the YouTube channel, you have a chance to be a SEMrush-geek.

25. Even You Have A Email Marketing Site

Email Marketing Mastermind? Just affiliating with EMS? Your worthy same ability can be monetized with SEMrush as well.

Because both play a greater mutual role to complete digital marketing campaigns that your DM clients need. Perhaps other agents or parties working for the other digital marketing, but your recommendation might give them a great ROI opportunity.

26. You Already Belong a B2B Site

B2B site stands for the Business-to-Business site. While product circulation happens from manufacturer to retailer or whole-seller or trading houses, like this trading houses to retailer or wholesaler can be defined business-to-business deal.

Any deal that product handovers from one business to another business always need their marketing online. If you have a site like this then you have a great chance to start the SEMrush affiliate program for promoting among them. Explaining SEMrush vs conventional marketing strategy might work to find the subscription selling growth.

27. Digital Marketing Agency or Consultancy 

If your venture is a marketing agency or consultancy, you might feel to get benefits from each of your recommendations to your clients. SEMrush authority allows you a special offer in this regard. After signing up in the BeRush affiliate form, you could find the FAQ tab and the specific form located there to send your offer.

28. You Are A Brand Manager 

The brand first, then marketing. There are numerous prospects around the world companies seek branding campaigns. If you're a brand manager in a company or branding geek, you have a chance to start a blog in spare-time that explains various branding opportunities. Your recommendation for SEMrush to the fellow companies or potential parties can earn enough subscriptions.

29. Digital Marketing Freelancer 

The USA alone is the heaven of the Gig economy in the world that creating a growing number of freelancers in the digital marketing industry. Every digital marketing freelancer has the opportunity to work with the SEMrush affiliate program.

All there policy depends on strategizing the scope creating their portfolio site including SEMrush product funnel that recommends and promote regularly.

30. Ability To Create Digital Assets

Whoever might able to create a worthy hub of info-product content, also deserve the SEMrush affiliate marketing program.

The content can be regarding SEO, PPC, SMM, Blogging about the blog, Content marketing, Email Marketing, Brand marketing, and so on. Wide range of scope to be built like that sort of content garden in a blog.

31. Student but Dedicated to Learn SEO 

Students who are keen to build their SEO profession besides their academic spare-time, the SEMrush affiliate program might be the right decision.

Because they needn't pay extra training charges for learning SEO. The BeRush Education Hub including SEMrush Academy is merely enough to grow with this industry.

How To Promote SEMrush?

Blog Post & SEO:  Regular blog posts and optimizing each content that gets worthy visibility in the search engine result pages.

Email marketing:  Newsletter marketing including direct marketing with generated leads.

Video Marketing:  YouTube marketing using channel presentation with worthy videos.

Social Media Marketing:  Major social media such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

eBooks Marketing:  SEMrush itself has some worthy eBooks that can be used for promoting in your blog. Besides, you can generate rich eBooks that can influence your promotion.

Q & A marketing:  Quora marketing can be workable for drawing your potential subscribers in your blog content to sales-funnel.

Web 2.0 Marketing:  Medium and LinkedIn article marketing can boost your traffic into your blog or direct to the SEMrush affiliate links there.

There tons of ways, strategies, and tactics within the above methods to boost your traffic to your sales funnel. But pick out your best ones according to your performance level that works best.

How To Start SEMrush Affiliate Program?

Your registration process wouldn't take more than minutes to be a SEMrush Affiliate. Just take your pretty to visit sign up way here with the ShareASale new partner platform.


What is the reason behind the making money struggle in the USA? Factually, graduation in the USA is too much challenging that secures a restless job. You might be a graduate, but having a big burden off your academic debt in the bank.

The debt-harness might be compelling you to struggle with your 9to5 job though it couldn't able to give you quick recovery from bank-loan. This is one of the big reasons people in the USA do change her/his job average 12 times to stable an income stream in life.

In that context, there is a famous quote by Robert Kiyosaki that- "Schools teach you how to work for money, but don't teach how to make money work for you." Here are the reasons for the SEMrush affiliate program that works for you while you have a good match with the above thirty one reasons.

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