The Best Ways to Learn SEO - How to Approach Effectively
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The Best Ways to Learn SEO – How to Approach

Still, the biggest leverage for boosting sales comes from organic search traffic. SEO process enables a site’s content to be Search Engine friendly that happens available content outreach to the targeted audiences while they search through.

In my own site, I obtain more than 80 percent organic traffic. Interestingly, I pay only less than 20 percent hard work. Even investing more than 80% efforts non-SEO campaign doesn’t reward at least 20% of traffic round the clock.

Yes, round the clock – only SEO enables to achieve loyal traffic who sales always, even while you’re sleeping. As more than 80% shoppers conduct online research before buying. And, 89% customers start their buying process using a search engine.

That is why SEO is a golden door for high-quality traffic you might acquire for your new blog or small business.

Worried how? All you need to learn the ways and approaches to your right action in the right places. In this article, I’ll show you the ways with quick approaches how to grow your super skill for better SEO ability. In terms of prompting your SEO learning, it’ll be very best if you already have an own site and you’d like to do the exact actionable things learning and doing simultaneously.

The Top 15 Ways to Learn SEO 

1. Learn from Google

Search giant Google leads the market covering about 75% of the searches. Your first and foremost start or learning deserves to go Google cleverly. It has a set of hybrid blogs you could learn not only SEO but how SEO relates to the currents businesses they prefer to emphasize. The fundamental rules of SEO from Panda to Rankbrain all are clearly indicated in their various pages.

I always suggest starters read the Googles original pages first that provide info to remove misconception, and fear of SEO. It boosts the reader’s confidence to know the daily SEO stuffs around the web whether someones acceptable or rejectable. Here some of the resource pages are:

(a) SEO Starters Guide
(b) How Google Search Works 
(c) What to do for adapting Google’s mission
(d) Webmasters’ Central Blog 
(e) Webmasters’ Central Help Forum 
(f) Google Search Console Help Threads

Learn SEO

Starters note: Never forget to learn all the YouTube videos presented by Google’s Maile Ohye.

2. Go to use Google and Google Trends

“How to use Google Trends for SEO?” You just Google this question as a search term. You’ll find the articles of front-line SEO sites. You might use SEO learning keywords in the search slot for SEO resources or resourceful articles. Most importantly, you using Google Image Search you could find SEO images, graphs, article covers and various SEO learning clues for reading.

Google Trends is wonderful tools that help the webmasters to learn search behavior on particular keywords. It shows how often a specific search term is used compare to total search from a particular geo-location, country, city, and languages. Using this tool, you can test your targeted keywords where are the people using this term and how much search interest between 0-100.

Learn SEO

Through a subscription, Google trends help to provide stuff in your email box for your SEO learning in two ways:

(a) Topic Subscription: You have the option to use weekly or monthly, and SEO topic or SEO search term.
(b) Trending Searches: You can get top daily, majority daily or all daily terms once a day or as happen.

In this subscription, geolocation is your option according to your blog’s targeted traffic zone.

3. Learn from the SEO Blog Posts

There are some hybrid SEO blogs you might bookmark them on your browser bar. Especially remarkable SEO blogs – Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Roundtable, Search Engine Land, QuickSprout, Search Engine Watch, Kissmetrics, Yoast SEO, Content Marketing, SEMRush, Backlinko, Neil Patel, Moz, Ahrefs, HubSpot and so on.

You couldn’t grasp the thought stream of regular SEO posts in those blogs until you pass through the beginners SEO. Most of the blogs have beginner’s guide to learn actionable SEO. To keep you an update on the new issues of their blog posts all you need to subscribe to their blogs. Keeping all posts in a specific email folder you might enjoy your SEO learning from Inbox to the blog post.

4. Go to an SEO Blog Directory

Most remarkably Feedly and Alltop. You can use them as the river of SEO blog posts, but they’ll not teach you anything. But the platforms could help you huge to stay in touch with the latest SEO posts, news and reviews for enriching your SEO knowledge base. You have a chance to add your SEO site with the directory stream as well.

5. Learn from the SEO forums

As a beginner, you have many questions on the mind, you need to know fast for SEO growth harvest. But you can’t find easily someones to grasp the replies from. The SEO forums are one of the best places to ask questions and exchange your SEO knowledge explicitly.

If you Google using key term ” List of SEO Forums: you’ll find the source of remarkable forums. You could find the remarkable sites, such as Sitepoint, Search Engine Watch (provides daily search forum recap), Warrior Forum, SEO Chat, Digital Point and so on. After getting registered, all you need to learn the rules of forum users practice.

Before asking a question, check the forum resources and threads you might get already replied. You can make your own thread with the uncommon question as usually, users appreciate. Try to make a question worthy thread. In the interesting threads used to grab more attention to the users and make learning faster.

6. Go to Youtube

YouTube has an extra power to boost your SEO learning for actionable practice. It helps to find the remarkable clips on SEO problems delivered by the SEO vloggers and SEO businesses as well.

SEO is always on Changing trend. There is huge old stuff on the YouTube, you’ll have grown up with latest trends avoiding misconception and misunderstanding. All you need to pick out the points according to your self-mastering preplan of SEO, whereas you know what you need to pick out latest lessons for learning the total SEO.

So, the best way to pick the clips following your questions based on your gap of action.

7. Learn from a Podcast Episodes

The podcast is a quick channel to learn SEO from the expert SEO podcasters. While you input a key term “list of SEO podcast” into the search and enter on the SERP, you’ll find an available list including the linked one.

SEO is not an easy way to walk on for benefits without the struggle. Podcast helps to know the SEO news and analysis on the latest changes to the algorithm as well. It makes you faster to know the SEO industry how it goes through various practices on businesses.

8. Go to Online Coaches

The most powerful resource for SEO education comes from direct coaches. Online training courses on Udemy, Lynda, or Skillshare are designed to the beginners that meet the direct coaches requirement. Online training courses help you to learn the total SEO effectively.

The courses are formed for the beginners provides proven actions and knowledge-base that enable you to start your SEO journey like a professional. Because these courses provide you a certificate on your every learning is recognized worldwide by the employers or contractors. You have a chance to repeat each of the episode until you get understood.

A Leverage
Udemy’s most favorite SEO course now for the beginners. You might enrol, or check through below image response:

[table id=25 /]

9. Learn from the Free SEO eBooks

SEO eBooks are the best gift for the SEO beginners. You could find the eBooks while you visit the SEO blogs. You single one email exchange will give you the power to consume their resourceful ebooks.

The eBooks are specially made by the SEO bloggers that you have a chance to consume secret sauces. While I was a beginner, I couldn’t find the stuff in easy forms on the most blogs. The great bloggers always write the difficult things in easy forms. Now the eBooks are great tools as the mini-books that could mitigate your huge SEO difficulties in many sizes.

In case, any misinformation or misconception in the eBooks, you might approach to the due blogger using ‘contact us’ form.

10. Go to Quora

Quora is a most powerful “Question and Answer” platform in the world. Give a simple click on Alexa and see the power of this engaging tool in the USA, India, and worldwide.

People engage there to meet their immediate need of knowledge as well as practicing free mentorship for getting a promotion on their personal branding, company or product. The students used crowd there for learning the things they need to shape their future profession.

As an SEO beginner, Quora is a most appropriate platform for you for various reasons. Up to date, I’ve answered 250+ reply on SEO alone. Engaging on Quora, you have a chance to develop SEO, search-friendly content writing ability, and a sort of promotional sense that passively help to the Off-page SEO development.

But before asking any question there, you’ll need to primarily familiar with SEO, and need to check the desired question(s) using Quora-search tool. Then, you could learn the already-replied quotations, and on-going questions to learn for SEO techniques.

11. Learn from the SEO Tools providers

The renowned SEO Tools companies have own blog sites always releases content on SEO with various reports, news, updates, insightful SEO data and SEO learning stuffs as a part of their promotional strategy.

Most of the companies have online free SEO certification training. You have a great opportunity to learn a beginners course from them. You might check with the SEMrush, Moz, Arefs, and Yoast to take a chance of online learning there.

You’d like to hack your learning growth rapidly, you’ll surely find the result while you stay will their updates newsletters subscribing the site.

12. Go to local SEO Workshops

SEO is now worldwide marketing strategy, more than as a technique. About all industries are, whether b2b or b2c marketing, urging on SEO marketing to multiply the sales. Local SEO agencies or training centers sometimes arrange SEO workshop. Local SEO mentors lead the workshop and show the actionable ways how to approach SEO.

Learning SEO from local training centers might boost your actionable SEO base. It helps while being arranged a powerful cooperation among learners in a Facebook private group rather than a relationship with the busy mentors.

13. Learn from the Social communities

Whether local or global, there are available SEO groups on the social media platforms. Many community groups keep up SEO learning resources for the starters. Most of the SEO groups are located on Facebook. Google plus has some big SEO communities, through SEO conversation is rare in practice.

Although no communities on Pinterest, it is a prime zone to learn the SEO from infographics. While you search using term “SEO”, lots of graphics will appear on the page you might learn from them. Following the roots of each infographic, you could find the blog for the detailed article.

Using social media platform, you have a chance to come close to all sort of SEO influencers, who sometimes share resourceful SEO stuff you need for learning.

14. Go to Teleseminars and Webinars

Webinars are a great gift for the SEO learners, and nowadays a top craze around the web. Global SEO mentors or branded SEO companies sometimes arrange this sort of Teleseminar or webinars for the worldwide SEO learners. As a beginner, you can learn to subscribe the offers from mentors. You’ll need to be connected with their time and timezone accurately as they schedule.

15. Learn from the SEO Books

SEO is a technique as well as a great strategy as well. If you learn from the free resources, you could learn the techniques. But strategy, which includes a hybrid set of tactics that work outstanding, have to learn at a minimum cost.

The remarkable question that who are front liner SEO player in the world search-game and using a secret sauce of SEO that securing 1st SERP (Search Engine Result Page)? In a word – investors. SEO is a thing of business – weighs by ROI, not traffic or 2nd or dead SERPs.

According to a new research conducted by Ahrefs “91% of content gets no traffic from Google”. Over 50% ‘click-through’ goes on the first three snippets only. The 2nd page (SERP) is considered as a dead house for the hard SEO workers who did work but SEO didn’t reward.

That is why strategy is core policy and tactics are vital branches of SEO strategy within white hat arena of a site. These uncovered SEO strategies take place in the experts’ books work as a hand tool for the new businesses (startups).

The uptodate advance SEO Books for beginners on Amazon:

[table id=30 /]

An Analogy: A Site SEO As A Plant Growth

If you’re quite new to SEO, as a learning process, you can imagine SEO is a tree.

Let’s think SEO growth in a new site is like a plant-growth of a live tree – it will never be a giant overnight. You are going to plant the tree to be a healthy adult for producing huge fruits once – as you dream now.

Well, then you’ll have to learn the process how you will regulate (optimize) the plant health (using Technical SEO + Search Engine Basics) nurturing or fertilizing the roots (backlinks) as well as trunk and branches( on-site) for a healthy growth.

The health of the plant roots (Link signal) will direct the trunk how much branches and sub-branches (structural data) will be grown up spreading towards the blue sky look like a healthy green tree.

Learn SEO basics

Bill gate said content (leaves of a tree) is king – right, in a sense. In fact, proper photosynthesis and transpiration (as like as content juice+UI) are very important that comes from the healthy leaves of a tree (site). That’s why link health (plant roots) and content (leaves & flowers that attract the honeybees) works reciprocally for the site (tree) health.

A healthy presence of the leaves generates healthy flowers that invite significant bees for proper propagation (as like as conversion).

Learn SEO basics

Audience loves natural content – SEO enables that outreach

Here all the processes are for inviting significant the honey bees ( target audience) to the flowers ( secret sauce for the audience) of the tree that help to produce significant fruits.

So, you might learn the SEO like a growth science of a baby tree. And you could approach your SEO action for a fruitful giant site.


SEO learning becomes an unavoidable part of the online business every startup needs. In case of professional SEO skill building, it is a total learning challenge through actionable approach. All the approaches are for solving the SEO puzzle. A site’s root-to-leaf total learning of SEO depends on your not only promising mindset, but the curious passion on the continuous SEO process as well.

Yes, SEO is a continuous process, not a destination. The process is a competition, not a perfection – there is no perfect site in the world. Until you could uncover a visualized total SEO (as a healthy tree) on your confident professional mind, your move is back behind yet than your competitors, shouldn’t stop your journey.

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