Top SMM Tools: Social Media Marketing and Branding Tools
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SMM Tools

SMM Tools

Social Media Marketing Tools 

Social media marketing tools aka SMM Tools have a profound importance in the internet marketing. Why?

As a magnificent largest traffic source, social media comes first. But the social media prospects stay scattered and indefinite places around the media. That's the top difficulty and challenge for the new marketers.

And, that's why hybrid and well defined social media tools got available around the media for you. Only the right SMM tools can play a right role to accumulate the targeted referral traffic to your business.

Whether you are a starter in blogging or experienced content marker, obviously you have a marketing plan that includes strategy and tactics to achieve your business goal. The strategy would result best while you got adequate tools based on competitive ROI math.

Yes, ROI math! It is vital! And here's the game of your business success! The top competitors wouldn't share this either!

What are the factors to consider a best social media tool?

Before start knowing the tools, let you analyze your own business first. Make sure you created a clean sheet of budget on your solid 'TO-DOs' within time-frame of primary, secondary or final needs of the business perspective.

Social media tools comprises many types, tiers, and treatments for their mission. Whether you need usage individual or team, personal or company, that has different mode of package and value.

However, selection process depends on your knowledge base and experience. You have chance to take free trial or freemium offers to gather your primary experience over tools. In my opinion, you might consider the below criteria behind the power tools you need for your business: 

  1. Performance in terms of automation, scheduling, and cross-posting
  2. How easy to handle or UX that based on autopilot management 
  3. Ability to contribute to personal branding and brand management
  4. Whether advanced technology is being used, such as AI-powered tech
  5. Performance of area coverage and integration power
  6. Ability to drive social signals available to the SEO benefits
  7. Tools that deserve how much cost-effectiveness
  8. Ability to provide improved brand awareness and loyalty
  9. How much healthier system tools for customer satisfaction 
  10. Capability to generate brand authority around the media
  11. Ability to provide quality content and resources for campaign 
  12. How much increased traffic that can beat the competitors
  13. Rate of lead generation, conversion, and overall sales
  14. Ability to enhance SEO ranking using the platform, and so on.

You need a set of tools that have pretty integrity as well. And that can make a difference in your ROI! Here's the place you can avail your potential tools and software might fulfill the needs accordingly.

You can take a look for your quick research in the "at a glance table" first, then the few detailed features. 

Social Media Marketing Tools 

However, for a while get the potential SMM Tools at a glance. 

At A Glance SMM Tools
& Branding Software

All sort of tools that include social media automation, scheduling, media optimization, conversion optimization, lead generation, brand management and so on. The appropriate ones selecting based on your business requirement might provide you higher ROI than ever.

SMM Tools


Starter Plan



Social media automation



Social media autopilot

Free Trial

Branding Youniversity

Personal branding



All-in-one marketing stage

Free Trial


AI-powered rewriter

Free Trial


Webinar marketing

Free Trial


Stores passwords


Now, more details...

 Top Social Media Marketing Tools


Social media automation, scheduling, cross posting

Key Features: 

It includes tons of features, important ones are -

  • Auto- scheduling and auto-posting, 
  • Content curation, and schedule content curation, 
  • RSS content auto-post, and cross promoting on profiles
  • Edit scheduled social media posts, pre-formated posts, 
  • Post template, Select post format for each single post, 
  • Facebook open graph meta tags, Twitter card tags, image selection for social media posts, 
  • Upload and post image from media gallery, 
  • Best time manager, Drag & drop Social media calendar, team calendar, 
  • One-page Editor, Rich HTML-Editor, 
  • One click network selection, immediate sharing, 
  • Social media post drafts, Facebook instant sharing, 
  • Re-share old posts, prompt support and many more.

Price Plans: 

Starter plan is Free, but you have chance to try premium for free as well. Premium plans include multi-users and multi-profile. 
















The social platforms that this company includes are: Facebook (Profiles, Pages, Groups), Twitter Profiles, Google My Business, VK (Profiles, Pages, Groups), LinkedIn (Profiles, Pages), Xing (Profiles, Pages, Groups), Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, Medium, Reddit, Tumblr, Diigo, Torial, and Bloglovin.

Blog2Social has a wide range of ability to provide full phase of social media marketing for your business. Take a look into the full features further more information.


Social media management platform on autopilot!

Key Features:

Smart posting, Content services, Social Monitoring. It creates and schedules posts in the social media marketing platform that provides smooth workflow. Works as a great integrator and partner among Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google that enables to bring success for your business.

Pricing Plan:


Best Fit for

Social Profile

Chat+ Email










Small Business






Agencies and Freelancers






Brand enhancement

Custom amount




Each plan includes 100,000+ Post Ideas Library, Graphics Editor, Smart Posting, and Basic Post Statistics. Each upper plan includes much more rich actions that depends on your business size. 

Branding Youniversity

Powerful online personal branding platform

Key Features:

Actions: Helps to build your own brand around the major social media for quick results. It provides learning and performing media actions simultaneously. You have chance to fill up the performance gap through adequate learning continuously.

Who is fit for: Small business, real estate agents, entrepreneurs, insurance brokers, authors, personal branding, and so on tons of area people can learn and perform.

Starter Plan: Freemium, and premium is at your apex choice.

Product :

Product name


Online Business Blueprint

Content Machine

Your Story is Your Money

Audience Retargeting

My 7-Figure Income Path

Unstoppable Confidence

Twitter 1.0

The 6 Video Components

Immortal Content

Twitter Lead Machine

Linked Influencing

Training Vault

Branding YOUniversity as an exceptional social media marketing and branding platform any beginners could able to build own performance ASAP. All you need to make your own mindset to follow the ways that show for reaching at the apex. It is free to start up to your confidence level. Take a time to visit all. 


An all-in-one complete marketing platform

SEMrush is an unbeatable search marketing platform including powerful social media leverage for professional marketers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

Key Features

Now it includes more than 25 features in three major divisions such as analytics reports, tools and projects. As a top of the topnotch companies, SEMrush is habitually evolving with advanced technologies for making the outcome outstanding.

Take a look for checking the specific toolkit under the essential platforms:

Included Platforms

Acute Functions

Visit Toolkit


A comprehensive SEO platform

Paid Traffic (PPC)

Platform to skyrocket PPC result

Social Media

Build powerful social media presence

Content Marketing

Enable you to earn great marketing results

Market Competitive Research

Let your biz keep ahead of the competitors

Free Learning

SEMrush has wide range of support base to educate you arround the each specific campaign. It includes, Academy, Podcast, Knowledge Base, Success Stories, dynamic Blog, Free eBooks, and Webinars. All of these efforts are to make you most competitor marketer around your business.

Price Plan

SEMrush cost effective and enables businesses to achieve great ROI. It comprises tons of valued tools and features that are allocated in 4 packages such as Pro, Guru, Business and Enterprise. You can take the best fit price-plan according to your business requirement. 

Check Plans & Pricing Here

You might be missing a great ROI potential from your own business or profession. You might be missing a great ROI potential from your own business or profession. More than 4 millions of users with this all-in-one Marketing Toolkit for digital marketing campaign around the world. So, why not you take the taste of upper outcome!


AI-powered rewriter creates human quality content

Key Feature

  1. Single click to get human quality content
  2. Change the entire structure of the sentences
  3. Creates totally unique content
  4. Enables to spin English, Spanish, Italian and French
  5. It looks like human written that comes automatically

Price Plan



Free trial

Visit site



3 day

WardAi rewrites content that helps you to create brand awareness, solo personality, develop trust, fulfill the purpose of company, social media branding dominance and so on. In terms of ROI, it must win the top rank of profitability.

GetResponse Webinars

Webinar marketing for audience and leads

GetResponse Webinars enables you to get the audience very near to make them leads. It provides so comprehensive mentor-audience echo-system that impresses making a relationship over a real service or product deal. You can use this powerful tool to prompt your contact gathering from all areas including social world.

Key Feature

1. Designed for a complete marketing solution through webinar
2. Prompts conversion and widely engagement from webs
3. Enables to interact with audience using polls, chat, screen share, whiteboards and YouTube integration
4. Make you able to sell your skills promoting promptly
5. Enables sharing high-quality video records for download and watching again and again.
6. Webinar setup time needs not more than three minutes
7. And tons more features involved with this first-ever offer by an ESP

Price Plan

Cost Effective Price plan. It's is Integrated with the GetResponse automated Email Services. It's quit a cost effective for the bigger enterprises for PLUS, Professional or Enterprise plan.


Keeps up all your passwords safe, sound and secured

Last Pass is a trustiest leader of the web in terms to keeping up the passwords safe and secure for site owners. It's a freemium password keeper that manages or stores online with rock-solid encrypted passwords. 

Key Feature

1. Uncompromising safety and security ever
2. Have a web interface
3. Plugins for different web browsers
4. Apps for many smartphones
6. Comprises support for bookmark-lets
7. Powerful Management system
8. Directory integration system
9. Multi-factor Authentication system
10. 16.7 million trusted users including 58,000 businesses


In personal usage, it provides premium ($3/user/mo) and families ($4/6 users/mo) plan including free for the primary users. And in business package, Last Pass offers Teams, Enterprise, MFA and Identity plans in various mode.

Since safety and security is first thing, each of the businesses must need to use this super tool. It's highly recommended to use any mode of plan that deserve your business for safety deal.

SM Tools