21 Key Techniques How to Target Your Web Traffic
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How-to-Target-Your- Web-Traffic

21 Key Techniques How to Target Your Web Traffic

Most perhaps you have a startup selling your business or already designed your marketing plan. Then obviously you might define your strategies how to target your web traffic in the so that product or service could be reached out the maximum buyers at an effective cost and efforts through a comprehensive site or blog.

It can be assumed that your site is responsive enough appealing to the audience assuring a fascinating name of the niche as well.

At this stage, questions might be buzzing within you that how to target your web traffic more perfectly for more coverage of sale from potential buyers? Where else is my traffic on the web to drive them to my site? How can I achieve them on my blog? How can I lead them to better conversion? so on.

Well, before going to the typical main issue you obviously need to get defined the term ‘targeted web traffic’ what it means.

Yes, it means the amount of human visitor or audience that comes to your blog or website intending your goods or services and takes part in the further actions or visiting only.

So, the issue is web traffic, more specifically ‘Targeted Web Traffic’ for your niche. Its a bit challenge in the business plan that how could be defined who are the potential customers for the targetable traffic group to drive them in your business blog.

Of course, your target shouldn’t be like that someone is missing from the potential group. As more as possible should be included in the target group to maximize the opportunity to gain. You should be sagacious to define a perfect target audience so that it could save your resource, time and money.

And you should pick out the audiences who are interested in your niche to be engaged in feedback or action permitting you to be kept them in touch with deeper communication.

Here the twofold ways how to target your web traffic.

Research Oriented Target: How to plan

(1) Research Current product status

A research on the product should be done analyzing the factors of its quality to figure out the present stand of the goods, such as what is your product specification, Technical Data Sheet (TDS), standard of package quality, competitive price, required product information printed on the package, who should be benefited from this product, who will be interested and what could be caused of eagerness to buy it etc.

In terms of how to target web traffic, you should find out the purpose of the sale, what’s the need, it would fulfill the customers and how much it unique of other products, pricing policy whether it deserves to lead an effective sale or not etc. This information will help you to compare the products in the market that how much it capable of competing and who are your competitors selling to the buyers.

(2) Current Base of the Audience

You should measure out the existing base of the traffic or audiences that who are exposing interest on your goods now. Or, at the primary phase of launching a new blog. Then, you should consult this issue with the experts that presently who will be the audiences you going to start with them. They could provide you a primary base of the ultimate (not forceful) audiences from their product experience.    

(3) Searching Competitor status for customers

In searching of competitors using your niche or product as the Keywords, you could find about all relevant sellers to be listed in a competitors’ analysis of  master sheet that could be comprised of all possible variables of potential customers and their various type checking out their interaction (comments, recommendations, suggestion and so on) in the sites.

Although, the exact customers are not your final target, but it could provide you huge inferences that how could be made an action plan to perform your targeting more innovatively. In a case of B2B, affiliate or B2B marketing, this way deserves importance to gather valued traffic to your site.

(4) Limit your audience demographically

The mass people of the world could be limited targeting them demographic clusters. Such as the geographic area where the potential traffic concentrated much more. Income level, gender, education level, occupation, marital status, buyer type whether the reseller B2B marketer or ends buyer and so on. These types of segments will help to refine the target traffic frequently to concentrate them in the target cluster.

(5) Measure the content expectation of customers

From the various relevant interactions of visitors of your own site or other competitors’ blogs, you could find out the real traffic who really seeks a bonafide content. What is the expected content type they seek can be measured from the others model contents!  Then you could even find the way to measure out your content value what you should be crafted on your own site for their fulfillment.

(6) Psychographic measurement

This type of targeting includes human nature of a person or product and service, such as habits, behavior, desire, needs, interests, personality, values, customs, attitude and so on. It means, you should measure out the traffic group following an in-depth approach to a person, how he approaches the product before considering those psychographic issues.

(7) Seasonal and Occasional

There is at least one member of the family in cities eager to buy a seasonal and occasional product that you might target him accordingly. Although, it is little bit co-related with the demographic issues, but this type of targeting bears crucial importance in the case of gift items and luxury niches as well.

(8) Measure trustworthy to you

Trustworthy is a pure leader of goodwill that leads, branding your business through ‘quality creates its own demand’. If your products, price, and service are obviously figured out within a significant standard by the audience, then you could find the ultimate responses from them to store them in your traffic house. A comparative and comprehensive study on the trustworthy issues could figure out your targeting traffic.

(9) Appraise your plan on target traffic

You should gradually ask yourself that how to target your web traffic more perfectly? What are the rest other factors needed to enrich this targeting plan? How much more perfect could be enhanced in my plan to afford for my product?

What are the obstacles should I remove for easier access to the traffic?  So, you should appraise on your decided plan, whether it is being able to cover an adequate amount of traffic or not. In case, its continuous process to appraise and evaluate the targeting variability of the plan for perfection in quality traffic volume.

Field Oriented Target: Where to action

At first, you need to take a bit of time to think about the whole world of the centers where your audiences are hanging out to make a complete list before starting.

(10) Physical contact Network

Picking out the relevant contacts such as phone numbers, email address or fax number, current yellow box or hard directories or newspapers, you could contact the possible audiences. You might invite them to your blog or site to find the details of the product for further interaction. In the case of local niche marketing, this way is a good one to pick out the high-value traffic.

(11)Trade Shows

People take part in the Trade Shows and collect required information such as a leaflet or brochure from the booths. Then only the defined people who got your product information will visit your site through the contacts mentioned in the leaflet or brochure. Trade shows lift traffic to your site used to come using email, blog subscription, social media contacts, organic search (using the company or site name as keywords) and increase brand awareness as well.

(12) Webinars

Webinars are globally audience-joinable powerful way to generate the defined traffic stream. Slide- driven live webinars could be recorded for future playback on the site that is shareable on social sites. That is the way it definitely grows targeted traffic to your blog significantly.

(13) Open Seminars

Although, it’s at most national in a geographical locality, a purposive seminar could enhance the scope to network the target people who are interested in the issue of the host company like you. A seminar provides an opportunity to get the target audiences in participation, sharing information, business cards, and networking. So, marketing seminar in an ideal place could enable you to define the audience.

(14) Email

Opt-in or confirmed double verified opt-in emails (from subscription) generate traffic that could be targeted meet the term how to target your web traffic. Another way, using purchased typical email could uncover your requirement for targeted traffic as well.

(15) On-page SEO

On-page SEO is a basic action form that includes quality content preparation that gets ready to find the reply against how to target your web traffic.  A well-researched keyword in your information-rich, engaging content remains in your blog that represents product or niche must provide targeted traffic through visitors’ search query.

Because, if blog contents are optimized Search Engine friendly following the proper role of Panda, Penguin, and latest Hummingbird- SEO, then all search traffic will be engaged on the site following the juicy keywords which represent your targets.

(16) Relevant forums and blogs

According to your niche, you might have the intelligent scope to take part in the interactions in the blogs and forums. Then, you should cultivate the relevant blogs with your valued comments and recommendations so that other participants could find the message what you are and the target traffics could revert to your site following the links trusting on the contents what you put in the comment.

Especially the forums are very important to keep the potential audiences in regular touch for the relevant traffic to drive them to your site because most of the potential audience used to hang out in forums and seek out their solution that finds through the forums.

(17)  Question and Answer sites

Famous question and answer (Q & A) media such as Quora and Yahoo Answers are powerful sources of targeting your quality traffic. But, how? We know who are the participants asking or answer what they want indeed. They even look for their solution what you could measure out from their question.

Then you could take the credibility answering the best linking to your satisfactory article on the blog. This way would provide you might enough target traffic what you didn’t imagine ever.

(18) Social Media Engagement

Launch a Facebook fan page of your blog, add the relevant like-minded friends who read the same issues, use the friend’s emails to add the them who are not on Facebook, join the relevant groups finding out through search and stay engaged regularly answering their questions.

Whenever new posts are published, should share in possible every group. Thus the regular engagement will help in branding your fan page that will deliver you targeted referral traffic to your site obviously.

Twitter is a great medium and tools to gain your target audience engaging in the interactions (Tweet, re-tweet, reply, messaging). There is another great way to gather your targeted traffic is to use the Twitter search tools key-wording product name to find out them.

Google plus:
Google Plus profile and page boost you gain search authority. In both of them, you could join in the relevant all communities who discuss the issues of the same niche for the readers and bloggers. You could share your content in the niche communities and could be engaged in question and solution issues to make your product branding so that visitors could involve into your traffic stream.

LinkedIn also plays an important role providing your targeted traffic if you could stay Linkedin your very relevant contents for them in groups what they prefer to engage in. It permits you to share your content in multi groups what could reward your targeted traffic more.

In purpose of finding targeted traffic, every image from your blog on Pinterest should be there with the title of your post on the image. On the other hand, you should search the images on the Pinterest using your niche name and at least 50 images should be pinned on your board. Then, you must find a significant number of targeted traffic on your blog ultimately.

It’s a powerful another social media platform I used to find the results of targeted traffic. The well-matched subreddits are key points to add your niches in different common subreddits that also be appearing on the front page whereas visitors find them upper according to voting weight. Readers will engage in the titles and your target traffic will have resulted from their engagement.

Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Digg, Diigo, Delicious, Piccy, Myspace, Behance, About.me, Flickr, YouTube, Bloglovin, Buzzbundle, Omgili, Google Alert and so on many other social media, bookmarking sites and tools also play a key role to provide you the reply of how to target your web traffic, should be operated following the same processes.

(19) Web Directory

Relevant human edited directories used to keep the classified links up that drive targeted traffic to the site or blog regularly. Because popular directories facilitators are always crowded by the visitors look for the niche they like in the classified directory list.

(20) Guest blogging

Although this idea is now obligated to be practiced with no-follow links, still it is alive to make the authority branding if you could produce high-breed informative engaging content by name of the contributor in the host blogs. Then it could provide you targeted audiences.

(21) Reviews by the third party

There are many third-party marketing firms and houses how could reviewer your site and producing quality contents that will help drive traffic to your business site. Most of the cases writing ups are free instead of in service you might take them checking their goal. It’s obvious that such type of reviewing could provide your site higher rank as well as targeted traffic of course.

Harvest your targeted traffic:

Last but not least, although you already got an idea of the issues that to be strived out to identify the traffic hives where and how the bees would like to gather honey, how much you could satisfy them with your own store and networks so on. Only practice and repeatedly practice could figure out your perfection is time being. Get through your best practice to harvest your targeted traffic best.

Do you have another idea? Please share.

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