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Search Engine

What is A Search Engine and How it Works for Users

About half of the people in the world is still out of the internet, but gradually increasing the coverage around the globe. Whoever browse internet knows the names Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex – the famous search engines that help the users to visit the sites around the world.

Here is the topic to clarify you that what is a search engine, why these engines are being used for that requires SEO, and how a Search Engine works for the users technically.

What is A Search Engine

On the World Wide Web, a search engine is a well-organized set of programs that comprises spider to crawl the documents, Indexer to catalog the documents and respond to return the results as per the relevancy of requests keywords.

Search Engines are the key finding of expected information or documents using the desired keywords within seconds from the info-ocean of World Wide Web. The major influential and most popular Search Engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and Ask.

Why is SEO Required for

A very rational question is being raised by the marketing specialists who will reach to the customers first in this digital economy of the globe.

Search Engine

Search Engine

Buyers today go online for their required products to search, research, investigate and compare the goods before conducting their final buy. If a site has an outstanding fascination with its appearance is just a waste of time and money, if there is no any facilitated traffic system for the potential customers to reach in the site.

So, an Organic SEO is a very normal demand to reach a site’s fabulous utility to the prospectus and only SEO can play a dedicated key role to make it available to the potential buyers.

Since most of the sites are built in a particular commercial or social purpose, then organic apply of SEO facilitates high visibility and high ranking, which is a success key to Internet Marketing.

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So, SEO can add a great value to reach a site’s true height up to the sky kissing of an entrepreneur’s dream.

Then, SEO stands a very key method of Internet Marketing today to win the goal of a corporate or individual enterprise through a very prestigious way.

Since all contents of a site would be optimized subject to search engines, its basic need to learn about the fundamentals of search engine first. So, in this starting step focused on the definition, history and working methods of Search Engines in brief before going to the main issues.

A Brief History of Search Engine

At first Search Engine named Archie, was created in 1990 by Alan Emtage. As there was no internet like the World Wide Web, then Archie was worked out in a particular system FTP.

Gopher was created by Mark MaCa Hill in 1991 which index plain text documents.  Named ‘Veronica’ and ‘Jughead’ was created to store the searching files in Gopher Index System.

A first robot called World Wide Web ‘Wanderer’ was created by Matthew Gray. Wanderer moved on monthly which lasted 1993 to 1995. Later it redressed named ‘Wandex’ when it was used to form the first database of websites.

ALIWEB was created by Martin Koster in 1993, which indexed submitted pages. It was an automated Meta Data collector Search Engine for the web. In the same year ‘Excite’ was also created by six students from Stanford University students. It was used in the world related statistical analysis to help in the search process.

EINet Galaxy was introduced in 1994. It was created containing Gopher and Telnet Search feathered with a Web search. In the same year, Yahoo was created by Jerry Yang and Devid Filo in 1994.  Listing websites with a description of the capability of the page made Yahoo as a differentiator. ‘Lycos’  and  ‘Web Crawler’ also introduced in the same year 1994.

‘’ in 1995, ‘Alta Vista’ and Inktomi’ in 1996 was introduced a directory Search Engine powered by ‘Concept Induction Technology’. Eventually ‘Inktomi’ was bought by Yahoo in 2003.

Google the most popular, comprehensive Search Engine was introduced by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1997 as a part of a research project at Stanford University, which works inbound links to rank the sites.

How Search Engine operates

Search Engine as a specific information finder plays a very sophisticated role to find out expected data, information, document, page and sites, which is quite impossible to happen through a manual process. But how it works such a magical way that performs finding out information within seconds?

Search Engine

How Search Engine Works

When someone strokes on entering placing a keyword in the Search Engine, then he finds millions of search pages, these are actually appearing from the previously gathered or indexed databases of HTML documents done by robots.

Basically, three types of search mechanism are being used in Search Engine are powered by Spider or Robot, Human submissions and cross breed or mixture of both.

A Search Engine powered by Spider works with an automated program agent is called Crawler or Robot. It visits websites, reads the site content and Meta tags as well as goes through the links to index all pages or sites as per connection.

The spider deposits all this information in the index center and periodically keeps revising the information as per further changes in the true sites. How frequently a spider will re-crawl the sites depends upon administrators of the Search Engine.

When a Search Engine is based on Human, then it works for submission of information by a human. Later on, all information is submitted exactly, only they get indexed and cataloged.

In the hybrid mechanism, crawling and indexing as well as the operation of human submission both sides keep up the database up to date in the purpose of someone’s significant responding query results. Since search results are on the basis of deposit index updated by robot frequently following the subsequent links, then dead links are also the result of the updated index.

So, its ultimate question that why different results are shown by different Search Engines in the same keyword. Briefly answer is, every Search Engine is not designed following the same data relevancy algorithm and data submission. That’s why spider or robot’s design, as well as indexing database, is different.

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