Top 30 Affiliate Marketing Blogs Every Starter Should Learn
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Affiliate Marketing Blogs

Top 30 Affiliate Marketing Blogs Every Starter Should Learn

What is your affiliate marketing daily learning calendar? If you are getting big obstacles from affiliate marketing challenges, every month you might schedule your 30 days visiting 30 successful celebrity affiliate marketing blogs to transform your blogging ability. Why?

You might know that affiliate marketing is a place for epic tellers and strategic marketers. Most perhaps you are striving to achieve these qualities around your niche.

But, how your startup could be run through a unique style of telling the passive stories about your product that could be able to build a sustainable fascination within the sales funnel?

How your marketing strategy could be mastered for significant leads and conversion? What is the simplest way to influence the audience to be the ultimate customer?

Are you in a question-jam headache (!) not finding satisfactory answers!

Well, since you’re getting a lot of passion for your startup, the rest of all you’ll require a bit of promising patience because no one could come up with his/her successful front without paying enough cost of persistence.

In this write-up, I’m raising the top affiliate marketing blogs you might look for your replies or styles or practices for your daily business development further.

How much you could acquire the applied techniques from these big factories regarding making money through affiliate marketing is a big matter of your organized learning as well.

The Must-Read Top Affiliate Marketing Blogs

1)  Affiliate Summit

An affiliate blog that tells about all affiliate’s success stories and arranges events of famous voices as a capital city of the affiliate universe. If you keep in touch with this site, you could stay with the world affiliate marketing updates.

2)  ShoeMoney

This is a famous affiliate blog by Jerry Shoemaker, the second topmost influential of the TOP25 Affiliate Marketing Minds of 2014. This blog advises you a success formula “Do not chase the money – Chase the passion”.

3)  John Chow Dot Com

This blog is run by John Chow, a famous Blogger, Speaker, and Entrepreneur, who is also the 3rd top influential of the TOP25 Affiliate Marketing Minds of 2014. He is an author of “Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul” selling on Amazon.

4)  Affiliatetip

Operated by Shawn Collins, co-founder of “Affiliate Summit”, the famous writer of some best-selling books on Amazon, wrote on affiliate marketing. He is 3rd top influential in the affiliate marketing universe.

5)  Missy Ward

Missy Ward, who is 5th influential in the affiliate marketing world, runs this blog. She co-founded “Affiliate Summit” as well. She is also the founder of AffiliateMarketersGiveBack dot com and operates some other successful own niche affiliate websites.

6) Charles Ngo

Charles Ngo runs this blog, who helps people learn how to make money smartly without hard work in affiliate marketing. He claims his free materials could able to meet 99% of the paid courses in the digital market. So, shouldn’t miss finding his best advice in his affiliate-worthy blog.

7)  Luke Peer Fly

This blog is run by  Luke Kling, a personal blog, he shares affiliate marketing and his other interests to seriously help other affiliates and entrepreneurs make more money from affiliate marketing.

8)  Finch Sells
An impressive blog by Finch, Landon,  who is a high school dropout, but writes huge profound write-ups that could able to provide you something for making big money. He’s ready to show you the ways how could achieve it.

9)  Affiliate Marketing Blog by Geno Prussakov

Evgenii “Geno” Prussakov runs this resourceful blog, who is a graduate of the University of Cambridge. 

He is an award-winning affiliate blogger, marketing consultant, author of many books, international speaker, CEO of AM Navigator affiliate management agency, and so on. Do you feel to miss his leadership affiliate blog?

10)   Avant Link

This blog is run by Kevin Kotzian for AvantLink, a leading affiliate marketing, multi-channel analytics, referral tracking & a technology platform for web retailers and publishers.

You might find some precious resources to enrich your affiliate blog.

11)  Blog ShareASale

Brian Littleton, CEO of ShareASale maintains this blog to encourage engagement in free discussion. Affiliates could find useful strategies and, tip lesions there.

12)   Eric Nagel

Eric Nagel runs this blog, who was speaker of Affiliate Summit and is “Affiliate Summit” Pinnacle Award  Finalist, Affiliate of the Year 2014.

13)  Adam Riemer Marketing

Adam Riemer helps all affiliates through this blog, as he says “Affiliate Management – What Makes Me Different”, you might really come to know him accordingly. His cooperative window (such as Skype and email) is open for all.

14)   HubSpot Blogs

It runs with the HubSpot Partner Program, the world’s biggest blog site carries a profound impact on the bloggers’ society as well. I read and feel its upper value, you might find the same interest and ideas from this blog to improve your blogging performance.

15)  High Paying Affiliate Programs

Bill Burniece runs this blog that deserves to draw extra attention to the newbies due to the issuance of “How to Start An Affiliate Website in 3 Easy Steps” and ” Affiliate Marketing For Beginners”.

So, starters shouldn’t miss reading this blog, and feel free to ask him any question as well.


Affilorama is a famous brand of affiliate marketing founded by eminent affiliate marketer Mark Ling in  2006. Mark is famous for his state-of-the-art affiliate program ‘step-by-step video lessons’ in Affilorama, which has acquired over 250,000 members’ community.

Now he offers introductory free video lessons, efficient tools,s, and comprehensive training as well.

According to the goal of Affilorama, every affiliate must be enabled sooner to find their own success in affiliate business minimizing all obstacles, skills or experience is no matter.

You might take a life-changing chance in their great offer.


Zac Johnson nurtures his personal blog for us, who has 18 years long experience as an entrepreneur. He sincerely welcomes you to his blog and takes part in further interactions. You might be beneficial for his practical oriented stuff.

18)  Affiliate X Files

Ron Cripps writes this blog with the slogan “Saving You Time And Money” since 2001. His dedication goes through his blog to the starter affiliates so that they could drive their business successfully. If you are a beginner, his blog is a must-read for you.

19)   SugarRae

Famous blogger Rae Hoffman is the owner of the blog “SugarRae” which is really full of affiliate value that is capable to attract new affiliate markers. She shares the various issues of affiliate marketing, SEO, and social media prominently.

20)  Mr. Green

Mr. Green at 24,  starts this blog on Affiliate marketing to document his real work. Now it is really one of the best internet marketing websites with marketing guides and case studies.

21)   Tricia.Me

Tricia Meyer runs this blog “Tricia.Me” is a work-at-home mom. This impressive affiliate marketer is a consultant and lawyer as well. She makes money with various blog sites, including a rewards site called Sunshine Rewards. She loves what she does. You might find many precious things visiting her site.

22)  IM Grind

Ryan Gray and Ralph Ruckman run this blog ‘IM Grind’ mean Internet Marketing Grind. They both run multiple other successful online businesses and impress you to do the same as well.

They advise you to learn from their blog how to make the lead generation, how to own and operate a winning affiliate marketing business.

23)  I Work In My Pajamas

Kim Rowley, a work-at-home mom is a famous personality in affiliate marketing who runs her blog “ I Work In My Pajamas”. She got Affiliate Marketing Legend Pinnacle Award at Affiliate Summit.

Many precious affiliate thoughts including ‘Affiliate Marketing 101’ she shares on her blog you must not miss visiting.

24)  What Does Joe Think

“What Does Joe Think” is run by Joe Sousa, you might visit his blog to get any help of affiliate marketing because he is ready for a book to ask him and read him anytime.

Using his blog, you could learn things ‘what a motivated blogger’ and ‘successful affiliate’ as well.


Jennifer Bland writes this blog, who started her affiliate marketing journey after a pretty long Internet Marketing experience.

Her internet marketing reports could help you to be encouraged in the online stopping your rat race.

26)  Schaaf PartnerCentric

This blog is run by Schaaf-PartnerCentric, an affiliate marketing experts’ program management house, whereas Brook & Forrest Schaaf, are founding partners.

This blog was selected as One of the Top 25 Blogs in Affiliate Marketing 2013.

27)   Performance Marketing Insider

It is a publication on interactive Performance Marketing, Affiliate News & Advice, run by Pace Lattin. You could find something precious for your affiliate marketing business, whereas 45 thousand readers read through the newsletter.

28)   Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward writes this blog for affiliate marketing enthusiasts to teach SEO, link building, Traffic creation, conversion rate optimization, so on.

He publishes quality tutorials and case studies as well. He encourages you to ask him a relevant question anytime.

29)  The Affiliate Mommy

Jesse Morgan, a cool mom, but marketing maven writes this blog could provide you enough categorical resources to enrich your affiliate marketing business. You might be learning following her blog that how to reach customer by understanding their variable demand and behavior.

30)  AffPlan

AffPlan’ is founded by Todd Farmer, who is a long experienced and a real lover of this affiliate marketing industry. You have profound scope to enrich your affiliate business learning from this blog.

How to approach your read on these resourceful affiliate marketing blogs?

I’d like to whisper you to conduct 8 clever jobs below to accelerate your learning:

  1. Stay with their post updates via newsletters.
  2. Pick their precious free offers, such as e-training, e-tools, e-books, so on.
  3. Keep visiting them frequently and read their success stories.
  4. Never miss learning their personal biography to fuel up self-encouragement.
  5. Never forget to follow their social approaches.
  6. Ask them, as they are the enthusiast to find you any relevant questions.
  7. If there is scope to comment or write, never hesitate to get advantages of higher authority link.
  8. Get a sound to compare regularly with your daily learning improvement.


Keep in touch with these famous front-line affiliate marketing blogs & bloggers with your patient read to deserve your epic style of an affiliate marketing blog.

This may help you in your blogging to discover your new horizon. 

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