Premium Domain Name: Top Trendy Evergreen Niches
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We offer you the brand new premium domain names selected after a long adequate research based on SEO potential ( based on Google's Guideline EAT, means Expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness), brand-ability, power of pretty sound name, perceived value, and other values. Top ten offers are available for you to start a brand new blog or business with the top relevant niche.

The Criteria How I Choose The Domain Name

How I select a premium domain name that bases on the factors are:

  • Goal & vision: Based on your business product, goal, vision
  • Research: Power of focus keywords, brand-ability, and competitor brands
  • SEO Value: On focus keywords, audience look, and engagement value 
  • Emphasize: What Google Search Engine likes or dislikes
  • Logic: Media Quotient (MQ), SMO, EQ, SEO and other Branding Tools
  • Key Potential: G-EAT (Expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness)
  • Common Feature: Unique, prospect, recognition, simplicity
  • Rid of clouds: Paradox, illegality fallacy, false analogy, dilemma
  • Area: Blog, company, brand, firms, house, various services.
  • Attraction: Length, notable, professional look, and so on.

Domain Name Matters Online Business Success

It is a deadly mistake to start a new business with an expired domain name for taking extra benefits for SEO while your business deserves significant branding. Why? The reasons are as below:

  1. As a starter you do not know how to remove hidden codes
  2. You Can't recover the penalty that got from Google
  3. Not wise to avoid brandability taking an old domain 
  4. It will either eat huge branding cost
  5. It can boost bounce rate due to poor stuff
  6. Hidden vulnerability might cause negative rank
  7. The domain might be accused for your startup failure

There are at least 5 major aspects that allow how you should go to determine your new domain name for starting a new business with a blog or store:

(1) On the aspect of brandability
(2) Matters based on Emotional Intelligence
(3) On The aspect of business ROI
(4) Matters Based On Audience Attitude
(5) On the aspect of Google's guideline

Some of the Premium Domain Names 

If you're looking for an epic blog name that grounds with prolific domain name, or even company name or brand name, all you could reveal with the brand new domain name we offer available in the Namecheap. 

Domain Name


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Digital Product


Safety & Security


Brand/Digital Product


Make Money Online


Online Business


Safety & Security

How To Buy ?

How to buy any of the domains you choose from above list, all you need to click through the "Check now" button. Suppose you clicked through "Check now" for, then a page will appear in the Namecheap marketplace as below:

domain buy

Then, you'll have to click on the "Make offer" button for the price option like below page:

buy premium domain

Based on our premium offer, you have chance to place a rock bottom price. Whatever you decide on the premium price we offered, we'll consider your preferred price and will make a response to you with an approval/disapproval message via DomainAgent. 

If you find approval, the next process is very easy Namecheap will show you instant. In case you have scope to take help of Namecheap chat contact for instant support.

Secure Before Missing Forever!

However, the top trendy list of the powerful 10 premium domain names you could see available subject to unsold on Namecheap marketplace. These all are expert selection through adequate research for you. 

Each of the premium domain name is self explanatory of it's smart presence over spelling, meaning, memorability, and brand-ability. If you've any question or clarification over a preferred domain, you might contact us without hesitation.

So, grab your perfect domain with a visionary branding name that really happens good luck on you!