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Top 25 Mistakes You Should Avoid with Right SEO Key Techniques

The Right SEO always goes with the time of Search Engines’ dates and updates and grows with the natural adequate usage of search engine friendly techniques for your dynamic, flexible and responsive business outcome. Top 25 SEO MistakesYou might have checked out your business website and worried with the penalized or stagnated or downward ranking. You may be trying to find out the right SEO key techniques to fix issues – but not finding the ways. So, after a long striving following the guidelines of the respective search engines, eventually, you have decided to hire a consultant. 

It’s a common phenomenon because you have no enough time to be an expert on all issues what happens due to various causes. But, in the meantime, from the long troublesome, you might have realized that if you could know the basic SEO errors what has been piling up due to bad SEO, old SEO or without SEO, then you could solve the issues further yourself. From that realization, now you might confidently guide your hired consultant very well so that they could satisfy you cent percent.

SEO Mistakes and Right SEO Key Techniques

Yes, what you have to guide to your hired SEO consultant, or what you need to measure out the causes of lower rank, worse SERP rank and invalid rules of the Search Engines to fix the issues appropriately, are here in a checklist of 25 SEO mistakes you should avoid at any expense:Continue reading

Top 24 FAQ on Google Hummingbird SEO Key Techniques

Hummingbird SEO key techniques

The Hummingbird has been very silently appeared in to the Google’s Search Engine one month earlier of announcement on 26th of September 2013. It then made puzzle among millions of SEO readers because of 90 percent change in search results due to re-defined algorithm in Search Engine.

Hummingbird SEO key techniques

Google Hummingbird

Although, this wonder bird has already been got sky-kissing honor and appreciation by the real-time thinkers, but it’s still buzzing tones of asking are being resolved day by day through various strategic write ups all over the net for readers to make it simpler and easier to understand.

A little longer set of facts on hummingbird is composed below under a FAQ sheet might provide you a handset of slightly more expected clear points to get on conduct map in Hummingbird SEO key techniques :

1)  What is Google’s ‘Hummingbird’?

The Hummingbird is a code-name of the Google search algorithm, a brand new search engine who effects well-nigh search results, because of new framework built upon previous classic ranking factors.

2) Are Panda, Penguin and caffeine now dead?

No, a very importantly useful part of them are still live, united with the hummingbird, working well in total performance.

3) What percentage of search results does Hummingbird affect?

According to Google, 90 percent result of the search queries is being affected by Hummingbird.

4) What was the earlier update of Hummingbird?

The earlier remarkable update was “Caffeine”, worked out in indexing or gathering information creating Crawl bots. But it didn’t work out in sorting data and presenting.Continue reading

The Best Ways to Learn SEO


Search Engine Optimization is now the best online marketing key to making real money from the internet. Its most popular because it can promote any websites or blogs. Actually, people use this marketing key for their own or clients websites.

Marketing key techniques

Training – An way of SEO Learning

As an example, some individuals know finest utilizing curb assistances while others know more with audio assistances while still, others discover better from reading through the books.

Ultimately, the very best means to know practically everything is to utilize a combination of these methods.

Nonetheless, in our culture today people have really little determination, so the visual method often is what many people prefer because truthfully, it is easier to apply and utilize; yet in my haven, the “aesthetic” approach, in the long run, is the least effective method for people to utilize for maintaining and using brand-new details.

With this being claimed, the very best technique for learning, in my opinion, knows a well-written book associated with the topic.

The guide must feature appearances in the product to boost the understanding how and access to a trainer for support of the material that is read or it needs to be written in a fashion that provides the material as if the author is in fact resting with the reader and describing the info.Continue reading

SEO Lesson Five: On-page SEO (Part-II)

On-page SEO

How the Internal Ranking factors work

In this continued part of the earlier Lesson of On-page SEO (Part-I) is being staged on content optimization with proper placement of the keywords and link structures. seo-marketing-keyBefore going to the main discussion of the issues, need to know what is content and what its optimization is. Yes, text which is composed on the page is called content. And content optimization refers to optimizing the total composition of the text in a page with the right number of keywords, right placement of keywords, relevant information of the regard and highlighted text format, etc., that attract to the search engines as well as readers for fulfillment of their expectation.

Another way to define it, the process of compiling a page of the website to be search engine friendly so that spiders can easily crawl and index the page to serve the readers in response to their query search is called Content Optimization. Content optimization is also another major marketing key regarding that rule the internet marketing as a king. Let’s go how optimized texts are getting through:

  • Text Amount

Every reader expects good content articles that are information-rich and search-engine-friendly with a reasonable number of links. There is no limit of the words that are to be kept on a page for On-page SEO. Indeed, Google never limits in the number of texts on a page, rather emphasizes on quality text in terms of readers’ interest. In support of the topic text should be enlarged in a reasonable amount that attributes the complete sense of the article on a page.

Continue reading

SEO Lesson Five: On-page SEO (Part-I)

On-page optimization

What is On-page SEO

On-page optimization or On-page SEO is a basic part of the SEO process that conducts using a set of controlling factors within a site or page to influence a SERP rank.

On-page SEO Key Techniques

On-page SEO is the Strongest Base of Search Visibility.

It is a foundation of marketing key base to basically capable a site’s presence towards ultimate customers.  In a brief, an optimization goes with the processes of ranking factors located on a page or site is called On-page SEO.

How the Internal Ranking factors work in On-page SEO

All the ranking factors of the search engines work under On-page optimization are called internal ranking factors. These factors are needed to build, repair and maintain to obtain sustainable ranking are pointed out below for brief understanding:


Continue reading