Top 12 Free Email Marketing Software Can Skyrocket Your Sales
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Free Email Marketing Software

Top 12 Free Email Marketing Software Can Skyrocket Your Sales

Are you striving best to achieve small business revenue? But not yet getting results due to your limited budget?  Then, this writes up on the usage of free email marketing software offers could help you to uncover the hidden way to skyrocket your ROI and sustain your business.

About every individual (perhaps you as well) used to suffer from a lack of enough solid prospects at the initial stage due to limited or zero budgets. You can’t pay for paid ads in the social media. You’re to take huge patience over further quick learning on the SEO and its results up to time.

In the forums, you are a novice, can’t attract the forum traffic – takes time.  If you are literally the member of this sort of vicious cycle of the narrow-investment-poor-traffic club, then it is high time to come off such shell of curse using the free email marketing plans.

It’s tons of importance to feel out the reasons why email marketing is essential. Still, the topmost revenue path of online business is the source of direct traffic that comes through personalized email marketing.

Every single day marketers and entrepreneurs are sending 205 billion+ emails for their business growth. This volume of daily emails is predicted will reach at 246 Billion by 2019. Research found that on average every single 1 USD spending on email marketing you could expect to be rewarded with a return of 48 USD.

It is obvious that you could boost your level of revenue using at least a comprehensive bundle of free plans that offer by the email marketing software companies according to their strategy for business promotion. It might be more advisable in terms of your serial blogging enterprises if every blog represents each of their individual niches.

Before assessing the key techniques of how to be formed a comprehensive bundle of free plans, let’s see the 12 dedicated free email marketing plans that the companies offer you to pay them the chance to make you an entrepreneurial persona.

The Top 12 Free Email Marketing Software

(1) Mailchimp

Mailchimp is powerful, free software that works for all sort of business. It offers free plan delivering 12,000 emails per month for 2000 subscribers. In terms of price, it offers the plans are designed according to the new business growing up whether with or without investment.

The major advantages are:

  1. Favors to build targeted emails, follow up and back-in-stock messaging.
  2. Provides a magnificent platform to develop relevant campaigns that are designed to their requirement.
  3. Easy to create a stylish campaign using drag and drop designer.
  4. Provides standard UX workflow multi-user friendly environment.
  5. Dedicates powerful marketing automation for the sellers.
  6. Provides advanced reporting insights to make the better plan for the next campaigns.
  7. Leverages in beautiful FB ads campaign directly from the platform.
  8. Mobile friendly well integrated and supported by apps to maintain the campaigns.
  9. Flexible API supports clean data management and campaigns with segment and time.

The major demerits are a double-opt-in feature in prospect sign-up, and it is comparatively richer price in case of paid options. And the free plan doesn’t permit the auto-responders, delivery by time zone, spam filter diagnostics and advanced monitoring on social media campaigns.  Learn from the origin>>

(2) Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns empower the design, send, promote and track all your email marketing campaigns using easy tools. It offers free email marketing software plan for sending 12,000 emails per month using 2000 contacts or subscribers.

It includes the major features are:

  1. Make the campaign easy and powerful.
  2. Enables well the mailing list management
  3. There is A/B Test based on subject and content
  4. Fascinating predesigned templates takes only one click
  5. Real-time performance tracking on each campaign
  6. Automates your email marketing
  7. Auto-responders works well for follow-up messages and promotions
  8. Enables email workflows moving subscribers for messaging.
  9. Empowers sales growth-nurturing leads integrating campaigns with Zoho CRM
  10. Enables increased outreach with social media campaigns.
  11. Send, monitor, manage to subscribe list from your mobile device, needn’t go to a web account.
  12. Importing scope to find the mail address from Google address book.
  13. And, enable your email in your own language.

The remarkable demerits on Zoho free plan that it doesn’t leverage workflows, auto-responders, and social media campaigns monitors.

(3) Sendinblue

Sendinblue has an inspiring beautiful design in personalized campaigns which doesn’t require design skills to make-up. It offers a free plan for sending 9,000 emails and 300mail/day for unlimited subscribers. All other features are:

  1. Easy drag and drop designer
  2. Customizable available template gallery
  3. Mobile friendly emails
  4. Enables to personalize the contents
  5. Enables inbox preview before delivering.
  6. Campaign tracking
  7. Advanced contact management
  8. Real-time reporting
  9. Transactional Emails
  10. Integration with various apps
  11. eCommerce supported
  12. Phone and email support available.

the major demerits of this plan are SendinBlue logo presence, daily sending limit, no advance reporting, no stats on opening, clicks.  Learn from the origin>>

(4) Vertical Response

Vertical Response offers a free plan for explorer to delivering 4,000 emails to 300 contacts or subscribers. Its major features are:

  1. Responsive email design in templates.
  2. Fascinating sign-up form facilities’.
  3. Time-saving auto-responders
  4. Completely mobile-friendly
  5. Social media marketing friendly tools
  6. Shows the data how clearly delivers for engaging and next steps.
  7. Provides advanced reporting
  8. Affordable and flexible
  9. There is strong contact management,
  10. HTML Editor, scheduling system in emailing and social posts.
  11. Publish to the web for sharing link anywhere for more engagement.
  12. Audience option to enter into the preferred segment
  13. Live customer support.

The major disadvantage of this free offer is in the limit of contact which they allow only 300, though monthly email can be delivered 4,000. Learn from the origin>>

(5) Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email offers an email marketing free plan with 14,000 emails per month for 2000 contacts. Its feature includes:

  1. Drag and drop easy email designer editor. Live editing and responsive emails.
  2. Email template for multi-occasion, customize colors and code editor as well.
  3. Email list building using automation, surveys & polls
  4. Segmentation, email import and integration with 300+ apps
  5. A/B testing, inbox checking and reporting features, and so on.

But, the Benchmark doesn’t include Inbox Checker Email Client Preview, features how subscribers are likely to react to your emails based on opens and/or clicks, data security pin, sub-accounts, engagement email, engagement automation in the free plan. If you’d like to advance features you’ll need to go paid plans. Learn from the origin>>

(6) Mailrelay

Mailrelay a fast and updated delivery engine that offers to be delivered 75,000 emails per month using 15,000 contacts in the free plan. In order to create a free account and use, you needn’t put your bank account or any other payment method. All other features are as below:

  1. It will provide accurate information each of response clicking on the links in email marketing campaigns
  2. It provides web-based intuitive solution efficiently
  3. Mailrelay service system includes a complete set of tools for handling databases, campaigns, and contacts
  4. Advanced editor is included with HTML newsletters
  5. Stats on each campaign will be available to improve every next campaign analyzing subscribers behavior
  6. Provides opt-in and opt-out automatic forms with confirmation by email
  7. Provides control over the email delivery and marks all bounces as spam
  8. Automatic system to clean databases and syntax correction of email addresses.
  9. Sending emails to any system or standard SMTP server
  10. It’s a real-time system for managing and checking IP and domain Reputation
  11. There is a reliable tech support through chat, email and Skype, and so on.

But their system doesn’t permit delivering newsletters using generic domains, such as or Then, you need to be signed up with any hosting providers.  Learn from the origin>>

(7) SendPulse

SendPulse offers a free plan to care 15 thousand emails per month to 2,500 subscribers. It is a lucrative offer from a provider who focuses their features that they maximize open rate automatically due to their artificial intelligence and hyper-personalization. They also provide service of predictive analysis for e-mail, SMS, Web-Push, and SMTP obviously.

Using a single platform you could able to enjoy highest delivery rates and high speedy service while you will be the member of the community of over 320,000 registered users in SendPulse.

Other features are:

  1. Their service supports mobile platform.
  2. Emails can be present while they are unopened.
  3. Drag & drop editor, readymade templates, A/B testing.
  4. Provides statistics over clicked links, who clicks and from where, and so on.  Learn from the origin>>

(8) Mailjet

MailJet invites you to join the free plan that offers 6,000 emails to be delivered every month for unlimited contacts limiting with 200mails per day. They would like to secure your every email to the inbox while you launch your email sign-up with their service. Other features include:

  1. You have a chance to conduct effective email marketing with your own strategy while you start immediately.
  2. They care you start sending emails to their SMTP servers or Rest API.
  3. It can ensure excellence in higher flying even more than 2.5 million emails per month as you required.
  4. Their intuitive email tools for everyone ensure impactful email marketing.
  5. Covers result-oriented email marketing strategy with their email automation, segmentation, Email Automation, A/B testing and campaign comparison tools.
  6. It works for you paying more time while you need for growing your core business. It scales out your changing needs and integrates accordingly to boost the result.
  7. Also, provides dedicated deliverability support from decentralized offices in 8 countries on 3 continents, and their global ISP relations leverage exceptional deliverability.

MailJet leverages email marketing you conduct a one-to-one dialog with each of your customers, at a customizable scale. It ensures emails reach into the inbox sending campaigns that resonate with your subscribers will be half done with your battle. That is why this service is more recommendable to be used for magnificent outreach and results.  Learn from the origin>>

(9) Fresh Mail

FreshMail offers to deliver 2,000 emails every month to 500 subscribers in their free plan.  They leverage you to conduct various email marketing campaign using their platform are:

  1. Auto-responders
  2. Text messages
  3. One-time only
  4. A/B tests
  5. Transactional Emails
  6. URL based
  7. Optimized by weekday
  8. Optimized by messages
  9. API based
  10. Periodic and
  11. Scheduled.

Furthermore, FreshMail enables you to send your own professional newsletter in HTML. It automatically creates bar-codes that can be attached to the message if required. Also, it enables importing any contacts from anywhere anytime.  It provides subscribers insight and quick signup forms to boost opt-in contacts. It’s a big limitation in free plan is contact size what they allow is very narrow than others.  Learn from the origin>>

(10) Smart Mailer

SmartMailer offers forever free plan for delivering unlimited emails to 2,500 contacts. It’s eager to provide service with list validation, without any contract and keeping up 24/7 support.

The major features it provides are:

  1. SmartMailer provides open access to all of their features and smart and affordable email automation.
  2. Provides drag & drop email builder using professionally-designed templates.
  3. They provide a quality platform with branded and truly unique emails that look great on any device.
  4. You have a chance to increase your ROI, with their fast and secure email validation.
  5. It enables to keep your mailing lists clean and compliant that maximize your deliverability.
  6. Automates your campaign lifecycle, to deliver more profitable engagement.
  7. It enables to use auto-responders that automatically messages based on subscriber engagement.

In fact, the free offer is significantly suitable for the starters who are engaged in B2B for growing business.  Learn from the origin>>

(11) Interakt

Interakt offers a free plan for sending 1,500 emails to 1,000 Contacts limiting with total 5000 Leads generation. The plan will cover total 100 support tickets in every month, total notifications 1 and team members1 in the offer.

Interact provides the amazing supports through:

  1. Lead capturing and nurturing expert like a professional
  2. Capture user data and create his profile for better connection
  3. Send personalized emails to the leads and users in a magnificent way
  4. Provide notification of lead capture and keep the visitors and users informed visitors
  5. LiveChat that helps to know your visitors, get engagement and capture them as your intensive leads through significant support
  6. Delight your customers providing personalized support.
  7. Build trust giving your customers 24×7 customer support through faqs.
  8. And providing enough resources to succeed the email marketing campaign.  Learn from the origin>>

(12)  ReachMail

To make each campaign successful in free email marketing, ReachMail offers to deliver 15,000 emails per month to 5000 contacts. It is remarkable bigger free plan than other providers.

It includes as usual tools as other competitors offer. Here the below they offer specific operations are:

  1. Ensures effective email marketing campaign designing your email.
  2. Leverages to build your opt-in email list.
  3. They keep you up in relax ensuring the emails in the targeted audience box.
  4. It enables you to show you the results of the campaign instantly.
  5. It enables your emails to be posted on the social media automatically.
  6. ReachMail provides great deliverability up to 99% to all of the major ISPs.
  7. It will keep supporting you using all sorts of ways such as email, phone, and helpdesk.
  8. It keeps the list cleaned up and keep the deliverability excellence.
  9. Spam checker tool of the plan helps to keep the box spam free and qualified.
  10. Provide advanced tools such as autoresponders, API, easy SMTP, survey builder, list segmentation, Message testing and so on.

Learn from the origin>>

At A Glance Comparison Table – The 12 Best Free Email Marketing Plans

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How to choose a Multiplan package that skyrockets your sales? 

In my opinion, you might choose a bundle of free plans if you’re in a single or series of the blogging business. Why your Multiplan model of Free Email marketing might be a clever decision?

The big reason is that you have a chance to use an optimized number of plans according to your number of blogging niche and the segments of email list which are being subscribed to your blog(s) gradually.  Because of, the budget limitation is a big obstacle in online business. As much as you can play your budget, you can achieve multiplied result accordingly.

In that circumstance, taking an optimized multi-plan on free offers could help you to empower your purchasing capacity for an upper plan. Once while you’ll deserve a paid plan, you might pick out the best one in future to jumpstart the business on the basis of your Multiplan user-experience.

In the case of choosing the plan(s), at first, it’ll be clever to configure a state of your own requirement on the basis of your opt-in email list that you avail now. Most of the blogging businesses with a new niche perhaps gather subscribed emails slowly. Your present state of subscribing volume and its rate of growth will permit the significant plans which ones are appropriate for your business.

Free email marketing plans

Besides, you might consider the value of features on each of the free email marketing software plans and what they the companies commit on the basis of below points:

  1. Message personalization
  2. Subscribers Segmentation
  3. Mobile friendly emails
  4. The testing scope of design, copy, and buttons
  5. Email automation
  6. Intensive support quality
  7. Commitment to free plan
  8. UX of the platform
  9. Template availability
  10. Template UI
  11. Relationship building newest tools
  12. Tracking
  13. Delivery rate
  14. Upgraded paid plan quality for future (when your budget will avail).
  15. Available free tools
  16. Online marketing platform. And so on.

On the basis of accumulating the best features that weigh the ranks to pick out the better plans, you could finally form your action plan accordingly.

How can email marketing help you?

Learn the effective email marketing top 12 key Techniques how the tools can help your business.


In the recent years, some of the free plans added some ultra-features that are winding up with artificial intelligence to generate the best result in free email marketing software. Every newbie should care them to lift their revenue using newest key techniques.

It is highly remarkable that paid offers are always great because of free from provider’s logo or brand on the email template. So, try to jump-start your best-paid economy plan ASAP for your fresh branding in the world of targeted direct traffic.

Is this post helpful to you? You might share your favorite one in your comment while you’re using that results remarkable.

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