The FAQ on Basics of Email Marketing Best Practices
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Email Marketing Best Practices

The FAQ on Basics of Email Marketing Best Practices

Email Marketing is a powerful opportunity and first priority for the sagacious marketers, which enables speedy outcome and satisfactory return that saves money and time as well. From a single dollar investment, it provides 43 times more return (ROI $ 43.63, according to Power Of Direct Marketing Report 2009).

That’s why, in terms of email marketing best practices, every new entrepreneur, want-a-preneur, business starter, startup maker, new affiliate marketer, potential freelancer and marketing manager should know the basic elements, definitions, type, reasons, techniques of email marketing to perform or use or lead this way for better ROI.

Most perhaps, from this FAQ sheet, you could pick the points useful for your further functional email usage as a primary sense of email marketing basic. Let’s start the FAQ:

The Basics of  Email Marketing  

1)  What is email marketing?

Email Marketing is a sort of marketing that provides buying offer through a direct approach of digital messaging to the target customers, whoever currently existed or potential for their purchasing a product or service they intend.

2)  Why is Email Marketing essential?

Email Marketing is a more effective and profitable approach to direct marketing. It’s not only cost-effective approach to marketing, a loyal and stylish as well. There are many reasons to use this way of marketing you might find a complete sense of shaping your decision.

Then, let’s learn the relevant other issues of the email to form a baseline of email marketing best practices understanding it’s a different shape, type, name, heart, brain, and usage through some other FAQs.

3)  What is a message?

A composed set of information or voice that are sent using any via or App for a recipient to communicate is called a message.

4)  What is an Email?

A mail or message that is distributed one computer user to another recipient(s) using a network is called email.

5)  What are the types of messages?

Normally two types: Email message and Postal message.

6)  What are the types of email messages?

Normally two types: (1) Personal or Non-formal and (2) Professional or Formal message.

 7)  What are the aspects of formal emails?

There are many aspects, such as (1) Administrative aspect  (2) Commercial or Business  (3) Social

(4) Factorial aspects. (5) Educational (6) Technical etc.

8)  What are the possible types of commercial or business emails?

They are as follows:

(a) Newsletter emails

(b) Catalog Emails

(c) Lead Nurturing Emails

(d) Datagram emails

(e) Request emails

(f) Reply emails

(g) Report Emails

(h) Promotional Emails

(i) Educational Emails

(j) Announcement Emails

(k) Sale sign-up emails and

(l) Press Release.

(m) Opt-in deliverability trap email

9)  What is a Newsletter Email?

A newsletter is a content of product and services of a company or an article on a blog usually goes under the setting of a schedule to send subscribers weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. It’s an automatic process enabled by subscribing (until unsubscribe in the system) to mail promotional news and events regularly. It’s a good part of the email marketing best practices for every blogger and/or entrepreneur.

10)  What is a Catalog Email?

Catalogs contain basic information of a particular product(s) or services that are emailed to the retailers like a newsletter is called Catalog Email. The catalog is more informative, creative, attractive and concise than the Newsletters.

11)  What is a Lead Nurturing Email?

A sort of email messaging that comprises chain or series of emails to the subscribers. Its a powerful lead generating the type of mailing that results in 2 times more CTR than a normal email campaign.

12)  What is a Datagram email?

Datagram email means a packet emails that are sent to the recipient without receiving a reply from them. This type of email is being used then there is not required to have a reply from the recipients.

13)  What a Request Email?

An email that is needed to be received a reply from the recipient is called a request email message. That type of message has mentioned a request to send a reply to return mail.

14)  What is a Report Email?

Report Email – this type of message or emails are reported by information on events. Example: An error report could be mentioned during its process of sending.

15)  What is a Promotional Email?

When product development messages are promoted by mail then its called promotional message. Much of the type of message includes the information of the new product, new events, time limitations, etc, in the message, so that recipients can take action accordingly.

16)  What is an Educational Email?

Educational Email- this type of message content comprises all the paths of a solution to a particular issue that sent to the audience for his learning and solving. Such as INFOGRAPHIC, an issue that audience is not clear to understand by this term to be detailed in a message for learning.

17)  What is an Announcement Email?

In a specific case of product or service price, a seller can announce time-sensitive concise (discount or commission) information by email to the subscribers is called announcement email. Then clients find the limited-time offer in the promotional efforts of the company.

18)  What is a Sign-up Email?

When users sign-up a form to purchase a product or opens a new email or subscribe a newsletter through a website, then a mail is required to be prepared to be sent to complete the process is called Sale- Sign-up email or thank you email message or welcome message or Transactional email message. This type of massage is also done by eCommerce sites like Amazon that assure your order and provide you shipment information details.

19)  What is Press Release?

Press Release is a promotional strategy for email marketing best practices. An official news story that is issued announcing and supplied by the company PR division to the news media to make informed to the public. In case of new product or service launches or upgrades or any corporate developments, press releases bring the sound results in public relations. In the press release, a company may prefer to use media release template to be emailed to the news networks or media to save time and for better impact.

20)  What is an opt-in deliverability trap email?

An email that provides the chances to the subscribers to think the issue whether they want to go on the list of senders or not. The recipient then finds the scope to rethink the issues of attraction such as the token application, respect, promises etc in the sign-up process.

21)  What is Email App?

Email App or Application refers to the mail servers who performs to receive emails and send the emails to the destination server.

22)  What are the types of email Apps?

There are two types of email application server:

(1) SMTP server or outgoing server and

(2) POP/IMAP server by Incoming server

23)  What is an Email Server?

Email Server or Mail Server is a messaging application or mail transfer agent (MTA) (as like as a post office) that receives all incoming emails for a host or local user and delivers (means sends or forwards) all outgoing emails to the remote senders.

24)  What is an Outgoing Email Server?

An email server, which works only for relaying or delivering the mail is called outgoing server.  Such as SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server.  It performs only for sending emails to a recipient mail server.

25)  What is Incoming Email Server?

Email marketing best practices plus

Email Client Configuration with IMAP

The incoming mail server is such an agent that receives the emails in its heart center who come out from senders SMTP server. There are two types of incoming mail server: POP and IMAP.

POP means Post Office Protocol, which performs downloading emails from a server and keeps up the copy of the emails on the due server.

On the contrary, IMAP permits an email client to arrive e-mails on a remote mail server that keeps up the mails in the heart center after arriving.

26)  What is bulk mail?

Bulk mail is a sort of mail for delivering out large numbers of professional massages at a reduced price. Bulk mail is treated as a professional advertising mail, an initial part of the email marketing best practices.

27)  What is a bulk mail server?

The bulk mail server is a server that is rented from a hosting company for sending a huge number of emails in professional mailing purpose.

28)  What is a dedicated email server?

A dedicated server is a sort of web server software hosted by a web hosting company, connected to the internet that is exclusively used for the basis rent to deliver plenty of professional emails to the potential customers.

Difference between IMAP and POP3


29)  What is an Email Client?

An Email Client is a desktop software program or app that provides support and facilitates to the user to configure email addresses for receiving, opening, reading, writing and sending the emails. It provides a superior interface and user-friendly management facilities as well. It’s known as a Mail User Agent (MUA) or Email Reader.

30)  How to write a cute email?

To write a high breed effective email, you should have a little bit creative to make it trustworthy, fascinating and useful as well. You might find the significant tips for tailoring a nice piece of functional write up from a topic here.

31)  What are the modern etiquette rules of email every professional should know?

In terms of email marketing best practices, every marketer should follow some behavior rules of emails.

According to Barbara Pachter, a career coach, (who outlined some modern email etiquette rules in her published book “The Essentials Of Business Etiquette”)  the most important points are:

  1. Create a clear and direct subject text: So that it addresses the reader’s concerns or business issues.
  2. The email address of the user should be professional: So that the id contents username is the business name or sender’s name.
  3. Rethink in the right usage of “reply all.”: So that someone doesn’t be embarrassed to find the messages with many recipients.
  4. The salutation should be professional: Use ‘hello’ or ‘hi’, instead of ‘hey’ or ‘Yo’.
  5. Exclamation points should be optimized in text body: So that it doesn’t focus on emotion.
  6. Use optimistic sense of humor: So, that it exposes normally.
  7. Understand the recipient’s culture and write accordingly: So that they find the significant value.
  8. Every mail should be replied by you, even if any mail is not for you as well: So that they take a lesson from you.
  9. Every message should be proofread: So that it becomes professional.
  10. Insert your email address at the last time: So that the mail doesn’t deliver accidentally without finishing.
  11. Re-check the recipient that he is a right one: So that the message does pass to a target person.


Day by day, the social share of the email marketing content has been increased, because of increasing usage of opt-in mail address, content awareness, user-friendly template design and after all acceptance of the email to the recipient.  These are the actually some of the hints for beginners, in terms of providing you a base-points of email that push you to learn the details of your email marketing best practices. Although there are some other basics might be missing from this list, as it’s a broad thread of the marketing industry, I’ll include them further in updates.

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At last, it’s your turn to drop your remarks on the issues you might get in mind now.
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