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Yes, It is precious! I just tell you, making revenue online is not an easy toil, and not difficult as well. What are the clear baby steps as a starter, and how you'll have to play your right 'go' through the step by step journey? How to play your content like a super vehicle for your search traffic, referral traffic, direct traffic and various community or forum traffic for your ultimate gold fish leads? These are the billion dollar questions now the days. This blog is here to tell you the stories for. So, you might keep in touch with our content journey subscribing here.


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About a complete list of 90+ tools and resources within 15 categories are recommended for your profitable shining blog business. I'm using a crucial part of them personally and getting evidence either many successful professionals are using and recommending the same as well. All are furnished according to the starters' step by step requirement strata through the quick-categories, are:

MKT- Landing Page
  • Step 1: Use tools for your profitable blog-name
  • Step 2: Select your blogging platform
  • Step 3: Use your domain & hosting service
  • Step 4: Use your quality theme & design
  • Step 5: Select tools for your site security
  • Step 6: Use tools for blog topic generation
  • Step 7: Use best productivity tools
  • Step 8: Use image resource and quality graphics
  • Step 9: Use tools for site speed management
  • Step 10: Use SEO tools that provide best ROI
  • Step 11: Make money using Affiliate Program & Tools
  • Step 12: Content Marketing and social media tools
  • Step 13: Use email marketing tools
  • Step 14: Use outsourcing tools
  • Step 15: Empower knowledgebase reading books


A right book might be a pure brain of your online small business for making figures. It'd help your thought to be aligned in right order to play the action in right plan without anxiety to increase your business productivity that easily reaches out the goal. 

Amazon best sellers books

We do know from various books that the billionaires' secret key to success is reading worthy books. They used to get help of the guiding books and grew their 10x performance to boost their business. So, why not you!

In the list, best sellers' books of amazon including most potential published books in 2017 are stored according to the the starters' rule of studying affiliate marketing or small businesses. Before your final pick, you might take a look on the worthy reviews made by bonafide users at the bottom.