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social media marketing courses

Social Media Courses

Social Media Courses comprises various groundbreaking online training programs including mainstream social media marketing (SMM) for the students, marketers, entrepreneurs, spare-time jobbers, and various professionals.

The top and famous Universities or companies are being included in the trendy list that undoubtedly provides outstanding value of the time. According to your budget, you can enroll in the courses, even you have free learning scope as well in some offers! All you need to keep checking for the best match and engagement.  MKT is on-striving to place here the best of the best courses under the FAST-GROWTH umbrella! 

Time and tide wait for none! So, take a cozy tour visiting the apex offers now to acquire your best skill set that works. And if there is single one feedback on any of the courses, you might drop me message either using the contact.

Top Of The Tops Social Media Courses

The Power of Social Media

social media power

Des: Explore the impact of social media on the world and learn how to put it to good use in everyday life.
Duration: 2 Weeks, Weekly Study: 3 Hrs
Conducted by: University of Southampton
Platform: FutureLearn

Social Media Analytics: Using Data to Understand Public Conversations

social media analytics

Des: How can you discover what’s being said about the things that matter to you on social media platforms, including Twitter?
Duration: 3 Weeks, Weekly Study: 3 Hours
Conducted By: Queensland University Of Technology (QUT), Australia
Platform: FutureLearn

Social Media in Healthcare: Opportunities and Challenges

social media health care

Des: Understand how social media is used in healthcare, to improve communication and information sharing, with this free online course.
Duration: 5 Weeks, Weekly Study: 2 Hours
Conducted By: Taipei Medical University, Taiwan
Platform: FutureLearn

Learning Online: Reflecting and Sharing

learning online

Des: Get the most out of online learning by reflecting and sharing your learning with others.
Duration: 2 Weeks, Weekly Study: 2 Hours
Conducted By: The University of Leeds, UK
Platform: FutureLearn

Making Sense of Data in the Media

making sense of data

Des: Learn what numbers reveal, when and why they mislead, and how to spot fake news.
Duration: 3 Weeks, Weekly Study: 3 Hours
Conducted By: The University of Sheffield, UK
Platform: Future Learn

Featured course: Certified Facebook Marketing 2019 (Complete Masterclass)

Des: Proven Facebook Marketing Growth Funnels, ChatBot Strategies, Facebook Ads and Facebook Business Sales Mastery in 2019
Conducted By: Benjamin Wilson and 1 other
Duration: 9 hours, 69 lectures,
Platform: Udemy

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing MASTERY 2019

Des: Facebook Marketing from beginner to advanced! Join 150,000+ students who MASTERED Facebook and are Facebook Ads experts!
Created by: COURSE ENVY,
Last updated: 4/2019
Platform: Udemy

Instagram Marketing 2019: A Step-By-Step to 10,000 Followers

Des: Attract Hyper-Targeted Instagram Followers, Convert Followers to Paying Customers, & Expand your Brand Using Instagram
Created by: Benjamin Wilson, Anneliese Wilson
Last updated: 3/2019
Platform: Udemy

Social Media Marketing MASTERY | Learn Ads on 10+ Platforms

Des: MASTER online marketing on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Google and more ad platforms! Coursenvy ™
Created by: COURSE ENVY
Last updated: 4/2019,
Platform: Udemy

Social Media Management - The Complete 2019 Manager Bootcamp

Des: Become a freelance social media manager | Start a management business | Work from anywhere | Achieve financial freedom
Created by: Lottie Mosley
Last updated: 4/2018,
Platform: Udemy

Pinterest Marketing: Using Pinterest for Business Growth

Des: Pinterest Marketing Map to Using Pinterest from scratch!
Created by: JC Marzett,
Last updated: 6/2018
Platform: Udemy

LinkedIn Marketing & Lead Generation for B2B Sales & Coaches

Des: The Ultimate LinkedIn Marketing Proven System for LinkedIn Lead Generation and B2B Sales. Messaging templates included
Created by: G. E. Henríquez
Last updated: 3/2019
Platform: Udemy

Course: Measuring Social Media ROI

Des: A self-paced course designed to master various social media concepts, including strategy, communication, costs and benefits and get the right expertise in Measuring Social Media ROI.

Top Rated: 1k+ satisfied learners
100% Satisfaction guaranteed
Platform: Edureka

Course: Using Social Media in Business

social media power usage

Des: One of the biggest challenges for most business owners is to find a continuous supply of new customers. Over the past decade, some have differentiated themselves by leveraging the Internet and social media to do just that.
Duration: 6 Weeks / 24 Course Hrs
Currently Enrolling
Platform: ed2go