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In brief MKT, an online marketing blog that transforms thought into business
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 M K T
An Internet marketing strategist, avid learner, passionate blogger, 
and B2B marketing professional
Swapan Chandra Sutradhar

Why MKT 

MKT Leverages Your Business

Making revenue online is not an easy toil, but not difficult as well.  
The crucial concern is to get a clear mind map within your passionate mindset
on your every specific blogging journey. This is why MKT leverages you:
How to transform your thought into product or service that links to your blog.
How to make your blog really a business place that sells your thought product or services.
How to conduct marketing that grows audience or traffic, increase engagement and make revenue.

This MKT is here to tell you the definitive techniques, and make the things really happen for you.  
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About a complete list of 90+ tools and resources within 15 categories are recommended for your profitable shining blog business. I'm using a crucial part of them personally and getting evidence either many successful professionals are using and recommending the same as well. All are furnished according to the starters' step by step requirement through the quick-categories, are:

  • Step 1: Use tools for your profitable blog-name
  • Step 2: Select your blogging platform
  • Step 3: Use your domain & hosting service
  • Step 4: Use your quality theme & design
  • Step 5: Select tools for your site security
  • Step 6: Use tools for blog topic generation
  • Step 7: Use best productivity tools
  • Step 8: Use image resource and quality graphics
  • Step 9: Use tools for site speed management
  • Step 10: Use SEO tools that provide best ROI
  • Step 11: Make money using Affiliate Program & Tools
  • Step 12: Content Marketing and social media tools
  • Step 13: Use email marketing tools
  • Step 14: Use outsourcing tools
  • Step 15: Empower knowledgebase reading books


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