The Key Techniques How to Select a Blog Topic
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How to select a blog topic

The Key Techniques How to Select A Blog Topic

Your long walk on blogging starts with the right niche selection is the hardest part of your blog plan to set out for blogging success. As we say- well beginning is half done; yes, this is that the progress of a blog goes much ahead through a significant topic selection, but the job is a little difficult.

Because, no puzzle, no confusion, no fallacy, or even no wrong could be allowed in a topic selection, and should be methodological enough in the key techniques in terms of reaching the right topic decision.

Most perhaps, you know why you should start a blog, and that’s why you are here to know the ways how to select a blog topic for the millions of your potential audiences. Okay!

As a right topic is the right inviting focus of the blog to the audiences in terms of acquiring a larger base of dedicated traffic and a convertible audience. So, the topic should be profitable, competitively winning, attention-grabbing, compelling, knowledge worthy, and long appealing. Then, what topic should you write out to achieve blogging success?

Five Questions: Selecting Factors of the Topic

Founding a winning blog is a profound commitment to time and striving.  There are many factors involved in an epic topic of a profitable blog that earns the best outcome for you. You should specify the issues first before figuring out the ways to factor in a successful topic. Here are the major five factors you might keep up in your five fingers of a writing hand so that a right selection of a topic could comply with them:

  1. Who is the end audience of the topic?
  2. How many readers are there for the topic?
  3. How long could it be preferred by the target readers?
  4. How much could it be competitive in the blog universe?
  5. How much scope does it deserve for spicing up to make it different?

Yes, as a beginner, in the purpose of how to select a blog topic, look for the answers, and make a set of those replies yourself to use them as a guideline to select a productive topic for your blog. The topic should be focused on your own clear arguments, strong information, and your experiences as well.

All the comprising factors could come up with highlighting the controversial factors also so that the audience could find the better-clarified topic of the blog phenomenon.

Key Techniques How to Select a Blog Topic 

Initial Stage: Pick your topics for a Short List

To choose an epic topic finally, you should select a very strong set of blog topics initially following the key techniques hereunder:

1.  Take a topic you feel full of your passion

Your passion for a topic is the main fuel to produce a profound write-up you expect to be audience-engaging. Make sure of your desire and crazy on the topic whether it goes with your full enthusiasm and strong passion.

2.  Take an issue you are eager to tell a story on

Look into your eagerness for storytelling. As you have lots of instances in your life like others, pick out your favorite issue from the exposable stories that you would like to tell your large audiences in the right manner.

3.  Take a topic you feel enough interest in to debate with others

There are many controversies in our human life, such as tobacco, anti-green, drug, and so on. You would better pick out one topic that goes with your huge arguments and opinions, and share it with your audience, can decide.

4.  Pick out a researchable topic

In the changing stream of the content world, your smart audience always seeks fresh, different, meaningful, resolvable, and a wide variety of issues. To win the blogging journey, pick a topic that has lots of scopes to play a unique approach to research on.

5.  Pick out a topic you are confident could be engaging

Your confidence level could permit you well to pick out a topic that could be able to grab the attention of the audiences in your blog engagement. So, search for the right topic that belongs to a rich crowding area, and pick it out from many alternatives based on your inner ability of knowledge, passion, and experience.

6.  Pick a topic within your profound knowledge tank

Dive into your own knowledge tank which is filled with many topics from your academic and real life and explore the topic judging by knowledge power. This is the way to get a topic that could run on your own best creativity.

7.  Pick an issue from your range of creative experience

Yes, your expertise zone is the best, whereas there are many alternative niches under the same product area. Then you have to pick out the best. Your creative experience, whether it’s from your profession or hobby, will lead your productivity in every creation and will leverage you to build up a fit and fabulous blog with natural write-ups.

8.  Pick a niche you are capable of advising on

A win-win topic can automate you to deserve your audience’s acceptance in advising of the regard. So, pick out such a niche that grows enough significant advice for the blog beneficiaries.

9.  Take a topic you love most

A loving topic will be helpful enough to you to keep your patience up researching the new issues for your blogging betterment. Then you will also be eager to stay with the readers’ interest to reply to their every query with joy.

10.  Take a niche demand to your audiences

The key techniques for the right topic are alive among the readers. If you are a multi-specialist with various sectors, you could anchor your blogging with the topic of the largest audience demand group, so that your conversion level becomes more enriched for your better achieving.

11.  Take a topic you are fascinated with

Your attraction to any quality niche can be picked out for your expected blog topic. This type of topic should be carried out if you have enough capability in stirring up content creation and sustain the issues.

12.  Take a topic that is already organized in social communities

A topic that is enough consistent with the name of existing communities or groups available on social sites, such as Facebook group name, Google Plus community name, and so on, is a significant favorite to find social engagement.

13.  Take a topic that is goal oriented

Yes, you could set your goal first, then, harvest your rich topic, so that it goes towards your goal for without fail achievement. Not a bad idea at all, if all other criteria, including content generation, go with the right way.

14.  Take a topic that is popular enough

On the secure basement of your content-building capability, you might go for the topic enthusiastically considering the popularity of the topic. Yes, it’s a proven way how to select a blog topic. Using Google Keyword Planner, you could research measuring its global or local engagement among people.

15.  Take an issue that is content worthy

Content is king when it grows enough sense among the readers usefully. According to this context, you should finalize a topic that focuses enough depth of content value and carries the profound meaning of the blog journey.

16.  Take a topic that is inspired by enough people.

As every piece of content is for people, so, people’s fascination with the content is the main criterion to finalize a spectrum topic for your blog. So, picking the topic inspired one researching the value of its in-depth fascination further.


17.  Pick a topic from other blogs

Your most potential killer niche of the blog could be discovered from others’ blog titles. So, you need to go research the blog universe through Google blog search or get the help of other search tools.

18.  Pick a topic from magazines

Newspapers are magazines that are a wide range of topic source that helps you with the potential blog topic. Go to Google or magazine portals to search and research the topic if you would like to build a blog related to them.

19.  Pick a topic from TV shows and Radio programs

Daily releases lots of issues and delivers voices around the world from TVs and Radios. A significant niche of your blog night stays there, should go check well and pick out the best one passing all criteria of a selection checklist.

20.  Pick a topic from YouTube channels

YouTube channel contains lots of video tutorials or issues that help you to find your potential epic topic if go research through Google Video search.  A crazy and dedicated topic can be found by dint of this channel.

21.  Pick out a topic from Bookmarking sites

The Bookmarking sites, such as Delicious, Diigo, Digg, and so on, are enough reasonable sources to look for your blog niche. About all bloggers, as well as business sites, go there to mark up their regular releases.

22.  Pick a topic from Social media sites

Get a research-worthy tour for your win-win blog topic from the biggest source of timely issues of the various blogs and sites or microblogs in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, Google Plus communities, blog love, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, Tumblr, Vk, Slideshare, Quora, Blogger, WordPress, Myspace, Flickr, Instagram, Behance, Reddit and so on.

23.  Pick a topic from

how to select a blog topicWhere are the most organized sources of how to select a blog topic perhaps  It’s one of the favorite blog topics platforms, can get an in-depth search there for your potentially dedicated blog title. About every serious blog is included there, could find their latest issues at a glance as well.

24.  Pick a topic from the Google alert stream

A great way to expect a topic judging its Keywords-weight from the latest releases of the various sites and blogs around the world according to your pre-setting Keywords in the Google Alert. Go use this way, if you are yet out of its usage. Google Book Search is another great way to obtain your topic.

25.  Pick a topic from Amazon or eBay

If you are looking for the most profitable affiliate topic, Amazon, Clickbank, and eBay are the heavens of your target topic. Check out their product sites categorized products and pick out the topic, that at a time is a better keyword as well. Especially,  Amazon best sellers’ books might be a good source of your potential topic as well.

26.  Pick a topic from web forums

There are available forums and discussion boards in the web areas, that discuss the various key techniques of blogging by categorical products or niches. You might go there to pick out your best topic. And even, have scope to discuss your initially selected topics also calling participants’ recommendations.

27.  Pick your topic from

You shouldn’t forget to take a look at to check out the leading brands of the various sectoral sites and blogs, which might impress you to decide on the right world-class topic selection.

28.  Pick a topic from the shopping world

The shopping world is full of lots of retail products’ market, whether it’s online or offline, which can help you to find out the right topic. So, using Google Search or visiting particular shopping sites on, you might achieve your expected topic online. But, offline shops are available around you.

29.  Pick a topic from a rich library

Yes, libraries could help you, if you strive to go with the intention of library work. Just keep searching the books’ names systematically from millions of categorized books.

30.  Take a topic from online ads

There are lots of advertisers you would find around the web, do search out for your topics, such as banner ads, Adsense ads, and organic (or free ads) and paid ads in the SERP through Search Engines.

31.  Pick a topic from the Industrial sector

Would you like to build a B2B or B2C or any other product site that deals with industrial goods, should look for your topic from in the industrial sector, such as,,,,,,, so on.

32.  Pick a topic from Environmental issues

Now the days, global warming and climate change are the burning issues,  and it will be ever going trouble in the world as well. Then, you might pick a topic on green products, as your profitable niche, such as solar energy panels or biogas plants, is a brilliant decision.

33.  Pick a topic from Travelling issues

Travelers’ people are growing larger day by day due to the increasing world movement for jobs and tours. You might have been fascinated by the world-traveling adventure, then,  look for your wonderful topic through Google search or checking the traveling web portals and directories as well.

34.  Pick a topic from your hobby

Your hobby is a favorite ground to find the reply against how to select a blog topic. There are many examples around the web, bloggers got gorgeous success with the topic of the curious hobby. A blog topic on the hobby is best for you if you are sincerely passionate about it and committed to increasing your audience size telling your different story in an entertaining style.

 35.  Take a topic that is keyword rich SEO friendly

Whatever a topic you pick out finally, it should be a keyword itself in terms of SEO value. To check out its SEO weight, you might get help from Google Keyword Planner Tool. So, pick out an SEO-friendly topic that is popular but competitively easily winnable.

36. Ask Chat GPT

Use a keyword or key terms and ask Chat GPT to write a set of topics or prompt regarding the inputted term.
It’d provide you best ones while you input conditions to specify the expected topics you look for.

However, these key techniques are brief ways to provide you with indications for building up a meaningful, audience-loving, and profitable topic list.

Final Stage: Select Your Apex Topic of the blog

In this final round, obvious to pick out the best one from the best list considering all points of successful blogging views and reviews. Let’s proceed with the last five steps of key techniques, how to pick out the top leader topic for your blog, so that it enables you to press your in-depth blogging qualities to reach millions of potential readers:

Step (1): Take down your goal and objectives of the topic

Set your goal, such as the topic should be a top influencer to secure a high conversion rate. And objectives are, such as, to enlarge the traffic size and sustain the audience for a long.

Step (2): Judge the topics through five questions about the factors.

The five questions are made in figuring out the influencing factors of the topic, are:

(a)   Topic’s capability to target traffic,

(b)   Topic’s capability to grow volumes of traffic,

(c)   Topic’s capability to make sustainability of traffic,

(d)   Topic’s own competitiveness with the same niche area and

(e)   Topic’s capability to make the blog unique enough.

So, this is the way how to select a blog topic, judge the top topics with these influencing issues and make a scope of them.

Step (3): Review the topics through goals and objectives  

An authentic review should be done at this step to filter out the top topics through pre-set clear goals and objectives. And also mark the score against every topic according to the capability of probable goal achievement.

Step (4): Ranking the topics in a very brief list

Now, accumulate the scores on every topic and rank them up to down gradation. But, in this step, never forget to add the score on your own natural capability of content creation; this is the topmost consideration on every score of the topics.

Step (5): Finally, pick out the crown for your topic

At this apex step, pick out the champion, the first ranking focal topic, top most scored topic for your enthusiastic blogging journey.

If you do find the way useful, leave your valued remarks in the comments, best appreciation in advance!


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