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SEO Lesson Two : Define SEO

Define SEO

Define SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, is one of the prime process of marketing key techniques played by marketers to reach a message of the products and services to the potential customers using search engines. Define SEO as a set of highly logical works following some strategic methodology and techniques to make a site Search Engine friendly for expected rank in the organic Search Engine Result Page (SERP) to increase visitor.

Define SEO

What is SEO

SEO is a creative art as well as action of science for a site to make it healthy to generate presence of maximum natural visitors following some very relevant keywords.

It’s better to define SEO that its an on-site and off-site process which goes with the functions of site structure, site speed, tagging, keyword selection, linking, content management, site research and analysis, competitors site research and finally towards expected rank in the Search Engine Result Page.

Who requires SEO

SEO is required for every commercial website, whoever owns it. Because their aim is to make the  final sale of their products and services among the right buyers through their fruitful marketing operations, as buyers seek their relevant source of goods querying with appropriate keywords through Search Engines. It’s quite impossible to bridge a contact with buyers without SEO, because buyers have no ways to find an expected site among trillions. Only SEO  the best marketing key to making a site possible to bring the relevant traffics in it just following some appropriate keywords that are desired by the buyers already set in the system of the site. There are lots of categorical site owners, but the aim is one, need organic traffics or visitors. The only key is SEO that makes them happy to find the very significant result satisfying.

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