Define SEO: How Many Types of SEO You Need To Know
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Define SEO

Define SEO: How Many Types of SEO You Need To Know

You need to define SEO first in terms of building a clarified mind-map over as a foundation.

Define SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, is one of the prime processes of marketing key techniques played by marketers to reach a message of the products and services to the potential customers using search engines.

Define SEO as a set of highly logical works following some strategic methodology and techniques to make a site Search Engine friendly for expected rank in the organic Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to increase visitor.

SEO is a creative art as well as the action of science for a site to make it healthy to generate the presence of maximum natural visitors following some very relevant keywords.

It’s better to define SEO that its an on-site and off-site process which goes with the functions of site structure, site speed, tagging, keyword selection, linking, content management, site research, and analysis, competitors site research and finally towards expected rank in the Search Engine Result Page.

Who Requires SEO

SEO is required for every commercial website, whoever owns it. Because their aim is to make the final sale of their products and services among the right buyers through their fruitful marketing operations, as buyers seek their relevant source of goods querying with appropriate keywords through Search Engines.

It’s quite impossible to bridge contact with buyers without SEO because buyers have no ways to find an expected site among trillions. Only SEO is the best of the best marketing techniques to promote a site that brings the relevant traffic. It drives organic traffic in the site just following some appropriate search terms that are desired by the users/buyers already set in the system of the site.

There are lots of categorical site owners, but the aim is one, need organic traffics or visitors. The only key is SEO that makes them happy to find a very significant result satisfying.

SEO is required even by the companies who conduct business in monopoly do not have to face the competition for their sales, because they at least seek their readers to know their company to make a corporate image. The companies in the market for monopoly, duopoly, and oligopoly obviously need SEO for their sites to keep them ahead of others.

The entrepreneurs of the purely competitive market are the largest field of SEO usage to grow their habitual sales increase. Day by day entrepreneurs are getting experience on SEO knowledge that is the best digital marketing key to reach at the customers easily are getting the tendency to ride on the time of SEO for their best harvest in business.

Types of SEO

There are three types of SEO on the basis of Search Engine rules and policy:

White Hat SEO:

When a site is optimized completely following Search Engines rules and policies is called White Hat SEO. It’s also called Organic SEO, Good SEO or Ethical SEO. This type of SEO goes with the processes such as Keywords obtained through appropriate research, link building, backlinking and organic content in the website, etc.

Black Hat SEO:

When SEO goes with violating the Search Engine rules and policies, forcing through illegal techniques and strategies is called Black Hat SEO. It’s also called Illegal SEO or Bad SEO. As a good SEO is a little bit longer process, then the black method is done by them who requires quick ranking for their quick financial returns. 

Gray Hat SEO:

This type of SEO refers to conduct mixing up SEO techniques with both types of SEO that Black and White. It deserves a part of White SEO that may survive the site’s life, but the overall result is slower in the longer term than the white SEO.

On the basis of the SEO conducting area, there are two types they are:

On Page SEO:

If  SEO is done on the pages controlled by doer in the site’s HTML code, Title tag, Meta Tag, keyword settings and content development is called On-page SEO. It is being used in blog/site pages or posts for search improvement.

Off Page SEO:

If all SEO processes are located out of the site without involving direct activities in the site that have a direct effort on the site in response to any query from the Search Engine is called Off-page or Off-Site SEO. It includes activities such as link building, press release, directory submission, forum posting, etc.

Technical SEO:

Technical SEO is very important another part of the SEO types being done for the search development. It includes operations such as resolving speed development issues, schema markup or structural data setup, enables compression, reduces redirects, removes render-blocking javascript, minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, optimize onsite code-base, optimize website architecture, fixing server errors, XML sitemap setup, .htaccess setup, and so on.

The back-end of the site needs these requirements to be set up for making the search quality more easy and smooth for the users.


Eventually, the SEO process is indeed a continuous effort to be done according to the updates of the major search engine Google. We might define SEO today a shape excellent either, but it can be changed in time. Any sort of SEO, whether Off-site or On-page operations that go with the time of ultimate change of search algorithms. So, let your SEO learning process aware to know how to ‘define SEO‘ newly for the updates.

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