15 Steps How To Choose A Profitable Blogging Niche
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15 Steps How To Choose A Profitable Blogging Niche

Most people struggle to decide on a perfect niche they deserve. While you are one of them, choosing your profitable blogging niche perhaps allows you an ultimate challenge.

You might be missing some critical factors to consider in your effort according to the chosen methodology. It hugely matters to start creating your goal-oriented content that generates profit.

The right content around the set of categorized topics can accumulate enough audience engagement.  Unfortunately, lots of people used to get enough obstacles because of their wrong process.

As result, most of them get failed, or they might face so delay to earn the bucks they estimated.  That's why the process of choosing your profitable blogging niche comes first and foremost to define the certain content area of the integrated topics for your blog.

Amid the pandemic epiphany, a huge number of people are quitting their conventional jobs. And now get ready to start a side hustle, or to their full-time work from home. Then, blogging might come first as an epic way to make a living in freedom and love with family care.

In that challenging context, here's my quick guide to show you the ways how to uncover your appropriate profitable blogging niche for a pretty journey on your blog with profitability.

What is Niche?

A niche is a specific area of product or service features used to define for focusing the deal within a particular segment of the market.

Indeed, a niche is a virtual boundary of the product or service area that contains all of the topics you need to write on.

This specific targeted area leverages the marketers or content writers to limit their activities or service in that defined zone for impactful results.

How To Choose A Profitable Niche for Your Blog

blogging niche selection

A profitable blogging niche matters in Success!  Credit: Canva

The 15 Steps To Determine A Workable Blogging Niche - 

1. Blogging Mindset

If you can take your blog as a knowledge business, that's best for your blogging journey. You're serious, and you take your efforts with commitment and dedication to the blogging plan that could help your move easily to reach the goal. That's all.

And, a serious blogging mind would make you more passionate to determine an actionable high profit blogging niche matching with the rest of the conditions on other steps.

2. Do Your Research

Adequate research can play an important role in your efforts for a good niche. Although here the steps are the best part of your research procedures, also better to know about various blogging curves around the web for an easy decision.

In terms of uncovering a legitimate niche, make sure you are familiar with the focal points of back, gray and white hat content around the web.

Although not necessary at all, but better if you have personal intelligence around IQ, EQ, SQ, research methodology, and SEO. It can help you more to scrutinize each of the potential high-ticket blogging niches from the huge topic world.

3. Recent Past Experiences

In terms of deciding on a profitable blogging niche, follow your intellectual experience. And, let you remind your best experiences that happened in the recent past. Enlist your experience zones and get ready to search the niche emphasizing your familiar area first.

In this regard, consider the broad areas such as your academic educational segment, recent past jobs you might have done, health areas which you might got experience from any health issues of your family members or on your own, etc.

This is the pretty pathway to choose an interesting niche for creating better content in the potential blog.

4. Define Types of Niche

Make sure you know the definitive types of niche out there. It can help you to identify the best fit niche that works perfectly for you compared to your choice. Here are the twelve pairs of niche type ideas to pick out your matching ones:

  (1) Macro (big/broad/fat) and Micro (small/narrow/thin) niche

  (2) High Profit and Low-Profit niche

  (3) High Ticket and Low Ticket niche

  (4) Seasonal and Evergreen niche

  (5) White Hat (legit) and Black Hat (non-legit) niche

  (6) Digital and Physical niche

  (7) Local and Global Niche

  (8) Female and Male niche

  (9) Kids and Adults niche

  (10) DIY and Professional niche

  (11) Profitable and Not-profit niche

  (12) B2C and B2B Niche, and so on.

5. Knowledge Base

Your profound base of pre-knowledge on the product or service curves is crucial, but not essential though. If you determine to learn the associated skills later according to your niche significance - that's a little bit of challenge either, but not impossible.

Some specific sectors essentially need to be experts for authority building to take advantage of Google. The related or relevant all niches of the YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) niches are such as health, safety, security, or financial niches that deserve your special knowledge according to Google's E-A-T quality raters guideline.

If you're not familiar enough with all types of niches, let you learn from the web gathering significant information around. Notable that the online info-business is completely a knowledge business.

So, from beginning to end, your power of knowledge-base will shape your level of success accordingly.

6. Profitable Niche Idea List

Create an idealist of the niches based on your initial research, experience, and knowledge base, and so on. It might be your raw findings for judging them based on the next filters or methods. You have more chances to refine and define your ideal niche.

For instance, here is the top ten of the hundreds of profitable niches that can be considered your hot niche around the web:

niche example

Top ten niches for example!

(a) Authority blogging:

Authority blogging refers to the sort of blogging that contains a site that people attract and come to the blog to get information on a particular niche or topic. It can dominate in the affiliate marketing industry of around $12 billion if you have enough expertise in the niche area.

Authority blogging niche itself can be a high profit blogging niche while it comes to you to teach people about its high potential as a new model in affiliate marketing.

(b) Cooking:

Cooking is the most popular niche in the food industry. According to Statista, the food sector constitutes the market amounts to US$8,874,397m in 2021.

And the market is expected to grow annually by 4.55 percent. That's why the cooking niche might be enough potential for you.

(c) Conversion marketing:

Digital marketing has been evolving since its journey with internet appearance around the world.

In terms of choosing a better niche in the eCommerce, small business, and startup industry, conversion or CRO marketing becomes a killer method of winning the revenue goal.

So, if you have enough scope to start with the basic marketing methods you can take this niche as the best of your digital marketing journey.

(d) Rest of the top niches:

Based on criteria priority in the blogging industry, you might analyze and pick out the rest of the ten niches. They are Dating, Drones, Diets, Fitness, Health & wellness, Immunity, Info product, and so on.

Here's a complete list of 200 niches to pick out your best niche:

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200 Profitable Blogging Niche Idea

 The most profitable list of 200 blogging niche idea that can help you uncover your best one for your next blogging project or business. Make your new or next blog goes with the spirit of your core passion and love. 

7. Compare to Alt Niches with Evergreen feature

The evergreen feature allows your blog or business could find benefits of equal opportunity all time. Such as health and financial niche - they've rather increased demand in the blogging industry because of life-saving matters that come first.

Google highly emphasizes on quality of YMYL (your money or your life) content. You're using a niche that remains in this category might be a little bit more careful in terms of information accuracy and trustworthiness.

 While comparing niches, let you separate all other niches from this category.

In comparison, follow the next steps as its criteria in a master sheet. It will help you to find the potential for each niche. Which can generate an approximate margin based on a usual market trend.

copy check

8. Power of Problem Solution

The niche that has a big concern or big emotion might a big problem as well. In this regard, let your subject area includes them.

Most importantly, uncover the scope of the problem solution. And determine how you could able to mitigate the concern through your blogging power for audience satisfaction.

So, based on your initial understanding between you and your niche might give you a sense of score to define the niche acceptance.

9. Competition

Most of the starters look for low competition niches. Because it might help them run a blog that has a lower concern in content generation.

Well, but in terms of profit margin based on your ability, you might pick out the highly competitive niche as well, such as weight loss. Because competition never happens only among products - but it's your ability and innovation too.

Sometimes a disruptive idea works best. Considering safe line in blogging as a complete starter, you might play your role with midline as the best for an average mastering.

While you uncover a niche that plays mid-level competition, you can accept considering its high margin commission such as digital products from Clickbank.

So, if you feel and respect your ability, pay attention to your innovative power and visionary attitude for a gradually improved futurist blogging. And go profitable niches with low competition. Or let you take a low competitive niche, but not too low.

10. Level of Passion

Your curious but sustainable passion is precious in the blogging profession. It works as an ultra investment (like time, money, and efforts) for better productivity in blogging.

Make sure your passion level remains in a stage that helps you pick out even an adventurous niche.

So, your level of passion might determine your potential profitable blogging niche, though you do not have enough skill at this moment. Proper learning process from the open resources and tutorial, you might resolve every obstacle for blogging success.

11. Soluble Difficulty

It's considerable whether your skill set meets the buyers' requirements that your niche deserves. It's so important in terms of overcoming the difficulties in the potential niches over time.

Let your top-listed niches already be identified for the difficulties and potential solutions using your mastermind. Your predictable power of problem-solving over the complexities hugely matters in your suitable niche selection.

12. Market Needs

Determine the ongoing increased demand for the top listed niches using your in-depth search process. Consider reliable data providers such as Statista to find the predicted information following a specific industry.

Consider the expected niches based on the forecast on the annual growth level of the product and service users and value. Grade each of the potential niches according to their user's range.

Make sure you're familiar with the demand of the product and service line you pick out a high potential blogging niche.

13. Niche Competence

What is niche blogging competence? The ability to arrange existing information around the niche. And capabilities of producing appropriate content that resolves the problems of niche blogging.

So, niche competence allows how you could build your success around the niche in a competitive arena. Do your research to make a score for each product. And keep it at the apex as your best of all.

14. Profitability

Measuring profitability of a niche depends on some vital factors or elements, such as:

  (a) Profit quality:
The margin of commission allowed by vendors.

  (b) Profit quantity:
The number of products or services lies in the niche area.

  (c) Profit concentration:
Your approximate rate of salesforce or CRO using your content power.

This three-dimensional method might help you determine profitability. While you are not on the blogging track, you might face obstacles to figuring out the significant profit of the niche.

high-profit niche

A high margin commission and numerous counts of sales are expected in the niche!

But your adequate research on your own might resolve to determine the profitability.

There're some review blogs, Google Trends for search interest, Google Keyword Planner tool, data industries, Semrush tools, and competitors' blogs around the web that might help you in this regard.

The 'Conversion marketing' as a niche, for instance, allows tools monetization, might be figured out based on the commission rate. The commission rate of SaaS tools, software selling performance, and so on lead the profitability.

The top-notch SaaS companies offer 20-60% commission which is lucrative for the digital product marketing affiliates, but performance matters.  

On the other hand, Amazon allows very thin commission. So, the physical product marketing online allows it goes in the quantity-sensitive niche. Your performance over sales quantity will give you benefits.

15. Bloggable Dream Niche

If you go through the filters of the above steps, you could find clear insight around each niche for grading adequately. Now it's time to check finally using a common filter of your unique idea, market demand, and ability again.

niche selection

The niche that lies in the commonplace of your unique idea, ability, and market demand.

If you dive into the deep of each short-listed profitable blogging niche, you could find some innovative curves either. These cures are sweet points of each niche to resolve for the users. 

All you need to pick out your winner niche from considering which one leads the best. Let this niche goes for your success plan.

The Potential Platforms to Find The Niche Hints:
There are numerous places where you can find your potential niche hints for processing final one. Here some of top the top places are:  Amazon, ClickBank, Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Canva, All My Faves, Google Trends, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Alibaba, AliExpress, Google Search, Bing Search, Job Markets, and so on. 


Unearthing your profitable blogging niche, you followed every step it deserves. At least, try your best to pass the top choosing niches though the essential features for uncovering best one. 

In this recap, the major features are such as evergreen quality, big concern or emotion, ongoing market demand, high-priced solution, low competitiveness, uniqueness in the idea, and finally your matching skillset.

While selected, now it's your turn to create your defined audience engagement around your niche blog. And flourish your ability to produce content that solves and resolves their problem. 

If you find this workable article, please share it with your friends and family. Thanks for your time.


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