Top 16 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Essential
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Top 16 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Essential

Including email marketing, there are many marketing key techniques are being belonged in affiliate marketing to maximize return on investment (ROI); such as search marketing, referral marketing, direct mail, public relations, telemarketing, trade shows,

magazines, radio, event sponsorships, field marketing, banners and so on. But why email marketing deserves an extra fabulous fitness among others? And why affiliate marketers pick out it first in their marketing portfolio management? Can you guess? Let’s get a closer look at the merits of email marketing below to find out

Let’s get a closer look at the merits of email marketing below to find out its reasons why email marketing is essential in marketing key techniques for revenue earning:

 (1) It covers maximum audience

Hundreds, thousands or even millions of recipients can be covered within short time reaching the call to action (CTA) emails through an email marketing campaign in affiliate marketing. Using dedicated server and comprehensive database email management system, many strategist companies or clever individuals are professionally conducting this highly achievable marketing campaign for rapid revenue.

(2) It nurtures potential customers

Lead nurturing is utmost first prior to the email marketers to expand ultimate customers’ volume. According to a survey*, 76 percent is rated by CMOs in the USA for “nurturing new prospects” is jointly highest rated email marketing merit there with the “brand awareness generation.”

In this effort, marketers are committed to care and rear up a highly defined relationship among new prospects such as communication with designing personalized email, occasional email, birthday celebration email, products update, special discounts, educating emails, encouraging social media contact etc. Although it’s not a new strategy in email marketing campaign, it has got a new importance because of the superior digital support and tested results.

(3) It saves Time and efforts

Email marketing is a very comprehensive pre-planned campaign to be conducted by you if you be got a habitual experience would enjoy paying enthusiastic limited time in operation. Considering the other marketing engagement time, it is a much more time-saving effort. That is why an intelligent marketer used to find enough residual time space to use it for other parts of the marketing efforts.

(4) It keeps in touch with potential buyers

A plenty of potential customers, such as 92 percent adult in the USA* use email and 72 percent of them check their email 6 times a day is the biggest prospect in email marketing industry. Emailing facilitates keeping in touch to the potential target buyers with the newest information of product and services so that they could be converted to an ultimate buyer at any of their convenient time.

(5) It strengthens brand building

A comprehensive template of the content of the message is used to be furnished with company logo, name, and significant niche-line. Every potential customer is habituated to compare the goods before their final buy, and that’s why they wouldn’t easily wish to unsubscribe the email from the relevant company. Frequent mailings

Frequent mailings enable all sorts of recipients to be placed the brand name in their memories repeatedly. Thus the company could be able to build a permanent image or goodwill ( a site or blog name is a company name for the web market) among millions of potential buyers who could turn to be a casual or regular buyer anytime. 

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(6) It’s cost-effective and rewards best ROI

Comparing with other marketing methods, email marketing is so much more cost-effective. An affiliate marketer uses a pre-designed trusted template in email content that contains product or service links to drive the audience to the ultimate destination.

According to an email marketing solution company*, email marketing performs 20 times more cost-effective compared to other marketing outlets. They’ve estimated an average ROI is USD 44.25 for every dollar a company spent. On this ROI, 72 percent marketers trustfully remark as a very good achievement. That’s why email marketing is essential in marketing key techniques! 

(7) It smartly builds a relationship

The Relationship, it happens when customers find the usefulness of the happy contact. In terms of time management, everyone would like to find the daily needful things at a place to get a look at concise issues. That’s why they prior to the email best and become habituated to check their emails several times in a day to stay updated. This precious habit is being used for building a relationship between buyers and sellers through CTA, interaction and branding action.

Clever companies used to value and emphasis on the relationship issues such as providing big discount or welcome message to win customers’ every ‘next buy’. And they do research it how could be matured the relation using their’ buying habits and emotions’ segmenting the events period properly through regular, seasonal, occasional and casual needs.    

(8) It’s customizable and innovative

In order to achieve a successively better revenue from affiliate selling, an effective email campaign is a precondition for you that should be conducted using proper management of audience-database. In that purpose, the database management system requires being segmented according to the various effects and tailoring factors such as age, gender, area, occasion, season, events, habits, culture, time, test and so on. All these strategic segments operate under a clever revisable scope to bring up perfection under a continuous innovative follow-up.

(9) It saves overhead cost

Email marketing is a rich but cheap in cost method for a product or service selling. You don’t require counting cost of a large office space, many employees, marketing analyst, postal cost, printing cost, phone line cost, and advertising duty cost (Tax or VAT)  soon. There are available providers around the globe to find your significant host server, a service platform, customizable designed template and somewhere even they will provide you expert training support.

Operating knowledge of server set up, SMTP, audience data management, email handling design, content writing, email deliverability etc. could be obtained by you once from a single training with bottom cost – is enough for your long profession to run the campaigns frequently. Comparing with other marketing channels, it rewards an achievement that no one of others can reach it’s sky-high from a rock-bottom investment either.

(10) It personalizes the messages

A personalized message is more appreciable than a normal mail that could be easily conducted through email marketing. Your email campaign could be performed personalizing the message following some smaller specialized segments to accelerate the buyers’ decision to draw right interest with extra fascination among the targeted potential buyers.

This personalizing is less challenging for you than any other marketing campaign, rather a proven path of practice that converts the potentials into customer class. When a prospect finds a mail with his own name, city, professional designation and some other unexpected desired information then he feels honor, becomes eager to your valued care and feel to react through his final buy. But other marketing channels do not have this way what email deserves in the marketing campaign.

(11) It can measure and simplify data management

To form the present data adequately, monitor, measure, modify campaign and reform the future data under better prediction, email marketing campaigns have so far comprehensive tracking system that could display click rate, bounce rate, open rate, conversion rate, subscribing, unsubscribing, spam, on-site activity, integration among social sites and so on.

Such the analytics and tracking system comprises one-in-many operations at a time that no one other marketing system occupies like this in affiliate marketing could beat out email marketing. That’s why email marketing is essentially a partner in marketing key techniques!

(12) It Increases traffic rapidly

Within the first year of a newly launched blog or site doesn’t earn traffic enough, even if it runs with defile-SEO because SEO needs time. Then email marketing campaigns work rapidly to invite the traffic. If the niche of the blog is very relevant to the targeted traffic, then traffic rate sustains well for a good time.

That is why, initial launching year of an affiliate blog cleverly runs with email marketing campaign, rather than SEO. For any stage of a blog, email marketing is enough quick-revenue-earner than any other system of traffic driving in affiliate marketing if everything goes in the right direction.

(13) It increases conversion to sale

In affiliate marketing, two events of conversion are major- traffic to lead, then lead to customer. In all stages, prospects or email recipients find the emails frequently until they click on the unsubscribe link. More than 66 percent of recipients take action to buy after receiving email marketing message in the USA alone.

The innovative nurturing emails and continuous updating once upon a time bring them to ultimate buy. In affiliate marketing, email campaign goes in proper direction happens sale. There are much more examples of the marketers that email marketing having proven track to win the campaign. That’s why ’59 percent of the marketers trust in this best strategic industry to generate their revenue’*.

(14) It’s bridgeable among Social Media

Social Media are the biggest unknown source of potential (referral) customers because more than 70 percent adults use the social nets. In fact, email marketing system could connect these people who do not exist in your database. But an email marketing template usually comprises all the major social links with sharing scope that facilitates recipients to navigate from the email to the social sites.

Then your any of the recipients can click on links to find more properties, take your products or services in their shopping carts, take action to buy, visit your blogs, take part in your Facebook posts, follow you on Google Plus and Twitter. Thus, email marketing deserves to bridge over the social peoples to get a bigger opportunity for customers.

(15) It behaves as a good part of eco-marketing

A culture is being grown up steadily day by day that peoples are waking and awakening others regarding global warming and climate change issues. That is why sometimes we find some of the emails from corporate companies with awareness quotes at the bottom of the message like “think twice before printing it – save the trees, save the planet”.

This is a possible way of an email to save a plenty of trees per day using email only an email to mail without printing or avoiding hard copies to stop paper usage that comes from trees. So, email marketing is a very environment-friendly and a good part of green marketing or eco-marketing that protecting our trees and saving our lives on our green planet.

(16) It tends towards biggest opportunity in future

The data source* predicted that 3.84 billion email account will be used in 2014 worldwide who will grow daily email traffic 165.8 billion in the same year within 2 billion dollar spending of the email marketing industry. Very fortunately, the trend of those email accounts and daily traffic is predicted to be reached in 2016 by 4.34 billion and 192.2 billion respectively. Since the recipient of email users spend 83 percent more in their shopping.

As another source** already predicted that worldwide Smartphone customer will be 1 billion and the only USA will take 257 million by 2016. And then in the same time frame, tablet user will be 126 million in the USA alone. Why these devices? Because now more than 90 percent of USA mothers only used to check emails on their mobile devices. 40 percent of all email is being checked on mobile devices worldwide.

Most of the B2B marketers including me are dedicatedly dependent on email marketing to generate revenue. That’s why the on-growing biggest opportunity refers email marketing is essential to partner with business!


Thus, there are many more reasons could be added above to measure out the state-of-the-smart up the growth of email marketing, an affiliate intelligent has no reason to ignore it anymore.  After all, it’s the era of Google Glass, smartwatches, and Smartphones. Day by day appearing new briefly usable devices enabling email checking due to increase accessibility. That is why email marketing growing up with a powerful future.

Do you have another reason? Please share in the comments.

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