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In terms of securing a higher revenue from your blogging business, you might get a keen look to pick out the best resources. More than 90 blogging tools and resources are listed out step by step according to the acutely need of building a complete profitable blog.

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18 Steps How to Generate Useful SEO-Friendly Content


Are you the beginner in the content lab? This is for you. You might know the content marketing world is more competitive that everyone strives to create the best content on his site to reach at every targeted customer faster and more accurately.

How to generate content

It’s audience habit to find sharing useful content that goes viral spreading out around the  web.

In this content marketing era, your real time web marketing strategy needs to be gone together with the collaboration between useful heat content and SEO-friendly content. There’s no better alternative of your ‘good content’ to build the ‘brand value’ of your small business since quality is the driving fuel of the branding.

Google loves fresh content, ranks higher in real value. It administrates 90% of the searches using search algorithms (of Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird) to keep the content up spam-free and safe for the audience. But we still love Google carefully, and that’s why some of the strategic tweaks are strongly required for on-page optimization.

Let’s get a step by step campaign how to be created a delicious post and how to be ranked out it on some purposive keywords for search visibility.

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A Brief Quick Guide Marketing Key Points To On-Page SEO

marketing key

Now a time, SEO becomes more popular for web marketing. You know better that SEO is the backbone of every blog and websites. For me, SEO is best Marketing Key for bringing success on the web market. In SEO, there are two main parts.

marketing key

Three Point Quick Guide

The one is On-Page Optimization and another is Off-Page Optimization. I’ll write here about On-Page Optimization Guideline from my own three years experience.

Why you have to do better On-page SEO?

Due to the fact that by doing On-Page SEO and the most effective techniques that accompany it, you are efficiently informing the online search engine exactly what a particular web page on your internet site has to do with. Plus, it gives the folks with a much better encounter, since they could (based upon the content generate in the search engine result) immediately inform whether your web page costs their time because of its relevance to their inquiry.

In the past, when people fall in busy on various Marketing Key for “black hat”. Search Engine Optimization individuals would certainly do all sorts of techniques to game the online search engine by doing on page SEO strategies that were dubious at finest. The good news is the online search engine gotten this and have actually leveled the field by making those strategies ineffective.

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SEO Lesson Five: On-page SEO (Part-II)

On-page SEO

How the Internal Ranking factors work

In this continued part of the earlier Lesson of On-page SEO (Part-I) is being staged on content optimization with proper placement of the keywords and link structures. seo-marketing-keyBefore going to the main discussion of the issues, need to know what is content and what its optimization is. Yes, text which is composed on the page is called content. And content optimization refers to optimizing the total composition of the text in a page with the right number of keywords, right placement of keywords, relevant information of the regard and highlighted text format, etc., that attract to the search engines as well as readers for fulfillment of their expectation.

Another way to define it, the process of compiling a page of the website to be search engine friendly so that spiders can easily crawl and index the page to serve the readers in response to their query search is called Content Optimization. Content optimization is also another major marketing key regarding that rule the internet marketing as a king. Let’s go how optimized texts are getting through:

  • Text Amount

Every reader expects good content articles that are information-rich and search-engine-friendly with a reasonable number of links. There is no limit of the words that are to be kept on a page for On-page SEO. Indeed, Google never limits in the number of texts on a page, rather emphasizes on quality text in terms of readers’ interest. In support of the topic text should be enlarged in a reasonable amount that attributes the complete sense of the article on a page.

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SEO Lesson Five: On-page SEO (Part-I)

On-page optimization

What is On-page SEO

On-page optimization or On-page SEO is a basic part of the SEO process that conducts using a set of controlling factors within a site or page to influence a SERP rank.

On-page SEO Key Techniques

On-page SEO is the Strongest Base of Search Visibility.

It is a foundation of marketing key base to basically capable a site’s presence towards ultimate customers.  In a brief, an optimization goes with the processes of ranking factors located on a page or site is called On-page SEO.

How the Internal Ranking factors work in On-page SEO

All the ranking factors of the search engines work under On-page optimization are called internal ranking factors. These factors are needed to build, repair and maintain to obtain sustainable ranking are pointed out below for brief understanding:


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